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The role of courage in the development and practice of coaches

Chris Wood & Tim Lomas

The experience of positive psychology coaching following unconscious bias training: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis

F. K. Tia Moin & Christian van Nieuwerburgh

Looking forward to going back? The experience of career decision-making for first-time mothers and the implications for coaches

Heather Noon & Christian van Nieuwerburgh
The career penalty for professional women who become mothers is well known, while research scrutiny of career decision-making itself appears to have been largely overlooked. This study explores the experience of six London-based professional women, using Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA) techniques to develop insights into the high-commitment behaviours which underpin female professional career identity; the effects of group norms, cultural messages and employer practices on women’s decision-making; and, the solitary experience of establishing new narratives...

The lived experience of self-identifying character strengths through coaching: An interpretative phenomenological analysis

Alexandra J. S. Fouracres & Christian van Nieuwerburgh
The study aimed to expand the understanding of the experience of people who self-identify their character strengths. The data came from semi-structured interviews held after a coaching intervention using strengths cards. Analysis using Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA) revealed four themes: Identifying strengths is instinctive, yet complex; experiencing the subjective self; identifying strengths is multi-faceted; and strengths are brought into awareness. The findings suggest that the lived experience of self-identifying strengths is complex and positive. This...

‘A new vision!’: Exploring coachee experiences of using photography in coaching – An interpretative phenomenological analysis

Maureen Donaldson-Wright & Kate Hefferon

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