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Supporting data for Navalon et al. 2019 Bird cranial integration

Jennie Bright, Emily Rayfield & Guillermo Navalon
Supplementary data for Navalon et al 2019 The consequences of craniofacial integration on the adaptive radiations of Darwin’s Finches and Hawaiian Honeycreepers.

Bristol 1474: Particulars of account of Thomas Croft and John Langston, customers, 10 April 1474 to 29 September 1474

Margaret Condon & Evan Jones
Digitised Customs Account records relating to the Port of Bristol, April 1474 - September 1474

Extruded finite element models: a case study using early mammal jaws

Nuria Morales Garcia, Thomas D Burgess, Jennifer J Hill, Pamela Gill & Emily Rayfield
Finite element models of early mammal jaws. Abaqus models as well as stress and strain spreadsheet results. Data from: Nuria Melisa Morales-García, Thomas D. Burgess, Jennifer J. Hill, Pamela G. Gill and Emily J. Rayfield. The use of extruded finite element models as a novel alternative to tomography-based models: a case study using early mammal jaws. Journal of the Royal Society Interface.

Data from SABRE H2020 (Composite FishBAC Wind Tunnel Test)

Benjamin Woods, Andres Rivero Bracho, , & Branislav Titurus
SABRE is an EU funded H2020 project researching Shape Adaptive Blades for Rotorcraft Efficiency. The goal is to develop morphing structures and analysis methods to optimise the aerodynamics of helicopter blades to allow for emissions reductions.

Bristol 1463: View of Account of Thomas Gibbes and Robert Strangways, customers, 29 September 1462 to Easter [10 April] 1463

Evan Jones & Margaret Condon
Transcription of a 'View of Account' of the customs particulars of the Port of Bristol, 1463.

Antarctic mass fluctuations

Rory Bingham
Contains the timeseries underlying the figures and analysis reported in: Bodart, J. A., & Bingham, R. J. ( 2019). The Impact of the Extreme 2015‐16 El Niño on the Mass Balance of the Antarctic Ice Sheet. Geophysical Research Letters, 46. https://doi.org/10.1029/2019GL084466

Kinetic data for the reaction of Criegee intermediates with peroxy radicals

Andrew Orr-Ewing, Rabi Chhantyal Pun & Dudley Shallcross
Data for NERC funded project NE/P013104/1 entitled Kinetic Studies of Reactive Intermediates from the Oxidation of Atmospheric Alkenes.

Data from \"Strategies for solving the Fermi-Hubbard model on near-term quantum computers\"

Chris Cade, Lana Mineh, Ashley Montanaro & Stasja Stanisic
Data corresponding to the results from the paper "Strategies for solving the Fermi-Hubbard model on near-term quantum computers" by Chris Cade, Lana Mineh, Ashley Montanaro, and Stasja Stanisic.

The Surface Tension of Surfactant-Containing, Finite Volume Droplets

Bryan Bzdek
This data set provides the data underlying the figures in our publication "The Surface Tension of Surfactant-Containing, Finite Volume Droplets", Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2020.

Data from 2016 HSV infection estimates (02-2020)

Katharine Looker & Charlotte James
The purpose of this project is to generate updated WHO estimates, for 2016, of the global and WHO regional prevalence and incidence of herpes simplex virus (HSV) type 1 and HSV-2 infection. To do this, we undertook a literature review of published HSV-1 and HSV-2 infection prevalence and incidence, to identify data newly-published since the last time the global HSV infection estimates were produced. An Excel spreadsheet of the extracted data from the literature review,...

How women with and without eating disorders perceive their own and others’ bodies: a case-control study.

Helen Bould, Catherine Harmer, Rebecca Park, Ian Penton-Voak, Marcus Munafo & Matthew Broome
This study was a laboratory-based case-control study of 30 women with an eating disorder and 30 women without an eating disorder, testing for differences in their perception of own and others' body size, and their satisfaction with their own size using a range of measures.

Data associated with publication 'Mechanics of paper folded origami: a cautionary tale'

Fabrizio Scarpa, Mark Schenk & Steven Grey
The underlying data and MATLAB scripts to support the publication in Mechanics Research Commuications: 'Mechanics of Paper Folded Origami: A Cautionary Tale'

Data from diamond seeding paper in Carbon

Paul May
Raw data for the paper in Carbon about 2-step seeding for diamond on GaN

Integrated optical modulator at Cryogenic Temperatures

Jorge Barreto, Gerardo Villarreal Garcia, Antonio Andreas Gentile & Felix Eltes
This data set contains pre-processed measurements acquired on optical modulators at different temperatures. The data was used as part of a collaboration between IBM and the University of Bristol. Analysis on the data show a high electro-optic coefficient and >20GHz modulation speeds at cryogenic temperature.

