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TEM data from residual casting regions in an ex-service and subsequently aged AISI Type 316H stainless steel

Alexander Warren, Peter EJ Flewitt & Ian Griffiths
Transmission electron microscopy data for secondary phase evolution in Cr rich residual casting regions in an ex-service (67000 hrs at 490-530 degC) and subsequently heat treated (+22000 hrs at 550 degC) large AISI Type 316H Austenitic Stainless Steel casting.

Model-independent determination of the strong phase difference between D0 and Dbar --> pi+ pi- pi+ pi- amplitudes

Samuel Harnew, , Claire Prouvé, Jonas Rademacker & David Asner
This directory contains machine-readable data, and example code for their use, related to our publication "Model-independent determination of the strong phase difference between D0 and Dbar --> pi+ pi- pi+ pi- amplitudes" available at http://inspirehep.net/record/1622744/ . For details, please refer to readme.txt in this directory, and to the publication itself.

State Anxiety and Information Processing: a 7.5% Carbon Dioxide Challenge Study

Marcus Munafo & Angela Attwood
This study investigates the effects of state anxiety (induced by 7.5% carbon dioxide inhalation) on simple information processing. It recruits healthy volunteers and compares information processing during inhalation of 7.5% carbon dioxide and inhalation of medical air (placebo) in a within-subjects design.

Data for Criegee intermediate reactions with organic acids

Andrew Orr-Ewing, Rabi Chhantyal Pun & Max McGillen
Data for a NERC funded project NE/P013104/1

A Dataset for Depth-Based Whole Body Photoplethysmography in Remote Pulmonary Function Testing

Vahid Soleimani, Majid Mirmehdi & Dima Damen
This dataset (dPPG PFT) is associated with the article "Depth-based Whole Body Photoplethysmography in Pulmonary Function Testing". dPPG PFT dataset presents body surface depth information of 35 subjects within 300 forced vital capacity (FVC) and slow vital capacity (SVC) spirometry tests. It also contains the spirometry data as ground truth for validation, and the results of our research papers on this dataset. Further details of the dataset and its folder structure and files format can...

Data from PATH trial (03-2018)

Paige Lacesso, Gene Feder & Giulia Ferrari
Design: Pragmatic parallel group individually randomized controlled trial of normal DVA advocacy vs. advocacy + psychological intervention. Setting: specialist DVA agencies; two UK cities. Participants: Women aged 16 years and older accessing DVA services. Intervention: Eight specialist psychological advocacy (SPA) sessions Primary outcomes at 12 months: depression symptoms (PHQ-9) and psychological distress (CORE-OM). Primary analysis: intention to treat regression model. Secondary analyses: pre-specified subgroup analyses; multiple imputation by chained equation models (mice); complier-average causal effects...

Data from paper: Exploring the design space of nonlinear shallow arches with generalised path-following

Alberto Pirrera, Rainer Maria Groh, Bradley Cox & D Avitabile
Figures from the paper: Exploring the design space of nonlinear shallow arches with generalised path-following

Data from Reward and Probability (05-2018)

Rosanne Clark & Iain Gilchrist
The probability of an event occurring and the reward associated with the event can both modulate behaviour. Response times are decreased to stimuli that are either more rewarding or more likely. These two factors can be combined to give an Expected Value (EV) associated with the event (i.e. probability x reward). In four experiments we investigate the effect of reward and probability on both saccadic and manual responses. When tested separately we find evidence for...

Data from Hermit Crab Shell Choice Paper 2018

David Wilby
Data from behavioural experiments investigating achromatic shell choice behaviour in hermit crabs.

Unblinding protocol and data from a blinded randomised controlled trial investigating carriage of bovine respiratory pathogens (05-2018)

Amy Thomas, Mark Eisler & Adam Finn
This unblinding protocol and associated results provide an overview of a blinded randomised controlled trial with open cohort stepped-wedge design conducted at the BBSRC Rothamsted Research North Wyke Farm Platform National Capability commencing at the start of winter housing of cattle 2016. They are published here in the University of Bristol Data Repository to provide evidence of our study design, objectives, conduct, sample collection and processing, and data analysis prior to unblinding of the study....

Data from Distinguishability (06-2018)

Peter Turner, Stasja Stanisic & Alexandra Moylett
Interference lies at the heart of quantum mechanics and thus its promise of fundamental advantages over non-quantum technologies, with far-reaching ramifications in communication, metrology, sensing, simulation and computation. The nemesis of quantum interference is distinguishability, with the Hong-Ou-Mandel (HOM) effect being a prototypical example. Rather than the usual second quantized approach to such situations, we can gain insight by bringing quantum information concepts to bear in first quantization. Distinguishability can then be modelled, for example,...

