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Survey data for US and UK on Public risk perceptions of carbon dioxide removal

Emily Cox, Elspeth Spence & Nicholas Pidgeon
Data includes survey responses from UK and US participants on climate change perceptions and attitudes to carbond dioxide removal strategies including awareness of CDR, specific risk and benefit perception.

Combining the Advantages of Powder X-ray Diffraction and NMR Crystallography in Structure Determination of the Pharmaceutical Material Cimetidine Hydrochloride

AE Watts, K Maruyoshi, CE Hughes, SP Brown & KDM Harris
The crystal structure of the anhydrous phase of cimetidine hydrochloride was determined directly from powder X-ray diffraction data. The material was prepared bydehydration of the readily obtained monohydrate form of cimetidine hydrochloride, the only form for which a crystal structure has previously been reported. As such, solid-state dehydration processes typically yield the product phase as a microcrystalline powder, and structure determination was carried out directly from powder X-ray diffraction data, using the direct-space genetic algorithm...

Measurement of oxygen extraction fraction (OEF): an optimised BOLD signal model for use with hypercapnic and hyperoxic calibration

A Merola, RG Wise & MA Germuska
Several techniques have been proposed to estimate relative changes in cerebral metabolic rate of oxygen consumption (CMRO2) by exploiting combined BOLD fMRI and cerebral blood flow data in conjunction with hypercapnic or hyperoxic respiratory challenges. More recently, methods based on respiratory challenges that include both hypercapnia and hyperoxia have been developed to assess absolute CMRO2, an important parameter for understanding brain energetics. The aim of this project is to empirically optimise a previously presented “original...

Large eddy simulations of open channel flow and flow over a wall-mounted cube

M Cevheri, R McSherry & T Stoesser
The data are from Large Eddy Simulations of turbulent fluid flow in two different flow configurations. Simulations were performed to validate a new Local Mesh Refinement algorithm in an in-house Computational Fluid Dynamics code at Cardiff University. The two flow configurations are: 1) Open channel flow at friction Reynolds number 590; 2) Spatially-periodic flow over a wall-mounted cube at bulk Reynolds number 13000. Simulations were performed on fine, coarse and locally-refined grids. Vertical (i.e. wall-normal)...

Data used for reliability analysis of half-bridge MMCs

J Guo & J Liang
The dataset includes the parameters of converters and results obtained by the proposed method shown in Paper "Reliability Analysis of MMCs Considering Sub-module Designs with Individual or Series Operated IGBTs". Data shown in the file ”Basic parameter.xlsx” are the parameters of converters. And the study was based on those parameters. Data shown in the file ”Results_Case A.xlsx” are the results of case A-"Reliability comparison of MMCs", including the converter parameters in sheet 1, failure rate...

Modelling and control of VSC-HVDC transmission system

S Wang & J Liang
The research considers the modelling and control of VSC-HVDC transmission system for connecting renewable power and AC grids. It includes: - design of coordinate control strategies for the VSC-HVDC and wind farm together to improve the overall stability performances of the offshore wind energy system - development of anti-fault strategies and post-fault restoration of DC grids - increase of total efficiency and economy of the combined AC/DC grids Analysis and simulation using PSCAD/EMTDC were performed...

Direct synthesis of hydrogen peroxide in water at ambient temperature

DA Crole, SJ Freakley, JK Edwards & GJ Hutchings
The direct synthesis of hydrogen peroxide from hydrogen and oxygen has been studied using an Au-Pd/TiO2 catalyst. The aim of this work is to understand the balance of synthesis and sequential degradation reactions using an aqueous, stabiliser-free solvent at ambient temperature. The effects of the reaction conditions on the productivity of hydrogen peroxide formation and the undesirable hydrogenation and decomposition reactions are investigated. Reaction temperature, solvent composition and reaction time have been studied and indicate...

Probabilistic wind-power forecasting model - case study datasets

, , , , &
The file named “InputData.xlsx’ is related to the wind power data used to train the model. The data consisted of half-hourly aggregated wind power values from wind farms across the Great Britain for the period of 01/03/2014–30/9/2014. Column headings are included to explain the variables. The file named “Outputs.mat’ is related to model outputs. This file can be opened only if you have installed MATLAB at your system. Once opened, a file of type “struct”...