QuantLUS - CPS v1.0

Oktay Karakus & Alin Achim
This source code package includes the MATLAB source codes for implementing a novel method for line artefacts quantification in lung ultrasound (LUS) images of COVID-19 patients. The method is formulated as a non-convex regularisation problem involving a sparsity-enforcing, Cauchy-based penalty function, and the inverse Radon transform. Moreover, a simple local maxima detection technique in the Radon transform domain, associated with known clinical definitions of line artefacts, is employed. The method accurately identifies both horizontal and...


Flavia De Luca, Gianni Blasi, Daniele Perrone & Maria Antonietta Aiello
The masonry infill database MID 1.1 includes results of laboratory tests on masonry infilled reinforced concrete frames. This work aims to characterize the mechanical properties of infill walls depending on several parameters. Authors Dr Gianni Blasi gianni.blasi@unisalento.it Dr Flavia De Luca flavia.deluca@bristol.ac.uk Dr Daniele Perrone daniele.perrone@unisalento.it Prof Maria Antonietta Aiello antonietta.aiello@unisalento.it

EPIC-KITCHENS-100 Automatic Annotations

Dima Aldamen, William Price & Jian Ma
Masks and hand-object detections for EPIC-KITCHENS-100 (see dataset at https://doi.org/10.5523/bris.2g1n6qdydwa9u22shpxqzp0t8m).

Multiaxial creep stress relaxation in 316H stainless steel

Harry Coules
Metals such as Type 316H stainless steel are vulnerable to creep deformation when used in high-temperature service. This dataset contains numerical models and experimental results used to validate a multi-axial creep deformation law for 316H.


William Andrew, Tilo Burghardt, Neill Campbell & Jing Gao
This dataset accompanies the paper - "Visual Identification of Individual Holstein Friesian Cattle via Deep Metric Learning" available at - https://arxiv.org/abs/2006.09205. It consists of two components: (a) detection and localisation, (b) identification. For an overview of this dataset, refer to Section 3 in the paper. For any queries, contact the corresponding author in the paper. For accompanying source code, check out - https://github.com/CWOA/MetricLearningIdentification

Data fusion of multi-view ultrasonic imaging for characterisation of large defects

Paul Wilcox, Anthony Croxford, Jie Zhang, Rhodri Bevan & Nicolas Budyn
Supporting data for paper Rhodri L.T. Bevan, Nicolas Budyn, Jie Zhang, Anthony J. Croxford, So Kitazawa and Paul D. Wilcox, "Data fusion of multi-view ultrasonic imaging for characterisation of large defects" in IEEE Trans. Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics and Frequency Control, 2020.

A practical model of twin-beam experiments for sub-shot-noise absorption measurements

Jason Mueller, & Jonathan Matthews
Underlying data for manuscript "A practical model of twin-beam experiments for sub-shot-noise absorption measurements"

Effects of state anxiety on gait: a 7.5% carbon dioxide challenge study

Angela Attwood, Casimir Ludwig, Ian Penton-Voak, Jade Poh, Alex Kwong & Marcus Munafo
This study investigated the effects of state anxiety on gait. State anxiety was induced using the 7.5% carbon dioxide (CO2) inhalation procedure. Participants (n=24 recruited, n=22 for analysis) attended one session and completed two 20-minute inhalations: one of medical air (placebo) and one of 7.5% CO2. During each inhalation, participants walked the length of the laboratory while navigating through obstacles. The main findings were that overall walking speed was slower and body rotation (i.e., body...

Raw data from Fabian Fogarty's PhD thesis

Paul May
Raw XPS and computer calculation data from Fabian Fogarty's PhD thesis

Datasets for Acousto-optic modulators built using PiezoMUMPS process

Krishna Coimbatore Balram
Contains all the raw data used to generate the figures in the paper: Valle and Balram, Optics Letters 44(15) 3777-3780 2019.

Real-Time Hybrid Testing of Strut-Braced Wing Under Aerodynamic Loading Using an Electrodynamic Actuator

Simon Neild, Valentina Ruffini, Mark Lowenberg, Chris Szczyglowski & David Barton
Dataset for: "Real-Time Hybrid Testing of Strut-Braced Wing Under Aerodynamic Loading Using an Electrodynamic Actuator". Authors: V. Ruffini, C. Szczyglowski, D.A.W. Barton, M. Lowenberg, S.A. Neild Journal: Experimental Techniques.

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