Data from Soil nitrogen response to shrub encroachment in a degrading semiarid grassland

Thomas Turpin-Jelfs & Katerina Michaelides
The data presented here relate to the manuscript led by Thomas Turpin-Jelfs on Soil nitrogen response to shrub encroachment in a degrading semiarid grassland.

Climate data from paper \"A Quantitative Hydrological Climate Classification Evaluated with Independent Streamflow Data\"

Wouter Knoben
Data used to create a hydrological climate classification, containing climate indices and a high-resolution climate map.

Above 600 mV Open Circuit Voltage BiI3 Solar Cells

David Fermin & Devendra Tiwari
This deposition includes the data of the experiments and calculations used and presented in the article published in American Chemical Society (ACS) Journal: Energy Letters titled: Above 600 mV Open Circuit Voltage by evendra Tiwari, Dominic Alibhai, and David J Fermin. DOI: 10.1021/acsenergylett.8b01182

The spectrum of N2 from 4500 to 15700 cm−1 revisited with PGOPHER

Colin Western
This data provides supporting information to accompany "The spectrum of N2 from 4500 to 15700 cm−1 revisited with PGOPHER", Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer, Colin M. Western, Luke Carter-Blatchford Patrick Crozet, Amanda J. Ross, Jérôme Morville and Dennis Tokaryk. It covers the analysis of the B – A, B' – B, and W – B bands of nitrogen, and provides an atlas allowing this spectrum to be used for calibration purposes in the...

Black Diamond antimicrobial surfaces paper (Sci Reports 2018)

Paul May
Raw data for the paper to appear in Sci Reports 2018

The role of 1-pi-sigma* states in thre formation of adenine radical cations in DNA duplexes

Michael Ashfold & Tolga Karsili
Results from Louisiana/Bristol calculations on non-radiative decay of photoexcited adenine derivatives.

Kuhnel, Rossiter, Faul - Laser-scribed Graphene Oxide Electrodes for Soft Electroactive Devices

Additional data - Laser-scribed Graphene Oxide Electrodes for Soft Electroactive Devices

Unsöld functional

Frederick Manby & Tim Wiles
Data used in the preparation of our paper on the Unsöld approximation in density functional theory.

Isolation and Loneliness of Older People

Morag McDermont, Helen Thomas & Marilyn Howard
The research was part of the Productive Margins: Regulating for Engagement programme.Busy streets, laughter, the sound of children playing - but what lies behind closed doors in our communities, especially for those in later life, who may feel lonely and isolated.

Data for publication: Nudging axially compressed cylindrical panels towards imperfection insensitivity

Alberto Pirrera, Rainer Maria Groh & Bradley Cox
This repository contains the data used to produce the figures in the publication: Nudging axially compressed cylindrical panels towards imperfection insensitivity

Women and data futures

Morag McDermont & Marilyn Howard
This project was part of the Productive Margins: Regulating for Engagement programme. Bringing together two community partners, Knowle West Media Centre in Bristol and 3Gs Community Development Trust in Merthyr Tydfil, the project used workshop methods to explore perceptions of women about personal data they put online and how to take more control over this.

Interview Data from Evaluation of National Early Warning Score (08-2018)

Jonathan Banks, Emer Brangan &
Dataset contains transcripts of interviews with health care professionals. Data used to evaluate the use of the National Early Warning Score (NEWS) in pre-hospital settings such as the ambulance service, primary care and community services. The NEWS was originally intended for use in hospital settings but has recently been incorporated into pre-hospital settings.

TEI/XML from the Manuscript Pamphleteering in Early Stuart England project (10-2018)

Michael Jones, Sebastiaan Verweij, Noah Millstone, Richard Bell, Victoria Anker & Tim Wales
Drawing upon the collections of more than 50 archives in the UK and USA, Manuscript Pamphleteering in Early Stuart England details the circulation of over 500 distinct texts which collectively survive in around 4,000 unique witnesses. Furthermore, it makes available transcriptions of over 200 exemplars, the majority of which are accompanied by high-resolution images. These have primarily been drawn from the collections of the British Library, a project partner, alongside others in local record offices...

Wavelength-dependent variations of the electron characteristics in laser-induced plasmas: a combined hydrodynamic and adiabatic expansion modelling and time-gated, optical emission imaging study (10-2018)

Michael Ashfold, Hao Liu & Erik Wagenaars
Experimental diagnosis and modelling of plasmas formed during pulsed laser ablation of solid targets

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