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InAsP and InP quantum dot laser structure data

P Smowton, S Shutts & I Karomi
Lasers are characterised in terms of the external voltage and light output from a single facet in terms of the current through the laser diode. Data is available in .IV extension files with a 2 column format for voltage (V) and for current (mA) and no extension files with a 2 column format for current (mA) and light (arbitrary units). At least 2 devices of length 1,2,3 and 4mm and of nominal 50um width are...

Non-Rigid 3D Human Models

D Pickup, X Sun, P Rosin, R Martin & Z Cheng
The dataset contains a collection of human models, representing a variety of individuals in a variety of poses. It includes both a dataset created from scans of real individuals, and a dataset of synthetically generated humans. The dataset has been used to benchmark non-rigid 3D shape retrieval algorithms.

Large eddy simulations of open channel flow and flow over a wall-mounted cube

M Cevheri, R McSherry & T Stoesser
The data are from Large Eddy Simulations of turbulent fluid flow in two different flow configurations. Simulations were performed to validate a new Local Mesh Refinement algorithm in an in-house Computational Fluid Dynamics code at Cardiff University. The two flow configurations are: 1) Open channel flow at friction Reynolds number 590; 2) Spatially-periodic flow over a wall-mounted cube at bulk Reynolds number 13000. Simulations were performed on fine, coarse and locally-refined grids. Vertical (i.e. wall-normal)...

Measurement of oxygen extraction fraction (OEF): an optimised BOLD signal model for use with hypercapnic and hyperoxic calibration

A Merola, RG Wise & MA Germuska
Several techniques have been proposed to estimate relative changes in cerebral metabolic rate of oxygen consumption (CMRO2) by exploiting combined BOLD fMRI and cerebral blood flow data in conjunction with hypercapnic or hyperoxic respiratory challenges. More recently, methods based on respiratory challenges that include both hypercapnia and hyperoxia have been developed to assess absolute CMRO2, an important parameter for understanding brain energetics. The aim of this project is to empirically optimise a previously presented “original...

Combining the Advantages of Powder X-ray Diffraction and NMR Crystallography in Structure Determination of the Pharmaceutical Material Cimetidine Hydrochloride

AE Watts, K Maruyoshi, CE Hughes, SP Brown & KDM Harris
The crystal structure of the anhydrous phase of cimetidine hydrochloride was determined directly from powder X-ray diffraction data. The material was prepared bydehydration of the readily obtained monohydrate form of cimetidine hydrochloride, the only form for which a crystal structure has previously been reported. As such, solid-state dehydration processes typically yield the product phase as a microcrystalline powder, and structure determination was carried out directly from powder X-ray diffraction data, using the direct-space genetic algorithm...

Insight into mechanics of AFM tip-based nanomachining: bending of cantilevers and machined grooves

R Al-Musawi, EB Brousseau, Y Geng & FM Borodich
This is the complete data set for a study on the quasi-static behaviour of the cantilever of AFM probes during AFM tip-based nanomachining operations. It comprises a number of related data sub-sets. Example of a voltage signal recorded from a strain gauge (hereinafter referred to as “Z-detector”) mounted on a piezo actuator which defines the vertical motion of the fixed end of AFM probes, in the so-called backward direction. Z-detector output signals recorded during processing...

Images for Shape from Shading

J Wu
This database contains both synthetic and real-world images. Each image has a single object of interest. Manually cropped background is also provided for each image. 'Julius Caesar': a synthetic image created from a 3D model [1] under infinite frontal lighting, Lambertian reflectance, and orthographic projection. 'BunnyHi': a synthetic image created from a 3D model [2] under infinite frontal lighting, Lambertian reflectance, and orthographic projection. 'Pepper': a well-known real-world image for testing SFS. We resize and...

Direct synthesis of hydrogen peroxide in water at ambient temperature

DA Crole, SJ Freakley, JK Edwards & GJ Hutchings
The direct synthesis of hydrogen peroxide from hydrogen and oxygen has been studied using an Au-Pd/TiO2 catalyst. The aim of this work is to understand the balance of synthesis and sequential degradation reactions using an aqueous, stabiliser-free solvent at ambient temperature. The effects of the reaction conditions on the productivity of hydrogen peroxide formation and the undesirable hydrogenation and decomposition reactions are investigated. Reaction temperature, solvent composition and reaction time have been studied and indicate...

