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Tweets from #leadersdebate (2015 UK General Election TV Debates)

Nick Taylor
Tweets using #leadersdebate hashtag collected during ITV Leader's Debate on 2nd April 2015 in the lead-up to the 2015 UK General Election. 100 tweets were requested from the Search API every 30 seconds, beginning at the start of the debate and continuing for approximately 90 minutes afterwards. Retweets were excluded. 772 tweets (every 20th message) were analysed and are provided here. Due to licensing restrictions, only the tweet IDs can be made available. Users of...

Charting the Digital Lifespan Work Package 1 Interview Guides: Digital Experience at Life Transitions 2

Kathryn Orzech & Wendy Moncur
This file includes the interview guides from the EPSRC-funded Charting the Digital Lifespan project [PI: Moncur. EPSRC Reference EP/L00383X/1]. This project investigated digital personhood and digital experience at the life transitions of leaving secondary school, becoming a parent, and retiring from work in the UK. This file contains three Interview guides, used to structure interviews with individuals at each life transition point. The guides set out questions and also notes (including types of internet activity...

Dundee ADHD continuing care proforma (revised)

David Coghill, Sze Chong Lim, Lilia Gomez Flores & Sarah Seth
These are two proforma (one for males the other for females) that facilitate the recording of clinical information about the ongoing clinical status of children and adolescents receiving treatment for ADHD. Whilst the Dundee ADHD care pathway has recorded similar clinical information in a standardised way for the last 10 years the previous clinical records required a new document for each clinic visit. This made it more difficult to assess the development of clinical response...

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