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Effects of climate change on the Atlantic Heat Conveyor relevant to the UK

G.D. McCarthy, L.C. Jackson, S.A. Cunningham, N.P. Holliday, D.A. Smeed & D.P. Stevens

Impacts of climate change on fish, relevant to the coastal and marine environment around the UK

P.J. Wright, J.K. Pinnegar & C. Fox

Phytoplankton abundance data from the Gibraltar coastline 2009-2019

Full community phytoplankton analysis results, expressed as cells per litre, from samples collected from the Gibraltar coastline between 2009 to 2019. The data were derived from water samples collected at a 2m depth using a Niskin sampler on an quarterly basis at four sites by HM Government of Gibraltar. Site positions are included in the dataset, and are accurate to +/- 30m. Samples were preserved with acidified Lugol's Iodine and sent immediately after collection. Once...

Kiribati Water Quality Monitoring Data - March 2019

Full water quality monitoring data set from the Commonwealth Marine Economies Programme survey around Tarawa, Kiribati in March 2019. This work was hosted and supported by the Kiribati Ministry of Lands, Environment and Development Environment and Conservation Division (MELAD-ECD), a list of collaborators is given in the attached readme file. The key parameters measured were: nutrients, chlorophyll, total suspended solids, E coli., intestinal Enterococci, vibrio and ESBL-producing bacteria (as a measure of antimicrobial resistance). In...

Potentially toxic phytoplankton counts from water samples collected from shellfish growing areas in Jersey from 2004 to 2019

Counts (in cells per litre) of potentially toxic algal cells for The States of Jersey analysed using the Utermohl method with light microscopy. These data are from water samples collected from designated shellfish growing areas around the coast of Jersey for the period 01/4/2004 - 31/3/2019. Samples are collected by Jersey governmental officers using sampling protocols provided by Cefas. Enumeration is by the Utermohl method using high-power, inverted microscopes and well-trained personnel. Potentially toxic phytoplankton...

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