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Topological properties of a dense atomic lattice gas [dataset]

Robert J. Bettles, Jiri Minar, Charles S. Adams, Igor Lesanovsky & Beatriz Olmos
We investigate the existence of topological phases in a dense two-dimensional atomic lattice gas. The coupling of the atoms to the radiation field gives rise to dissipation and a nontrivial coherent long-range exchange interaction whose form goes beyond a simple power law. The far-field terms of the potential—which are particularly relevant for atomic separations comparable to the atomic transition wavelength—can give rise to energy spectra with one-sided divergences in the Brillouin zone. The long-ranged character...

Elucidation of the helical spin structure of FeAs

Tom Lancaster, R. Schoonmaker, S.H. Lee, C.-H. Du, P. Steadman, J. Strempfer, Kh. A. Ziq, S.J. Clark, P.D. Hatton & T. Frawley
We present the results of resonant x-ray scattering measurements and electronic structure calculations on the monoarsenide FeAs. We elucidate details of the magnetic structure, showing the ratio of ellipticity of the spin helix is larger than previously thought, at 2.58(3), and reveal both a right-handed chirality and an out-of-plane component of the magnetic moments in the spin helix. We find that electronic structure calculations and analysis of the spin-orbit interaction are able to qualitatively account...

Radiation trapping in a dense cold Rydberg gas: Supporting data

Daniel P. Sadler, Elizabeth M. Bridge, Danielle Boddy, Alistair D. Bounds, Niamh C. Keegan, Graham Lochead, Matthew P. A. Jones & Beatriz Olmos
Data files can be opened in Matlab. The authors used Matlab R2015a. If you do not have access to Matlab, Mathematica, Scilab (freeware) or similar applications should be able to open the files.

A high repetition rate experimental setup for quantum non-linear optics with cold Rydberg atoms: Supporting data

Hannes Busche, Simon W Ball & Paul Huillery
Supporting Data EPSJ

Supporting data: Thesis \"Creation of Ultracold Polar Ground-State RbCs Molecules\", Peter K. Molony, 2016

Peter K. Molony
This thesis reports the creation and trapping of 87RbCs molecules in the absolute ground state with a temperature of 1 uK. We build a tunable narrow-linewidth laser system at 1550 nm and 980 nm, using a single high-finesse optical cavity as a reference for both colours. We use fibre-coupled electro-optic modulators to continuously tune both lasers. These allow a novel measurement of the free spectral range of the cavity to better than 1 part in...

Difference-frequency combs in cold atom physics: Supporting data

Matthew P. A. Jones, Elizabeth M. Bridge, Alistair D. Bounds, Niamh C. Keegan, Simon L. Cornish, Charles S. Adams, Jack Leonard, Wilhelm Kaenders, Patrick Leisching, Armin Zach, Alexander Sell, Felix Rohde, Thomas Puppe, Nazanin Hoghooghi & Russell Kliese
Supports the work "Difference-frequency combs in cold atom physics". Contains data for the beat notes and spectrum (the measured ion counts at each Rydberg laser detuning) shown in Figure 7.

Free-Space Permittivity Measurement at Terahertz Frequencies with a Vector Network Analyser: Supporting Data

Jonathan Hammler
Dataset contains S-parameter measurements recorded with Vector Network Analyser Agilent N5224A. Data are presented as coma-separated values (*.csv) and Matlab v5 (*.mat) files.

Segments of straws [dataset]

Zhenning Liu
Each row of the file represents one segment. The first two columns are x-coordinates and y-coordinates of beginning points of each segment and the third, fourth columns are coordinates of endpoints. The fifth and sixth columns are m and b values of the straight line function y=mx+b of segments.

Simultaneous Two-Photon Resonant Optical Laser Locking (STROLLing) in the hyperfine Paschen--Back regime [dataset]

Renju Mathew
We demonstrate a technique to lock simultaneously two laser frequencies to each step of a two-photon transition in the presence of a magnetic field sufficiently large to gain access to the hyperfine Paschen-Back regime. A ladder configuration with the 5S1/2, 5P3/2 and 5D5/2 terms in a thermal vapour of 87Rb atoms is used. The two lasers remain locked for more than 24 hours. For the sum of the laser frequencies, which represents the stability of...

Pretrained Neural Network Models for Guo 2018 study - TensorFlow format

Tiancheng Guo
The presence of raindrop induced image distortion has a significant negative impact on the performance of a wide range of all-weather visual sensing applications including within the increasingly important contexts of visual surveillance and vehicle autonomy. A key part of this problem is robust raindrop detection such that the potential for performance degradation in effected image regions can be identified. Here we address the problem of raindrop detection in colour video imagery by considering three...

