474 Works

Lucia Pieraccioni

Lucia Pieraccioni & Maurizio Cartolano

Luciana Piavento

Luciana Piavento & Maurizio Cartolano

Maria Concetta Carbone (in Piacente)

Maria Concetta Carbone & Maurizio Cartolano

Maria De Palma

Maria De Palma & Maurizio Cartolano

Marina Papi

Marina Papi & Maurizio Cartolano

Mario Serraino

Mario Serraino & Maurizio Cartolano

Michele Farro

Michele Farro & Maurizio Cartolano

Mirella Pecchia

Mirella Pecchia & Maurizio Cartolano

Nicola Cuccovillo

Nicola Cuccovillo & Maurizio Cartolano

Ninetta Tripodi

Ninetta Tripodi & Maurizio Cartolano

Paolo Bacci

Paolo Bacci & Maurizio Cartolano

Rita Di Tonnaro

Rita Di Tonnaro & Maurizio Cartolano

Sergio Matteucci

Sergio Matteucci & Maurizio Cartolano

Teresa Orrù

Teresa Orrù & Maurizio Cartolano

Valerio Tonini

Valerio Tonini & Maurizio Cartolano

Dame Sheila Sherlock in interview with Sir Gordon Wolstenholme

Sheila Sherlock & Gordon Wolstenholme

Sir James Gowans CBE FRS in interview with Dr Max Blythe

James Gowans & Max Blythe

Sir James Gowans CBE FRS in interview with Dr Max Blythe

James Gowans & Max Blythe

Professor Fred Hollows FRCS in interview with Dr Max Blythe

Fred Hollows & Max Blythe

Dr Leonard Goodwin CMG FRS in interview with Sir Gordon Wolstenholme

Leonard Goodwin & Gordon Wolstenholme

Functions of the Plant Nucleolus

Frederic Pontvianne & Geraint Parry

Video Reflections: Reflections on the project

In early 2020 we asked our Healthy Urban Mobility partners from Oxford their views on how the project had gone and what had been learned. In this five minute film we hear how the HUM has helped understanding of the impact of personal mobility on health and wellbeing in Barton and Rosehill and lessons for the future.

Plastic Pollution and Human-Primate Interactions – a Lose-Lose Situation

Evelyn Daniela Anca

Poetry and sculpture as a physical exchange of emotion

Wendy Allen

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