Lean methane flame stability in a premixed generic swirl burner: isothermal flow and atmospheric combustion characterization

, , Bowen PJ, , Giles AP & Morris SM
Gas turbine combustors operating in lean premixed mode are known to be susceptible to flame blowoff due to competing influences of increasing chemical timescales and decreasing flow time scales under these conditions. In this study, combustion stability and the onset of flame blowoff in particular, are characterized in a new swirl burner operated with fully premixed methane (CH4) and air at thermal power of 55 kW, atmospheric combustor inlet pressure, and ambient (~290 K) combustor...

Data supporting results concerning colourings for the edge dynamic graph colouring problem with and without future adjacency information.

Hardy B, Lewis R &
The graph colouring problem (GCP) is a well-studied combinatorial optimisation problem that is known to be NP-hard. Most algorithms for solving the GCP do not consider the possibility of a graph changing over time. In our research, we consider a dynamic version of the graph colouring problem in which the edge set is allowed to change. By considering a dynamic graph as a series of static graphs, our approach takes a feasible colouring for the...

Images for Shape from Shading

J Wu
This database contains both synthetic and real-world images. Each image has a single object of interest. Manually cropped background is also provided for each image. 'Julius Caesar': a synthetic image created from a 3D model [1] under infinite frontal lighting, Lambertian reflectance, and orthographic projection. 'BunnyHi': a synthetic image created from a 3D model [2] under infinite frontal lighting, Lambertian reflectance, and orthographic projection. 'Pepper': a well-known real-world image for testing SFS. We resize and...

Data underpinning \"N-Cyanation of Secondary Amines using Trichloroacetonitrile\"

, Ling KB &
A one-pot N-cyanation of secondary amines has been developed using trichloroacetonitrile as an inexpensive cyano source. A diverse range of cyclic and acyclic secondary amines can be readily transformed into the corresponding cyanamides in good isolated yields, with the method successfully utilised in the final synthetic step of a biologically-active rolipram-derived cyanamide. This approach exhibits distinct selectivity when compared to the use of highly toxic cyanogen bromide. Herein we include all underpinning data for this...

H2 production by the photocatalytic reforming of cellulose and raw biomass using Ni, Pd, Pt and Au on titania

, Jones WV, &
A method has been developed for sustainable hydrogen production using sunlight and biomass. It is shown that cellulose can be photoreformed to produce hydrogen, even in solid form, by use of metal-loaded titania photocatalysts. The experiments performed verified that the process is enabled by initial hydrolysis via glucose, which itself is shown to be efficiently converted to produce hydrogen by photocatalysis. Importantly, it is shown that not only precious metals such as Pt, Pd and...

Increasing the processing speed of AFM tip-based nanomachining at the tool-workpiece interface

, Geng Y, & Bowen CR
This is the complete data set for a study, which aimed to increase the speed of the AFM tip-based nanomachining process at the interface between the tool and the workpiece. It comprises a number of related data sub-sets as follows: 1) Measured amplitude of the reciprocating motions of the piezoelectric actuator utilised (model NAC2402-H2.3 from Noliac, Denmark) as a function of the driving frequency. 2) AFM scanned data of three machined grooves with different frequencies:...

Insight into mechanics of AFM tip-based nanomachining: bending of cantilevers and machined grooves

R Al-Musawi, EB Brousseau, Y Geng & FM Borodich
This is the complete data set for a study on the quasi-static behaviour of the cantilever of AFM probes during AFM tip-based nanomachining operations. It comprises a number of related data sub-sets. Example of a voltage signal recorded from a strain gauge (hereinafter referred to as “Z-detector”) mounted on a piezo actuator which defines the vertical motion of the fixed end of AFM probes, in the so-called backward direction. Z-detector output signals recorded during processing...

State estimation of medium voltage distribution networks using smart meter measurements

Distributed generation and low carbon loads are already leading to some restrictions in the operation of distribution networks and higher penetrations of e.g. PV generation, heat pumps and electric vehicles will exacerbate such problems. In order to manage the distribution network effectively in this new situation, increased real-time monitoring and control will become necessary. In the future, distribution network operators will have smart meter measurements available to them to facilitate safe and cost-effective operation of...

Gear tooth root fatigue test monitoring with continuous acoustic emission

, Clarke A, &
A test rig is used to load an individual gear tooth in static bending fatigue. The two gears are meshed together, with the lower (fully restrained, rotation prevented) gear attached to a fixed shaft whilst the upper (free) gear is mounted on a shaft held in bearings. A torque is applied to this shaft using a compression testing machine via a loading arm. Acoustic Emission signals were collected by a Pancom P15 sensor (50 –...

