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Cefas Plankton Analysis System

David Morris
This dataset has been extracted as part of an exercise to assemble "all" Cefas Temperature Data and publish it in a Data paper. It is one of 17 Cefas data sources assembled. Sampling of plankton has been carried out by Cefas since the 1940’s. In recent decades sampling has mainly been concentrated on fish eggs and larvae, and other zooplankton. Samples were collected using ‘high–speed towed nets’ that capture plankton from the surface to near–seabed....

Ferry Routes Monitoring System (Historical)

David Morris
This dataset has been extracted as part of an exercise to assemble "all" Cefas Temperature Data and publish it in a Data paper. It is one of 17 Cefas data sources assembled. Near surface temperature and salinity samples have been collected by ferries, the most recent, the Stena Partner, along 52°N between Harwich (formerly Felixstowe) and Rotterdam, from August 1970 onwards. Throughout the year, at weekly intervals, temperature data were recorded and water samples taken...

RV Cefas Endeavour FerryBox Monitoring System

David Morris
This dataset has been extracted as part of an exercise to assemble "all" Cefas Temperature Data and publish it in a Data paper. It is one of 17 Cefas data sources assembled. Ferryboxes are packages of instruments that are usually placed on board commercial ships such as ferries to monitor temperature, salinity and other water properties. This data series is from 2009-2013 from the cruises of the RV Cefas Endeavour. The RV Cefas Endeavour was...

Non-native species

Elizabeth J. Cottier-Cook, C. Beveridge, J.D. Bishop, J. Brodie, P.F. Clark, G. Epstein, Stuart Jenkins, D.G. Johns, J. Loxton, A. MacLeod, Christine Maggs, Dan Minchin, F. Mineur, Jack Sewell & C.A. Wood
MCCIP Science Review 2017, 47-61

Impacts of climate change on shallow and shelf subtidal habitats, relevant to the coastal and marine environment around the UK

P.J. Moore & D.A. Smale

Plankton, jellyfish and climate in the North-East Atlantic

M. Edwards, A. Atkinson, E. Bresnan, P. Helaouet, A. McQuatters-Gollop, C. Ostle, S. Pitois & C. Widdicombe

Impacts of climate change on cultural heritage

D. Harkin, M. Davies, E. Hyslop, H. Fluck, M. Wiggins, O. Merritt, L. Barker, M. Deery, R. McNeary & K. Westley

The impacts of climate change on fisheries, relevant to the coastal and marine environment around the UK

J.K. Pinnegar, P.J. Wright, K. Maltby & A. Garrett

Trends and status of liver neoplasms in flatfish from UK waters collected between 2004 and 2015

These data are the results from histological analysis of liver neoplasms (lesions) found in flatfish taken from UK waters between 2004 and 2015. Data on the length, weight, sex and age of individuals are also included alongside the histological results. The 2016 assessment of the UK's Clean Seas Environment Monitoring Programme described the status and trends of contaminant concentrations and biological effects measurements in biota and sediment at monitoring stations in waters around the UK....

Impacts of climate change on human health, HABs and bathing waters, relevant to the coastal and marine environment around the UK

E. Bresnan, C. Baker-Austin, C.J.A. Campos, K. Davidson, M. Edwards, A. Hall, A. McKinney & A.D. Turner

Data for UK OSPAR Common Procedure - Eutrophication Assessment

This dataset contains chlorophyll, nutrients and dissolved oxygen measurements which were used in the 3rd application of the OSPAR Common Procedure for Assessment of Eutrophication and UK Marine Strategy Framework Directive Assessments for descriptor 5. Data for nutrient concentrations, chlorophyll and dissolved oxygen (DO) concentrations and all supporting metadata for coastal and offshore (marine) waters were extracted from the following databases for the period from 1990 to 2014: MERMAN (BODC)1. Discrete samples for chlorophyll (by...

CLiP Vanuatu Land Waste Audits and Interviews

This dataset contains 2 csv files. Solid_waste_audit_Vanuatu_Abundance.csv reports solid waste abundance and composition data from households and commercial activities expressed in number of items, weight or volume. Solid_waste_audit_Vanuatu_Metadata.csv reports the results of interviews done when solid waste samples were collected to gather metadata about household occupants social and behavioural metadata, including the fate of solid waste not collected through the official waste management service. Waste audits were conducted between November and December 2018 in Efate...

CLiP South Africa Microplastics in biota 2019

This dataset contains 3 csv files. One file (South_Africa_Biota_Microplastics.csv) reports the microplastic abundance in biota samples (anchovies, redeye round herring and sardines) collected and analysed in South Africa in 2019. The file contains data of the samples weight, length and number of microplastic items found. Fish is ordered by 'stratum' (geographical reference, please see South_Africa_Biota_Microplastics_Strata.doc). Fish of the same species in the same stratum were also stored in bags and a blank was measured in...

Climate change and marine conservation: Saltmarsh

MCCIP Climate Change and Marine Conservation Report Card

Seawater temperature trend analysis for the North East Atlantic (North West European Shelf)

This gridded data product provides a trend analysis to estimate the changes in Seawater Temperature at sea surface and near sea bed for the North West European Shelf for the period from 1st January 1985 to 30th June 2014 in degree Celsius. Monthly and seasonal trend values were generated by applying a Generalised Additive Model (GAM) on a time series of modelling output data for Temperature at 7 Km spatial resolution from the North West...

