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Seven tips for practitioners

Camila Biazus Dalcin, Andrea Rodriguez, Fernando Fernandes, Ann Swinney & Sally Haw
This information is for practitioners and healthcare professionals who work with young people leaving custody. Here are some tips for accessing different healthcare services in Scotland.

Macro Micro Studio

Neil Burford, Rod Jones, Stephen Reynolds & David Rodley
Supplementary Information

Multiple and Multi-dimensional Transitions of Healthcare Graduates due to COVID-19

Divya Jindal-Snape
Poster related to a study exploring the ongoing multiple and multi-dimensional transitions experienced by medicine, nursing and dentistry students due to graduate in summer 2020.

Consent and Inclusion of care home residents: Additional research materials, analysis and results

Marianne Dee & Vicki Hanson
This site contains information on the gathering of data (2016-17) from the residents of care homes for older people in the U.K. The study created a novel visual game activity to enhance engagement with residents, and a redesigned ethical consenting approach to be more accessible, equitable and inclusive. Described are the tools used to develop a visual method of interacting with vulnerable people to better facilitate interviews with them. This includes the research materials, the...

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