Modelling and control of VSC-HVDC transmission system

S Wang & J Liang
The research considers the modelling and control of VSC-HVDC transmission system for connecting renewable power and AC grids. It includes: - design of coordinate control strategies for the VSC-HVDC and wind farm together to improve the overall stability performances of the offshore wind energy system - development of anti-fault strategies and post-fault restoration of DC grids - increase of total efficiency and economy of the combined AC/DC grids Analysis and simulation using PSCAD/EMTDC were performed...

Data used for reliability analysis of half-bridge MMCs

J Guo & J Liang
The dataset includes the parameters of converters and results obtained by the proposed method shown in Paper "Reliability Analysis of MMCs Considering Sub-module Designs with Individual or Series Operated IGBTs". Data shown in the file ”Basic parameter.xlsx” are the parameters of converters. And the study was based on those parameters. Data shown in the file ”Results_Case A.xlsx” are the results of case A-"Reliability comparison of MMCs", including the converter parameters in sheet 1, failure rate...

Nanosecond laser processing of Vitreloy 1 with single pulses

E Williams & EB Brousseau
This is the complete data set for a research study that focused on the nanosecond laser processing of Zr41.2Ti13.8Cu12.5Ni10Be22.5 (also known as Vitreloy1 ) using a series of single pulse irradiation. It comprises a number of related data sub-set as follows. 1) The theoretical material temperature evolution with time for a pulse of 140 ns with different fluence values between 4.9 J/cm2 and 43.7 J/cm2. 2) Experimental values for crater diameters and depths obtained for...

Assessment of collection systems for High Voltage DC (HVDC) connected offshore wind farms

P Lakshmanan, J Liang & N Jenkins
This is the complete data set for the research article on, "Assessment of collection systems for High Voltage DC (HVDC) connected offshore wind farms", accepted for publication by "Electric Power Systems Research" journal in July 2015. This work is about a technical and economic comparative study of AC and DC collection systems for offshore wind farms. It comprises: Table I - the parameters of the wind farm (the size of the wind farm, number of...

Integrated III-V Haemocytometer: SU-8 surface treatment and analysis

A Sobiesierski, R Thomas, DJ Morgan, PM Smowton & A Moskalenko
SU-8 photoresist is used as a microfluidic structuring material. However the native SU-8 surface is too hydrophobic to enable capillary flow. The project that this dataset relates to has been the development of a two stage surface treatment that firstly renders the SU-8 surface hydrophilic and secondly stabilises the surface so that it remains hydrophilic for the longterm (in excess of three months). Contact angles images are taken using a goniometer and digital camera and...

State estimation of medium voltage distribution networks using smart meter measurements

Distributed generation and low carbon loads are already leading to some restrictions in the operation of distribution networks and higher penetrations of e.g. PV generation, heat pumps and electric vehicles will exacerbate such problems. In order to manage the distribution network effectively in this new situation, increased real-time monitoring and control will become necessary. In the future, distribution network operators will have smart meter measurements available to them to facilitate safe and cost-effective operation of...

Data from publication: Augmenting microbially induced carbonate precipitation of soil with the capability to self-heal

Stefani P Botusharova, Diane R Gardner & Michael Harbottle
The data describes a demonstration of the potential for a simple and durable self-healing mechanism to be incorporated within the MICP process which allows a microbially-cemented mass of sand to automatically respond to and heal damage. The data is presented in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with 7 worksheets, each referring to one of the figures in the above publication, and comprising: Figure 4 - Microbial growth curves (optical density versus time) under conditions with/without sterilisation...

Hyperspectral volumetric coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering microscopy: Quantitative volume determination and NaCl as non-resonant standard

F Masia, A Karuna, WW Langbein & P Borri
The data are presented in the publication "Hyperspectral volumetric coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering microscopy: Quantitative volume determination and NaCl as non-resonant standard", J. Raman. Spectroscopy (2016). It contains coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering hyperspectral images of polymer beads and their analysis in terms of concentrations of chemical components and their spectra using the hyperspectral image analysis (HIA) software developed by ourselves. Additionally the ratio coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering intensities measured in glass and sodium chloride is...

Variation in electrosurgical vessel seal quality along the length of a porcine carotid artery

H Wyatt, R Richards, E Blain, J Yang, R Pullin & SL Evans
Porcine common carotid arteries, from pigs aged 4 - 6 months, were obtained from a local abattoir, with all testing conducted within 10h of slaughter. Vessels were skeletonised and sectiones using a scalpel; a 2mm sample was fixed in 10% buffered formalin for histological analysis and a 20mm section taken for sealing with an electrosurgical vessel sealing device. The position from the bifurcatuion was measured, along with the outer vessel diameter and wall thickness. All...

