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SmartBuoy Marine Observational Network - UK Waters Phytoplankton Data 2018-2019

This dataset consists of analysed phytoplankton data from the years 2018-2019 inclusive collected in UK waters from the SmartBuoy moorings at Dowsing, WestGabbard2, Warp and Liverpool Bay using WMS and EDU automated water samplers. SmartBuoys consist of a 4 meter tall stainless steel frame with a fibreglass toroid for buoyancy. Instruments are attached at a nominal 1 meter depth to the frame. The water samplers collect into pre-spiked bags containing acidified Lugols Iodine on a...

West Gabbard zooplankton abundance time series monitoring using ZooScan from 2016 to 2020

Estimates of zooplankton taxa abundances identified and analysed using semi-automated methods with the ZooScan instrument and EcoTaxa web application. Data are obtained from opportunistic ringnet sampling at the West Gabbard sampling location as part of a time series. The dataset currently contains the results from zooplankton samples obtained from 30/06/2016 - 17/12/2020, although the time series is ongoing. After subsequent image analysis, the sampling information and results are analysed to provide abundance estimates for zooplankton...

Database of critical oxygen level (Pcrit) in freshwater and marine fishes 1974 - 2015

This is a comprehensive database of critical oxygen (Pcrit) values from freshwater, marine and euryhaline teleost fish compiled from published literature. The database incorporates 331 measurements of Pcrit from a total of 96 published studies and covers 151 fish species from 58 families. It provided the opportunity to critically examine methodologies for determining Pcrit as well as its usefulness as an indicator of hypoxia tolerance in fish. Additional data are included (when available) on various...

Ten key biological traits of marine benthic invertebrates surveyed in Northwest Europe

This dataset contains information on ten key biological traits (behavioural, morphological, and reproductive characteristics) for over a thousand marine benthic invertebrate taxa surveyed in Northwest Europe (mainly the UK shelf). Scores of 0 to 3 are provided to indicate the level of confidence that taxa exhibit each possible mode of trait expression (0 = no evidence, 3 = strong evidence). Trait information was acquired over a decade through an extensive appraisal of relevant sources, including...

International (ICES) and national (UK) fish stock and shellfish stock data from 2020 assessment year

The dataset collected includes assessment output relating to the years from 1905 to 2020 inclusive for the following variables for each stock: the annual recruitment estimate, the stock size (spawning stock biomass), landings (tonnes of fish brought to shore), catches (tonnes of fish caught at sea), fishing pressure (a fishing mortality rate), Fmsy (the target fishing mortality that will achieve maximum sustainable yield in the long term), Upper and lower range estimates for Fmsy consistent...

Angler behaviour survey response data December 2013 to March 2014

This dataset is a standard SurveyMonkey csv export of results from an online survey to determine the behaviour and attitudes of recreational anglers towards biosecurity and fishery management. The survey consisted of 22 closed-format questions, and was made available between November 2013 and March 2014, receiving a total of 1380 responses. The survey was targeted towards anglers in England and Wales, but it is possible that some responses could have been from further afield. Online...

Key climate change effects on the coastal and marine environment around the Mediterranean UK Overseas Territories

A. Dissanayake, K.E. Nichols, P. Kleitou, G. Johnstone, D. Kletou, S. Warr, C. Crisp, A. Berry & D.A. Fa
MCCIP Science Review 2021, 20pp

Key climate change effects on the coastal and marine environment around the Carribean and Mid-Atlantic UK Overseas Territories

P. Murray, K.E. Nichols, A. Thomas, K. Lockhart, M. O'Garro, C. McKoy & T. Austin
MCCIP Science Review 2021, 27pp

Key climate change effects on the coastal and marine environment around the UK Overseas Territories

M. Frost, K. Bamford, C. Clarke, J. Dark, T. Dorrington, E. Hardman, J. Hall, C. Herbon, S. Lincoln, L. Petit, P. Whomersley, K. Worboys, , E.L. Howes & P.J. Buckley

Key climate change effects on the coastal and marine environment around the Indian Ocean UK Overseas Territories

H. Koldeway, N. Atchison-Balmond, N Graham, C. Perry, C. Sheppard, M. Spalding & J. Turner
MCCIP Science Review 2021, 31pp

Key climate change effects on the coastal and marine environment around the Polar UK Overseas Territories

O.T. Hogg, R. Cavanagh, S. Grant, M. Belchier, S. Gregory & M. Collins
MCCIP Science Review 2021, 27pp

Key climate change effects on the coastal and marine environment around the Pacific UK Overseas Territories

J.E. Johnson, L. Dutra, G. Starling, P. Lehodey, D. Loubster & S. Nicol
MCCIP Science Review 2021, 22pp

Key climate change effects on the coastal and marine environment around the South Atlantic UK Overseas Territories

R. Hobbs, L. Henry, S. Martin, T. Glass, T. Pelembe & D. Baum
MCCIP Science Review 2021, 22pp

Release and recapture data from cod tagged in the North Sea from 1961 to 2015

Release and recapture data relating to cod tagged and released in the North Sea (ICES Subarea 4). Between 1961 and 2015, a total of 22,573 cod were tagged and released using either conventional marker-ID tags and in the more recent years of the dataset, electronic data storage tags (DSTs), of which 6,703 tags were subsequently returned. For tagged fish that were recaptured as much information as possible was recorded, namely the recapture date and location,...

Structure and function assessment of macrobenthic communities

Four infaunal replicate samples were collected at each site using 0.1 m2 Nioz corers (diameter of approximately 30 cm) were sieved on a 1mm mesh sieve, the sieve remains were then sorted and preserved following the methodology described by Boyd (2002). On return, to the laboratory all the infaunal samples were identified to the lowest taxonomic level as possible, counted and weighted. Five epifaunal replicate samples were collected at each site using 2 m beam...

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