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Identifying essential components of a plant LINC complex

Axel Poulet, Aline Probst, Katja Graumann & David E. Evans
The higher plant NE contains a functional Linker of Nucleoskeleton and Cytoskeleton (LINC) complex based on conserved Sad1-Unc84 (SUN) domain proteins and plant specific Klarsicht/Anc1/Syne homology (KASH) domain proteins (Figure 1). Recent evidence suggests the presence of a plant lamina underneath the inner membrane and various coiled-coil proteins have been hypothesised to be associated with it including Crowded Nuclei (CRWN), Nuclear Envelope Associated Protein (NEAP) protein families as well as the CRWN binding protein KAKU4....

Language and Identities: The Impacts of Ideology on Identities, Focusing on Gender and Power

Claudia Ellard

Impact of Nuclear Domains On Gene Expression and Plant Traits

Christophe Tatout, Celia Baroux, Katja Graumann, Dimiter Prodanov, Stefanie Rosa, Sara Farrona, Monica Pradillo, Ales Peckina, Bjoern Gruning, Stefan Grob, Geraint Parry, Aline Probst, Laszlo Kozma-Bognar & David Evans
Multiples lines of evidence indicate that spatial 3D organisation nuclear DNA is critical in adapting to different environmental conditions and the Impact of Nuclear Domains On Gene Expression and Plant Traits (INDEPTH) network aims to decipher how nuclear architecture, chromatin organisation and gene expression are connected and modified in response to internal and external cues.

Three conceptions of the self for applied purposes

Tatiana Bachkirova

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