Wide-field imaging of single nanoparticle extinction with sub-nm^2 noise floor

Lukas Payne, Wolfgang W Langbein & Paola Borri
The data contain 1) Optical extinction images of gold nanoparticles 2) Measured and fitted sensitivity of cross-section measurements versus number of frames 3) Measured cross-sections of 5nm diameter gold nanoparticles 4) Histograms of extinctions images 5) Calculated effects of in-band filtering on the cross-section noise 6) Calculated systematic errors of the cross-section analysis

The deposition of metal nanoparticles on carbon surfaces: the role of specific functional groups

Bethany Bowden, Matthew Davies, Philip Rosser Davies, Shaoliang Guan, David Morgan, Vaughan Roberts & Daniel James Wotton
Data folders Figure 1. AFM images showing the effect of different acid treatments on HOPG surfaces: (a) 0.25 M HNO3; (b) 0.5 M HNO3; (c) 5.0 M HNO3; (d) 2.0 M HCl; (e) Corresponding line profiles; (f) XP spectrum of (1s) region from image (b). Figure 2: EXCEL chart of contact angle measurements of water on HCl treated HOPG surfaces before and after heating to 473 K. Figure 3. XPS spectra of HOPG samples pre-treated...

Simulating Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading in a Microgrid

Chenghua Zhang, Jianzhong Wu, Yue Zhou, Meng Cheng & Chao Long
Peer-to-Peer (P2P) energy trading represents direct energy trading between peers, where energy from small-scale Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) in dwellings, offices, factories, etc, is traded among local energy prosumers and consumers. A research paper titled “Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading in a Microgrid” has been published on Applied Energy regarding this topic. In the paper, a hierarchical system architecture model was proposed to identify and categorize the key elements and technologies involved in P2P energy trading. A...

Hydrogen production from formic acid decomposition in liquid phase using functionalised Pd/CNFs

Felipe Juan Sanchez Trujillo, Davide Motta, Alberto Roldan, Ceri Hammond, Qian He, Thomas Davies & Nikolaos Dimitratos
A series of Pd nanoparticles supported on carbon nanofibers (CNFs) via sol-immobilisation and impregnation techniques has been studied. Different heating treatment to the CNFs prior metal deposition has been investigated. Thorough characterisation has been carried out by means of XRD, XPS, SEM-EDX, TEM, 3D tomography, Raman and BET. The catalysts have been evaluated for the catalytic decomposition of formic acid (HCOOH). The influence of preparation method was investigated. The dataset provided contains information not already...

Non-specific chronic low back pain: differences in peak flexion spinal angles in subgroups during functional tasks

Rebecca Hemming, Liba Sheeran, Robert Van Deursen & Valerie Sparkes
Information on the peak flexion angles for four functional tasks (box lift, box replace, bending to pick up a pen from the floor and returning from picking a penfrom the floor) across the three subclassified non-specipic low bcak pain subgroups (active extension pattern, flexion pattern and healthty controls) is presented.

Public Perceptions of Energy Storage

Gareth Thomas, Christina Demski & Nicholas Pidgeon
Data Audio and visual files from the workshop cannot be made publicly available due to participant confidentiality and as a result of the nature of the consent given by participants in the research. However, we will consider requests to share anonymised transcripts for research purposes on a case-by-case basis. Consent terms agreed by participants mean that data (transcripts) may be kept for only 5 years post-project. Following this period, the transcripts will be destroyed. Information...

Synthesis and Reactivity of N-Allenyl Cyanamides

James N Ayres, Matthew T J Williams, Graham J Tizzard, Simon J Coles, Kenneth B Ling & Louis C Morrill
N-Allenyl cyanamides have been accessed via a one-pot deoxycyanamidation-isomerization approach using propargyl alcohol and N-cyano-N-phenyl-p-methylbenzenesulfonamide (NCTS). The utility of this novel class of allenamide was explored through derivatization, with hydroarylation, hydroamination and cycloaddition protocols employed to access an array of cyanamide products that would be challenging to access using existing methods. Analysis of reaction products from this methodology resulted in the following data: 1H, 19F and 13C NMR raw data files IR spectra High-Resolution Mass...

Ajoene Synthesis - spectral and experimental data

Filipa Silva & Thomas Wirth
In this dataset, the spectral data of the compounds synthesized and characterized are contained together with the experimental procedures.

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