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Myosin II-mediated cell shape changes and cell intercalation contribute to primitive streak formation

Emil Rozbicki, , Antti I. Karjalainen, , Helen M. Sang, René Martin, , Michael P. MacDonald & Cornelis J. Weijer
The dataset shown represents a timelapse sequence showing cell and tissue dynamics during primitive streak formation in chick embryo. The data were acquired using Myr-GFP embryos and a custom built light-sheet microscope. The sequence shows the developmental period covering the time interval from the freshly laid egg (stage EGXIII), prior to the onset of tissue movement until the end of the formation of the primitive streak (Stage HH4). Shown here is only one of the...

Whole Genome Sequencing Variant Call Files for Trypanosoma brucei clones resistant to nifurtimox or fexinidazole

Alan Fairlamb, & Matthew Berriman
Genomic DNA prepared from parental and drug resistant clones from T.brucei was sequenced on an Illumina HiSeq 2000 sequencer. The Illumina data were aligned against the T.brucei TREU927 reference genome and variants were called using SAMtools v0.1.19 and BCF tools. The files are in variant call format listing all 190064 genomic positions at which any one of the six drug-resistant and the parental parasite lines had a variant call.

Structural Characterisation of Printable Noble Metal/Poly(Vinyl-­‐ Alcohol) Nanocomposites for Optical Applications

Andrew Hourd, Richard Baker & Amin Abdolvand
In order to enable exploitation of noble metal/poly(vinyl-­‐alcohol) nanocomposites for device fabrication, solutions of poly(vinyl-­‐alcohol) suitable for piezo-­‐driven inkjet printing techniques are identified and discussed in terms of their material properties. The printable poly(vinyl-­‐alcohol) medium is then exploited as a host material through the formation of silver or gold nanoparticles in order to create nanocomposites that exhibit a surface plasmon resonance behaviour associated with the small metallic inclusions. To mitigate some of the material redistribution...

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