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Salinity and Temperature data from the Angmagssalik Array in the Denmark Strait Overflow - 1998 to 2015

Salinity and temperature data recorded near bottom (20m height from seabed) between 1998 and 2015 by Seabird-Electronics-37 SM MicroCAT instruments. The data were calibrated and aggregated from those published with the following publications: Opher (2021) and Opher et al (accepted). This is a subset of data collected the Angmagssalik Denmark Strait Overflow Array that was in place between 1986 and 2015. These data were collected at across 5 mooring sites along a section (from approximately...

International (ICES) and national (UK) fish stock and shellfish stock data from 2021 assessment year

The dataset collected includes assessment output relating to the years from 1905 to 2021 inclusive for annual estimates of the following variables for each stock: the annual recruitment estimate; the stock size (spawning stock biomass); landings (tonnes of fish brought to shore); catches (tonnes of fish caught at sea); fishing pressure (a fishing mortality rate); the target fishing mortality that will achieve maximum sustainable yield in the long term (Fmsy); upper and lower range estimates...

Microplastics in sediment cores data from the UK continental shelf and slope 2017

This dataset contains two CSV files. One CSV file reports locations and technical details for the cores, along with their slices, subsamples and the number of microplastic particles and fibres recorded in each 5g sample processed. Details of how the cores were sampled and processed can be found in the publication and its supporting information. The second CSV file contains x-y data for the micro-ATR-IR analysis of representative particles picked from some of the filters,...

Occurrences of sensitive fish species in scientific trawl surveys of the Northeast Atlantic 1983-2020

The OSPAR (https://www.ospar.org/convention) fish biodiversity assessment concerns sensitive and often rare species in the northeast Atlantic Ocean and marginal seas. All fish species captured during fishing on scientific groundfish (otter and beam trawl) surveys are recorded but not necessarily weighed and measured for length. The biodiversity assessment for sensitive and often rare species thus makes use of the occurrences (presence and absences) of a species only. A list of sensitive fish species was developed to...

Volumes, dredged area measurements and estimated contaminants of material disposed at licensed offshore sites around the UK coast from 2000 to 2020

The dataset contains data related to registered offshore sediment disposal sites around the UK coast and includes volumes of disposed material, dredged areas, calculated levels of contaminants in the disposal material and licence details. Data were collated for the years 2000 to 2020. The Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (Cefas) on behalf of Department for environment, food and rural affairs (Defra), report these data for the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland),...

Biotope (macrofaunal assemblage) map and associated confidence layer based on grab and core data from 1976 to 2020

Two vector (.shp) files are provided. The first, (macro_assemblages.shp) shows the modelled (random forest) macrofaunal assemblage type based on a clustering of abundance data from the OneBenthic database (see https://sway.office.com/HM5VkWvBoZ86atYP?ref=Link). The second file, (macro_assemblages_confidence.shp) shows associated confidence in the modelled output, with darker shades (high values) indicating higher confidence and lighter shades (lower values) indicating lower confidence. Both layers can be viewed in the OneBenthic Layers tool (https://rconnect.cefas.co.uk/onebenthic_layers/), together with further details of the methodology...

A data product derived from Northeast Atlantic groundfish data from scientific trawl surveys 1983-2020

This is a data product to support state indicators that are based from groundfish biological data, derived using primary data from surveys undertaken in the Northeast Atlantic between 1983 and 2020. Catch records by taxonomic group and by length category in terms of biomass and numbers of fish standardised to duration (per hour) or to the area swept by the haul. Data are available from multiple surveys using data downloaded from the ICES database of...

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