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Supporting data for “A Systematic Study of the In Vitro Pharmacokinetics and Estimated Human In Vivo Clearance of Indole and Indazole-3-Carboxamide Synthetic Cannabinoid Receptor Agonists Detected on the Illicit Drug Market”

Andrew Brandon, Craig McKenzie, Lysbeth Antonides & Kevin Read
This dataset comprises supporting information for the peer-reviewed manuscript: A Systematic Study of the In Vitro Pharmacokinetics and Estimated Human In Vivo Clearance of Indole and Indazole-3-Carboxamide Synthetic Cannabinoid Receptor Agonists Detected on the Illicit Drug Market published in the journal ‘Molecules’.

Adverse positioning in mammography - observations of imaging features

Patsy Whelehan
This dataset consists of observations of mammographic images, plus three relevant variables used in the validation process for the measure of adverse positioning we developed based on the dataset. An expert observer generated the primary data by reviewing mammographic images to judge the presence or absence of a set of features developed through theory and consultation with other experts. The data can be reused by anyone wishing to learn and practice psychometric validation techniques, for...

High performance SERS platforms via parametric optimization of laser-assisted photodeposition of silver and gold nanoparticles

Manuel Hoffmann, Stefan Wackerow, Amin Abdolvand & Svetlana Zolotovskaya
Parametric optimization of laser-assisted photocatalytic growth of Ag and Au nanoparticles for high SERS enhancement factor performance informed by design of experiment is demonstrated. The photodeposition process was divided into two phases – seeding and growth – in order to achieve the highest possible nanoparticle surface coverage for the size range from 10 to 100 nm. Substantial difference in the parameter effects between the Ag and Au seeding and growth was found. SERS performance of...

Centrifuge dataset for screw pile installation and uplift

Benjamin Cerfontaine
The dataset describes the installation and uplift loading of a screw piles in a sand bed prepared by dry pluviation. The full details of the procedure can be found in the related paper. The different phases of each test are described in Figure 1. The data sampling rate is equal to 10ms. 1. The centrifuge is spun up to the final g-level (50g at mid-depth of the pile). 2. A period of rest (few minutes)....

QMB Morning Dataset

Tamas Suveges
The proliferation of wearable cameras has accelerated and facilitated a surge in research on analysis of egocentric videos. This relatively new field has relatively few research datasets. A significant share of publicly available egocentric datasets is purposely acquired for activity recognition, video summarization, object detection, and behavioural understanding. Here we share our dataset that is focused on personal localization and mapping. We collected our dataset on the university campus, documenting a user’s typical morning. The...

Udgård 2021 Raw Dataset

Vincenzo Rinaldi, Niamh NicDaeid, Sean Yu, Benny Thomsen & Eva Ljungkvist
The Leverhulme Research Centre for forensic science (LRCFS) at the University of Dundee has had several ongoing projects (collectively known by the project name Bruin) in the area of digital documentation of simulated crime scenes, particularly focusing on the 'art of the possible' using Virtual Reality as technology tools for facilitating this. LRCFS and NKC always welcome collaborations and look forward to positive discussions on how we can work together in partnership in this emerging...

Root reinforcement: continuum framework for constitutive modelling – Data repository

Gerrit Meijer, David Muir Wood, Jonathan Knappett, Glyn Bengough & Teng Liang
This dataset contains all data underlying the work presented in the linked Geotechnique journal publication. It contains the result of all experimental work described, as well as all numerical code (mixture of MATLAB, Python and R code) and numerical predictions for all computational models described.

Image Data from Transfer and Persistence of UV powder trace material

Christian Cole, Melissa Lawson, Stephanie Green, Stewart Doyle, Emma Macneill & Bethany Hamilton
Dataset of 2718 raw images taken for the study of transfer and persistence of UV powder deposited on a variety of clothing material. This dataset constitutes a ground truth for use as a model for forensic trace evidence.


Charlotte Cochard & Torsten Granzow

Fertile man semen parameters 2020 – an update to the data collated for the WHO semen analysis manual 2010

Martin Campbell
This dataset contains the semen parameters of a fertile man, who have achieved a pregnancy in ≤ 12 months of trying to conceive, with an abstinence period of 2-7 days, at time of semen analysis. The parameters of a semen analysis included are; Semen Volume (ml), Sperm concentration(10x6 per ml), Total sperm number (10x6 per ejaculate), Total motility (PR + NP, %), Progressive motility (PR, %), Non-progressive motility (NP, %), Immotile spermatozoa (IM, %), Vitality...

Interviews Discussing Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Art Science Projects

Karen Westland
This dataset contains qualitative interview data which investigated interdisciplinary collaboration between sciences and the arts (with some other broad themes for comparative analysis). Participants from the discursive group interviews were staff members at the University of Dundee (UoD) involved in the doctoral research this dataset is related to. Participants from the informal interviews were not connected to the research directly or staff of the UoD, to allow comparative analysis methods to be conducted. The dataset...

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