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50 Salads

Stephen McKenna & Sebastian Stein
50 Salads Activity recognition research has shifted focus from distinguishing full-body motion patterns to recognizing complex interactions of multiple entities. Manipulative gestures - characterized by interactions between hands, tools, and manipulable objects - frequently occur in food preparation, manufacturing, and assembly tasks, and have a variety of applications including situational support, automated supervision, and skill assessment. With the aim to stimulate research on recognizing manipulative gestures we introduce the 50 Salads dataset. It captures 25...

Multimodal Focused Interaction Dataset

Bano & McKenna
Recording of daily life experiences from a first-person perspective has become more prevalent with the increasing availability of wearable cameras and sensors. This dataset was captured during development of a system for automatic detection of social interactions in such data streams, and in particular focused interactions in which co-present individuals, having mutual focus of attention, interact by establishing face-to-face engagement and direct conversation. Existing public datasets for social interaction captured from first person perspective tend...

Positron annihilation studies of Zn-doped CdTe (Applied Physics Letters L16-01848R)

David Keeble, Gurmeet Kanda & Mohamed Rabeh Mohamed Abdellatif
Positron annihilation lifetime spectra, density functional theory input and output files, and trapping model data fitting.

Accelerometer localization

Stephen McKenna & Sebastian Stein
Accelerometer localization With accelerometers becoming increasingly ubiquitous (through, e.g., smartphones and tablets) there is a growing interest in fusing accelerometer data with visual data. Combining these sensor types has strong potential as they provide complementary information. While accelerometers capture subtleties in the movement of the device, computer vision may, for example, put this information into spatial context and into relation with other entities. This dataset captures the problem of localizing an accelerometer in the visual...

Reconstruction of distinct vertebrate gastrulation modes via modulation of key cell behaviors in the chick embryo

Manli Chuai, Guillermo Serrano Nájera, Mattia Serra, Lakshminarayanan Mahadevan & Cornelis Weijer
Movie S1. Development of control embryo from stage HH1 to HH3+. The movie shows the development of a control embryo (left panel) and a zoom-in of the formation of the primitive streak (right panel). Inset side 650 µm. The time interval is 3 minutes., Movie S2. Strain rates and deformation grid of control embryo from stage HH1 to HH3+. The movie shows a bright field image (top panel) and strain rate tensor of the same...

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