Large Scale Application of Self-Healing Concrete: Design, Construction and Testing

Robert E Davies, Oliver Teall, Martins Pilegis, Antonios Kanellopoulos, Trupti Sharma, Anthony D Jefferson, Dianne R Gardner, Abir Al-Tabbaa, Kevin Paine & Robert Lark
This dataset was generated during a self-healing concrete site trial which was part of the Materials for Life (M4L) research project. This project was EPSRC funded and was carried out by the Universities of Cardiff, Bath and Cambridge to investigate the development of self-healing cementitious construction materials. This was widely reported as the UK’s first site trial of self-healing concrete. The trial comprised the in-situ construction of five concrete panels using a range of self-healing...

Ajoene Synthesis - spectral and experimental data

Filipa Silva & Thomas Wirth
In this dataset, the spectral data of the compounds synthesized and characterized are contained together with the experimental procedures.

Wide-field imaging of single nanoparticle extinction with sub-nm^2 noise floor

Lukas Payne, Wolfgang W Langbein & Paola Borri
The data contain 1) Optical extinction images of gold nanoparticles 2) Measured and fitted sensitivity of cross-section measurements versus number of frames 3) Measured cross-sections of 5nm diameter gold nanoparticles 4) Histograms of extinctions images 5) Calculated effects of in-band filtering on the cross-section noise 6) Calculated systematic errors of the cross-section analysis

Public Perceptions of Energy Storage

Gareth Thomas, Christina Demski & Nicholas Pidgeon
Data Audio and visual files from the workshop cannot be made publicly available due to participant confidentiality and as a result of the nature of the consent given by participants in the research. However, we will consider requests to share anonymised transcripts for research purposes on a case-by-case basis. Consent terms agreed by participants mean that data (transcripts) may be kept for only 5 years post-project. Following this period, the transcripts will be destroyed. Information...

Droplet Dynamics on Chemically Heterogeneous Substrates

Nikos Savva & Danny Groves
The data set contains (i) simulation results (contact line evolution) of the governing long-wave model, as well as of the asymptotic models which were derived from the analysis developed in the paper, (ii) data required to describe some of the surface heterogeneity profiles used in the simulations and (iii) values of the parameters arising from the asymptotic analysis, which are needed for a numerical implementation of the simplified models. Specific simulation cases considered include of...

Switching Chemoselectivity: Using Mechanochemistry to Alter Reaction Kinetics

Duncan L Browne, Joseph L Howard & Michael C Brand
The data here contains a selection of 1H, 13C, 19F NMR data, as well as IR, MS and any relevant chromatography information. Some files may be processed in advance and deposited and some may require access to typical processing tools for data of this type. Abstract: A reaction manifold has been discovered in which the chemoselectivity can be altered by switching between neat milling and liquid assisted grinding (LAG) with polar additives. After investigation of...

CO2 and H2 Adsorption and Reaction at Nin/YSZ(111) Interfaces: a Density Functional Theory Study

Abdelaziz Cadi-Essadek, Alberto Roldan, Xavier Aparicio-Anglès & Nora H De Leeuw
To recycle CO2 into sustainable fuel and chemicals, co-electrolysis of CO2 and H2O can be achieved in solid oxide electrolysis cells, where the molecules are supplied to the Ni/YSZ electrode (YSZ = yttria-stabilized zirconia). We have investigated the interaction of a CO2 molecule with the clean YSZ(111) surface and with Nin/YSZ(111) (n =1, 4-7, 10, 20) interfaces, using spin polarized density functional theory (DFT) and long-range dispersion correction. In this work, we show that, although...

Optical Microscopy as a probe of the rate limiting transport lifetime in InSb/Al1-xInxSb quantum wells

, , , , , , Zhang S, Clarke EM &
Differential interference contrast DIC (Nomarski) imaging has been performed on various InSb QW 2DEG materials at an optical magnification of ×50. Image analysis techniques were employed to extract the average number of features and corresponding feature size for each sample. Data for this is presented in a tab separated .txt file, with data columns corresponding to the experimentally measured sample mobility (in [cm^2/Vs]) and corresponding Drude mean free path (in [um]), measured using standard Hall...

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