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Benthic Genera Presence and Absence in the North Sea from 1990 to 2011

Distribution data for benthic genera in the North Sea, covering a 22-year timespan from 1990 to 2011. This data accompanies the manuscript “Capturing threshold responses of marine benthos along gradients of natural and anthropogenic change”, by E. Couce, G.H. Engelhard and M. Schratzberger, Journal of Applied Ecology, in press. It was obtained from re-analysis of OBIS benthic data supplemented with benthic survey data collected by Cefas in the same period, with the study region partitioned...

CLiP Belize Marine Litter Abundance and Composition 2019

This dataset contains 2 csv files. The file Belize_Marine_Litter_Data.csv contains data on litter found on marine beaches, river banks and along city canals in Belize between May and June 2019. The number of items and the weight in kg is reported for each litter category. The list of litter categories was obtain merging OSPAR and Tangaroa Blue protocols with the addition of region-specific items. Item categories marked with '*' were added during the operations in...

Seabed mapping data from remote sensing and groundtruth samples taken at East of Haig Fras Marine Conservation Zone from 2012 to 2015

As described in the manuscript entitled "Limitations of predicting substrate classes on a sedimentary complex but morphologically simple seabed" remotely sensed variables and ground truth samples were distributed as part of a seabed mapping exercise. This holding contains the four raster layers provided to all participants for the East of Haig Fras MCZ and the groundtruth samples. These four rasters are: Multibeam echosounder bathymetry, multibeam echosounder backscatter, modelled maximum current velocity at the seabed and...

Seafloor Marine Litter from UK EEZ zones between 2012 and 2017

This data set was used to assess the density of litter in the seafloor for the MSFD indicator assessment that was completed in 2018 and published in 2019 at https://moat.cefas.co.uk/pressures-from-human-activities/marine-litter/seafloor-litter. The data contained counts of each type of litter category. The data is contained in the file, litter 2017 new.csv. Details on what the data columns mean are shown in the readme file. Data is only from the UK EEZ zone. This is made up...

CLiP Belize Land Waste Audits and Interviews 2019

This dataset contains 4 csv files. HouseholdsolidwasteauditBelizedata.csv reports solid waste abundance and composition data from households expressed in number of items, weight or volume; and CommercialsolidwasteauditBelizedata.csv reports solid waste abundance and composition data from commercial activities. HouseholdsolidwasteauditBelizemetadata.csv reports the results of interviews done when solid waste samples were collected to gather information about household occupants social status and behaviour, including the fate of solid waste not collected through the official waste management service. CommercialsolidwasteauditBelizemetadata.csv reports...

CLiP South Africa Marine Litter Accumulation Study (Cefas-UKZN) 2019

This dataset contains 2 csv files. The file South_Africa_Marine_Litter_Data.csv contains data on marine litter found during beach surveys in Umhlanga (north of Durban) and Amanzimtoti (south of Durban) in South Africa in September 2019. The number of items and the weight in kg is reported for each litter category. Each survey is named with the name of the location plus a capital letter between A and L for Amanzimtoti; and between A and K for...

Plankton Imager zooplankton data, acoustic fish biomass estimates, chlorophyll measurements and CTD data from the Celtic Sea and Western English Channel in October 2018

Zooplankton species and size data from the Plankton Imager taken from the Celtic Sea and Western English Channel onboard the RV “Cefas Endeavour” in October 2018, also included are pelagic fish biomass estimates from acoustics, chlorophyll measurements and temperature and salinity data from CTDs. All data were recorded as part of the annual PELTIC survey (Pelagic ecosystem in the western English Channel and eastern Celtic Sea). During the day, multifrequency acoustic data are acquired along...

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