CLiP Solomon Islands Microplastics in sediment 2017

This dataset contains 2 csv files. One file contains data on microplastic abundance expressed in number of particles per 5g dried sediment from 6 riverine, transitional and coastal locations on Guadalcanal Island (Solomon Islands) in 2017. One file contains spectrum analysis for some of the particles carried out with a ATR-FTIR. A READ-ME text file contains description of columns content for these two csv files. There is a .zip file that includes a csv file...

UK shelf and North Sea quantitative sediment composition predictions

Oliver Williams
Spatial predictions of substrate composition for the UK shelf and North Sea. Compositional fractions of mud, sand and gravel were modelled for an area of the UK and North Sea using a statistical regression model. This dataset consists of percentage composition predictions for the mud, sand and gravel components as raster tifs. In addition the proportion of each of these sediment components were combined to predict the likely sediment classification as both a EUNIS habitat...

SmartBuoy Marine Observational Network - Phytoplankton Data 2001-2017

Alex Milligan
This dataset consists of analysed phytoplankton data from the years 2001-2017 inclusive collected from the SmartBuoy moorings at Celtic Deep, Dowsing, Gabbard/West Gabbard/WestGabbard2, Warp and Liverpool Bay using WMS and EDU automated water samplers. SmartBuoys consist of a 4 meter tall stainless steel frame with a fibreglass toroid for buoyancy. Instruments are attached at a nominal 1 meter depth to the frame. The water samplers collect into pre-spiked bags containing acidified Lugols Iodine on a...

Ichthyoplankton Analysis Data from the Western Coastal Shelf 2016

Hayden Close
Ichthyoplankton abundance data (fish eggs and larvae) to study the Spatial abundance of the species in 2016 from the western approaches of the Celtic sea in the region between 48⁰N and 54.5⁰N between March and August along the western continental shelf from France to the waters around the middle of Ireland. These samples were loaned to Cefas by ICES WGMEGS participating nations that collected the samples. The dataset consists of 551 samples split across 6...

CLiP Vanuatu Microplastics in sediment 2018

This dataset contains 2 csv files. One file reports data on microplastic abundance in sediment expressed in number of particles for 5g sediment. Sediment was collected from 20 grabs deployed in Port Vila Bay and Mele Bay in Efate Island (Vanuatu) in 2018. The file also reports information on blank used, grab GPS coordinates and deployment time and the particulate size analysis (PSA) of the sediment. The other file contains the profile of a ATR-FT-IR...

CLiP Vanuatu Microplastics in biota 2018

This dataset contains 2 csv files. One file contains data on microplastic abundance expressed in number of particles from biota samples (tuna stomachs, land crabs and reef fish) collected around Efate Island (Vanuatu) in 2018 with indication of sample wet weight, species and other characteristics. The file also contains information on blank used. The other file contains the profile of a ATR-FT-IR spectrum analysis of a plastic piece found in a tuna stomach . A...

Horizontal and vertical movement data derived from a data storage tag deployed on a single Atlantic cod in the English Channel from 2005 to 2006

These data are derived from the deployment of a single data storage tag on an Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) in the English Channel. The cod was tagged in the Southern North Sea on 25/03/2005 and was recaptured in the Eastern English Channel on the 09/01/2006. The cod migrates down through the English Channel, resides in the Celtic Sea and then returns. The dataset contains 291 days of information. Each day consists of 144 vertical movement...

UK ICES fish stock and shellfish stock assessment data 2017

This dataset summarises stock assessment advice for quota fish stocks and national shellfish stocks. These files contain data quantifying annual recruitment, biomass, stock size, landings, catches, discards, industrial bycatch, fishing pressure (fishing pressure mean, ranges, and estimated pressure accountable to landings, discards and bycatch) and stock indicators (Flim fisheries mortality that if exceeded would result in the stock falling below Blim, Blim spawning stock Biomass at the limit reference point, Fpa level of catches that...

Plankton Imager zooplankton data, acoustic fish biomass estimates, chlorophyll measurements and CTD data from the Celtic Sea and Western English Channel in October 2018

Zooplankton species and size data from the Plankton Imager taken from the Celtic Sea and Western English Channel onboard the RV “Cefas Endeavour” in October 2018, also included are pelagic fish biomass estimates from acoustics, chlorophyll measurements and temperature and salinity data from CTDs. All data were recorded as part of the annual PELTIC survey (Pelagic ecosystem in the western English Channel and eastern Celtic Sea). During the day, multifrequency acoustic data are acquired along...

Fish observation and length data derived from stereo-baited remote underwater videos collected around Saint Lucia in 2019

Analysed stereo-Baited Remote Underwater Videos (BRUVs) from the 2019 survey in the north west of St. Lucia. In total 87 1-hour BRUV stations were successfully deployed to a maximum depth of 100m. Video classification assessed fish MaxN (number of visible individuals in a single frame) by species and measured all fish lengths at MaxN. This data holding contains: The exported files from Eventmeasure for all 87 stations (3DPoints, ImagePtPair, Info, Lengths, MovieSeq, Period, Points and...

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