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Electronic appendix to Automated Classification of Near-Fault Acceleration Pulses Using Wavelet Packets

Flavia De Luca, &
** This dataset has been superseded by version 2, at doi:10.5523/bris.3u7wmvffczr162ejyzn51zvy85 ** GENESIS tackles the global challenge of modelling interacting natural-engineering-social systems subjected to cascading earthquake-triggered hazards. Holistic scenario analysis will facilitate the understanding of possible future scenarios that may unfold from different hazards as well as different risk drivers (e.g., population growth, urbanisation, land use, design standards, and human behaviour). For this purpose, a wide range of new and state-of-the-art hazard and risk models...

Data from Gai et al. (2019) The head circulatory system of Galeaspida (Vertebrata; stem-Gnathostomata) revealed by synchrotron X-ray tomographic microscopy. Palaeoworld

Philip Donoghue
This dataset contains six dimensional synchrotron x-ray (SRXTM) and one microfocus (XTM) datasets and computed tomographic datasets from seven galeaspid neurocrania from the Maoshan Formation (late Llandovery to early Wenlock, Silurian) of Zhejiang, China.

Data for Norrish calculations

Barbara Marchetti & Tolga Karsili
Results from calculations of singlet only contributions to Norrish type I and II reactions.

Data from Pellicular Soft Robots (02-2019)

Andrew Conn & Krishna Manaswi Digumarti
This data supports the research article "Pellicular Morphing Surfaces for Soft Robots."

Data from Nonlinear dynamics of a DEO (02-2019)

Andrew Conn &
This project supports the research article "On the nonlinear dynamics of a circular dielectric elastomer oscillator"

MRC IEU UK Biobank GWAS pipeline version 2

Ruth Mitchell, BL Elsworth, R Mitchell, CA Raistrick, L Paternoster, G Hemani & TR Gaunt
This deposit provides full details of the genome wide association study (GWAS) pipeline developed by the MRC-IEU for the full UK Biobank (version 3, March 2018) genetic data. For any issues with use of this documentation please contact: mrc-ieu@bristol.ac.uk. This dataset supersedes the earlier version at https://doi.org/10.5523/bris.2fahpksont1zi26xosyamqo8rr

Supporting Data for \"Optimal simultaneous measurements of incompatible observables of a single photon\"

Ruth Oulton, Dara McCutcheon, Andrew Young, Janna Hinchliff, Petros Androvitsaneas, Matthew Parker, Benjamin Lang, , Edmund Harbord, , Samuel Holder, Joseph Lennon &
EPSRC fellowship project Data will include electromagnetic simulations, raw spectroscopic data, processed data and details of processing code.

coronal mouse brain block (04-2019)

Paul Dodson
3d print files of a brain block to facilitate cutting blocks of mouse brain tissue for sectioning.

Studies of Competing Evaporation Rates of Multiple Volatile Components from a Single Binary-Component Aerosol Droplet

Jonathan Reid, Allen Haddrell & Rachael Miles
The simultaneous evaporation and condensation of multiple volatile components from multicomponent aerosol droplets leads to changes in droplet size, composition and temperature. Measurements and models that capture and predict these dynamic aerosol processes are key to understanding aerosol microphysics in a broad range of contexts. We report measurements of the evaporation kinetics of droplets (initially ~25 ┬Ám radius) formed from mixtures of ethanol and water levitated within a electrodynamic balance over timescales spanning 500 ms...


Panos Kloukinas, , Viviana Novelli, Raffaele De Risi, & Innocent Kafodya
This dataset contains all the information to reproduce the figures in the COMPDYN2019 conference publication titled: "Seismic vulnerability assessment of non-engineered masonry buildings in Malawi", by Novelli, V., Ngoma I., Kloukinas P., Kafodya, I., De Risi R., Macdonald J. and Goda K.

Data from 3D Multimorbidity Trial (05-2018)

Christopher Salisbury, & Daisy Gaunt
This project provides archived storage for the 3D trial. This includes the patient data used for the main trial. There is a separate folder containing the data about a sub-study of their carers. The 3D trial was a large multi-centre pragmatic cluster randomised controlled trial of the 3D intervention to improve the management of multimorbidity in general practice.

Data from O'Shea et al. The dermal skeleton of the jawless vertebrate Tremataspis mammilata (Osteostraci, stem-Gnathostomata)

Philip Donoghue & Joseph Keating
Synchrotron x-ray tomographic datasets of the dermal skeleton of Tremataspis mammillata from the Middle Silurian of Saaremaa, Estonia Tom Davies is Deputy Data Steward.

Programmable four-photon graph states on a silicon chip

Caterina Vigliar, Jeremy Adcock, Raffaele Santagati & Mark Thompson
Data to accompany "Programmable four-photon graph states on a silicon chip" by Jeremy C. Adcock, Caterina Vigliar, Raffaele Santagati, Joshua W. Silverstone, and Mark G. Thompson.

