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The Future of the Turnover Lease in A World of Omni-Channel Retail

Angus Harper

A Maker's Guide to Grief: An analysis of how craft provides solace during bereavement

Harriet Speed

\"Tender-Hearted Cousin\": Queerness As Strength in 'Richard II'

Sarah Yardy

myths and visions

Késia Decoté

Exploring the Lived Experience of Internal Coaches

Jo Feehily

Judicial Statistics relating to Scotland, 1805-1960

Anne-Marie Kilday

Identifying essential components of a plant LINC complex

Axel Poulet, Aline Probst, Katja Graumann & David E. Evans
The higher plant NE contains a functional Linker of Nucleoskeleton and Cytoskeleton (LINC) complex based on conserved Sad1-Unc84 (SUN) domain proteins and plant specific Klarsicht/Anc1/Syne homology (KASH) domain proteins (Figure 1). Recent evidence suggests the presence of a plant lamina underneath the inner membrane and various coiled-coil proteins have been hypothesised to be associated with it including Crowded Nuclei (CRWN), Nuclear Envelope Associated Protein (NEAP) protein families as well as the CRWN binding protein KAKU4....

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The role of coaching in the development of nurse managers

Elizabeth J. Westcott

Motor skill acquisition in children with poor motor coordination

Wala' A. J. Mahmoud

Deemster Parr's Abstract

Peter Edge
Deemster John Parr's Abstract of Manx laws is an important source of Manx law dating from the late seventeenth century. It is also of more than passing interest to scholars of the legal history of the larger jurisdictions surrounding the Isle of Man. Although available in manuscript form in the Manx Museum, this document has never been published. This typescript was prepared and checked by Peter Edge from MS 03176 C.

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