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Zookeepers' perceptions of the impact of COVID-19 on primate behaviour and welfare in zoos

Jasmine Gandy

Are participants' perceptions of the likelihood of an individual receiving a clinical diagnosis of depression in a given scenario affected by the hypothetical sufferers’ gender identity?

Oliver Knight, Lottie Hodges, Beth Dellow, Georgie Edwards & Tegan Morrison

How much do childhood influences affect our pro-environmental behaviour as an adult?

Sophia Kaatee

Home and belonging in three works of historical fiction by contemporary Middle Eastern authors

Gul Imaan Ali

Forward-looking information disclosure and Stock price response

Seyed Mohammad Reza Masoudian

Food Banks: An Insight into the Causes of Food Insecurity and the Accessibility of a Healthy Diet

Olivia Johns

Forward-looking information disclosure and Stock price response

Seyed mohammad reza Masoudian

How can nurses support children with autism in urinary elimination?

Tiffany Townsend

Social media use and self-control

Julia Szczesna & Nanami Tanaka

Plastic Pollution and Human-Primate Interactions – a Lose-Lose Situation

Evelyn Daniela Anca

Poetry and sculpture as a physical exchange of emotion

Wendy Allen

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