The DINGO Database, v1.0

Paul Vardanega, Elia Voyagaki, Jamie Crispin, Charlotte Gilder & Konstantina Ntasiou
This is a database of pile load test information that has been built as part of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) funded project EP/P020933/1: Databases to INterrogate Geotechnical Observations (DINGO) which ran between 1 July 2017 and 9 June 2019. The database is populated with data digitised from the literature as well as datasets supplied by contributors from the geotechnical engineering industry in the United Kingdom. Contributors have agreed in writing for...

Carer Data from 3D Multimorbidity Trial

Christopher Salisbury, & Daisy Gaunt
This project provides archived storage for the 3D trial. This folder includes data relating to a sub-study of the carers of patients participating in the 3D trial. There is a separate folder containing patient data from the main trial The 3D trial was a large multi-centre pragmatic cluster randomised controlled trial of the 3D intervention to improve the management of multimorbidity in general practice.

Benzophenone-Phenol Photochemistry

Andrew Orr-Ewing & Ravi Kumar Venkatraman
Experimental data for time-resolved transient absorption spectroscopy studies of the selective photochemical reactions of benzophenone with phenol in dichloromethane solution.

Sex and ontogenetic variation in the crest of Numida meleagris: Implications for crested vertebrates

Thomas Davies
Pictures of the skulls of Guinea fowl (Numida meleagris) in latereal view.

Criegee Intermediate plus acetone reaction kinetics

Andrew Orr-Ewing & Rabi Chhantyal Pun
Data for NERC funded project NE/P013104/1: Kinetic Studies of Reactive Intermediates from the Oxidation of Atmospheric Alkenes.

3D Plastic Constraint: Monochromatic XRD Data for Thin (5mm) DENT Samples

Mahmoud Mostafavi, Christopher Simpson & Simon Tonge
Monochromatic XRD data associated with in-situ fracture tests carried out on the I12:JEEP beamline at the Diamond Light Source. The raw intensity data and associated strain profiles are used to validate elastic-plastic finite element models and support ongoing studies into the effect of 3D plastic constraint on fracture behaviour.

Data from \"A brief analysis of conceptual model structure uncertainty using 36 models and 559 catchments\"

Wouter Knoben, Ross Woods, Jim Freer, Murray Peel &
Data generated for the paper "A brief analysis of conceptual model structure uncertainty using 36 models and 559 catchments". Briefly, we simulate streamflow in 559 non-human impacted catchments across the United States, using 36 unique lumped (i.e. catchment-averaged) hydrological model structures. We calibrate the models and quantify the accuracy of the simulations using three different objective functions. This gives a total sample of 60732 model application test cases. This data set contains for each combination...

Action Recognition Models for EPIC-KITCHENS (08-2019)

Dima Aldamen & William Price
Trained Deep Learning Models for Action Recognition. Code for usage at: https://github.com/epic-kitchens/action-models


Angeliki Katsenou, Di Ma, Goce Dimitrov & David Bull
BVI-SynTex was generated using a Computer Graphics Imagery (CGI) environment. It contains 186 sequences clustered in three different texture types. A subset of the BVI-SynTex dataset was selected to perform a subjective evaluation of compression using the MPEG HEVC codec (HM16.20).The publicly available BVI-SynTex dataset contains all source sequences, the objective and subjective analysis results, providing a valuable resource for the research community. Note: Part of this dataset was published in 2018 under DOI 10.5523/bris.24imj6d9s27me2n211cf6jxkio...

Ultrafast photochemistry of cyclic ketones

Andrew Orr-Ewing, Michael Ashfold, Ravi Kumar Venkatraman &
Experimental data associated with the ERC Advanced Grant project CAPRI (PI Prof A.J. Orr-Ewing). The datasets contain results from transient vibrational and electronic spectroscopy studies of the UV photochemistry of three cyclic ketones (cyclohexanone, cyclopentanone and cyclobutanone) in cyclohexane solution.


Gemma Coxon
This dataset provides an ensemble of hydrological model projections for 24 UK gauging stations covering three time slices (baseline 1974-2004, near future 2020-2050 and far future 2070-2100). Daily flow timeseries are simulated using the hydrological model DECIPHeR (Coxon et al, 2019). The forcing data consist of daily observed rainfall and potential evapo-transpiration to calibrate the model against observed flows. An ensemble of 100 hydrological model parameterisations are then forced by 100 climate simulations for three...

int_defects toolbox v1.2.0

Harry Coules
int_defects is a toolbox for MATLAB which automates parametric finite element studies of structures containing crack-like flaws. It is free and open-source software distributed under the terms of the MIT license (see included license file). int_defects is described in the paper: H. E. Coules & M. A. Probert, "Studying the interaction of crack-like flaws using the MATLAB toolbox int_defects", Engineering Fracture Mechanics. Further details of the scope and capabilities of the toolbox are given in...

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