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What happens in group supervision? Exploring current practice in Australia

Paul Lawrence
This article presents qualitative findings from a study of seven group coaching supervisors and 57 coaches participating in those groups. The purpose of the research was to further explore why people seek group supervision, what benefits they derive, and how group supervision works. Supervisors and coaches recognised the role of the supervisor in bringing together the right mix of coaches, in establishing and maintaining a clear working agreement, managing a clear process, and role modelling...

Migrant mentoring to work: defining an old-but-innovative instrument

Peter De Cuyper, Hanne Vandermeerschen & Damini Purkayastha
Despite numerous labour market interventions to address the large unemployment gap, migrants struggle to find work in their host societies. In an effort to address this, an alternative and innovative intervention is ‘mentoring to work’. This paper attempts to create a sense of conceptual clarity on mentoring to work by delineating a clear definition of the field and its scope as a policy tool for migrant employment. This concept analysis is based on scientific literature...

Communication Modalities and their Perceived Effectiveness in Coaching for Individuals with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Elizabeth Ahmann & Micah Saviet
Coaching for individuals with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), an emerging coaching subspecialty, has demonstrated efficacy both as a stand alone behavioral support and as part of multimodal interventions. Little research to date has examined processes involved in ADHD coaching. This mixed-methods study: (1) reviewed extant literature on ADHD coaching outcomes for coaching communication modalities used; and (2) surveyed ADHD coaches to explore (a) frequency of use and perceived efficacy of varied modalities and (b) coaches' views...

Mentoring and Career Satisfaction Among Emerging Nurse Scholars

Terrelle Foster & Jacqueline J. Hill
The purpose of the study was to examine the relationship between mentoring and career satisfaction among emerging nurse scholars currently pursuing, or who have acquired a doctorate in nursing within the last 10 years. This study used a descriptive correlational research design to determine the relationship among career development mentoring, psychosocial role mentoring, mentoring satisfaction, and career satisfaction among emerging nurse scholars. The findings were that mentors who provide career development and psychosocial role functions...

The role of coaching and coach language in clients’ language and individual change

Barbara Fölscher-Kingwill & Nicky Terblanche
This study explored the under-researched area of the effect of coaching on clients’ spoken and internal language, the link to individual change, as well as the effect of coach language on client language. Using a qualitative, phenomenological approach, 12 in-depth interviews were conducted with coaches, and clients who were business leaders. The findings, derived through thematic analysis suggest that coaching plays a role in changing clients’ language and that this language change may be linked...

The experiences of educational coaches prior to their first placement: An interpretative phenomenological analysis

David Tee, Margaret Barr & Christian van Nieuwerburgh
Studies of student coaching have shown benefits to both students and coaches, yet little is known about the experiences of coaches as they prepare to coach. This study sought to explore the experiences of six undergraduate trained educational coaches from a UK university prior to their first placement coaching secondary school students. Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA) was used to collect data, undertake semi-structured interviews, and analyse the data. Three overarching themes emerged from this study:...

Healthy debate: medical discourses in the early novel

Mary G. S. Gifford

Feeding the hunger of history: society and politics in Dylan Thomas's prose and dramatic works

Jamie L. Thorogood

The role of stress-derived vesicles in the bystander effect and cancer related cachexia

Findlay R. Bewicke-Copley

The development of design guidelines for educational programming environments

Bedour Alshaigy

Strategies for Chronic Disease Control: Royal Society, Alan Lopez and Richard Peto

Alan Lopez & Richard Peto

The measurement of passenger preferences towards rail station and on-train facilities

David Pearmain

An exploratory study of Taiwanese long-haul package tour customers' satisfaction

Jui-Chi (Ricky) Chang

The social agency of postage stamps : Japanese postage stamps in a global context

Douglas C. T. Frewer

Ecotourism in theory and practice: a critical case study of Northern Thailand

Bussaba Sitikarn

Cultural values change in the rehabilitation of historic schools in Portugal

C. Sofia da Silva Teixeira Aleixo

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