How Resistive Must Grain Boundaries in Polycrystalline Superconductors be, to Limit Jc? [dataset]

Guanmei Wang, Mark J. Raine & Damian Hampshire

Raw data for the paper: \"Compressed NMR: Combining Compressive Sampling and Pure Shift NMR Techniques\"

Juan A. Aguilar & Alan M. Kenwright
The spectra can be opened using VNMRJ, MestreNova and TopSpin.

Biaxial Strain Measurements of Jc on a (RE)BCO Coated Conductor [dataset]

Jack Richard Greenwood, Elizabeth Surrey & Damian Hampshire
The attached dataset contains all data plotted in the figures published in: Greenwood, Jack R, Surrey, Elizabeth & Hampshire, Damian (2018) Biaxial Strain Measurements of JC on a (RE)BCO Coated Conductor. IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity (Volume: 28, Issue: 4, June 2018) Please see the README.txt file inside the .zip file for a more detailed description of the contents. Jack Greenwood March 2018 email: jack.r.greenwood@durham.ac.uk

Supporting Data for Pharmaceutical Polymorph Control in a Drug-Mimetic Supramolecular Gel

Jonathan A. Foster, Krishna K. Damodaran, Antoine Maurin, Graeme M. Day, Hugh P. G. Thompson, Gary S. Cameron, Jenifer Cuestra & Jonathan W. Steed
We report the synthesis of a bis(urea) gelator designed to specifically mimic the chemical structure of the highly polymorphic drug substance ROY. Crystallization of ROY from toluene gels of this gelator results in the formation of the metastable red form instead of the thermodynamic yellow polymorph. In contrast, all other gels and solution control experimetns give the yellow form. Conformational and crystal structure prediction methods have been used to propose the structure of the gel...

Progress towards quantum-enhanced interferometry with harmonically trapped quantum matter-wave bright solitons: Supporting data V2

Bettina Gerjerenken, Timothy P. Wiles & Christoph Weiss
Data supporting the publication http://arxiv.org/abs/1508.00656 Replaces http://dx.doi.org/10.15128/44558d349

Evaluation of performance characteristics of a novel hydrogen-fuelled free-piston engine generator [dataset]

Andrew Smallbone
MATLAB software is required to open the files.

Supplementary material: A posteriori discontinuous Galerkin error estimator for linear elasticity

Stefano Giani
This paper presents for the first time the derivation of a posteriori error estimator for the symmetric interior penalty discontinuous Galerkin finite element method for linear elastic analysis. Pure Neumann/Dirichlet and mixed Neumann/Dirichlet boundary conditions and admissible in the formulation, making the error estimator applicable to variety of physical problems. The error estimator is incorporated into a hp-adaptive finite element solver and verified against smooth and non-smooth problems with closed-form analytical solutions as well as...

Baseline Evaluation of the Durham Commission on Creativity and Education Report

Helen Cramman, Victoria Menzies, Helen Gray, Dawn Mee & Paivi Eerola
Also published in Durham Research Online: http://dro.dur.ac.uk/31342/

Single-Photon Stored-Light Interferometry [dataset]

Yuechun Juao
We demonstrate a single-photon stored-light interferometer, where a photon is stored in a laser-cooled atomic ensemble in the form of a Rydberg polariton with a spatial extent of 10×1×1 μm3. The photon is subject to a Ramsey sequence, i.e. ‘split’ into a super-position of two paths. After a delay of up to 450 ns, the two paths are recombined to give an output dependent on their relative phase.The superposition time of 450 ns is equivalent...

Sleep, Baby & You (SBY) evaluation [dataset]

Helen L Ball

Magnetism and Néel skyrmion dynamics in GaV4S8-ySey [dataset]

Thomas Hicken, Tom Lancaster, Sam Holt, Kévin Franke, Zachary Hawkhead, Ales Stefancic, Murray Wilson, Matjaz Gomilsek, Ben Huddart, Stewart Clark, Martin Lees, Francis Pratt, Stephen Blundell & Geetha Balakrishnan
We present an investigation of the influence of low levels of chemical substitution on the magnetic ground state and Néel skyrmion lattice (SkL) state in GaV 4 S 8 − y Se y , where y = 0 , 0.1 , 7.9 , and 8. Muon-spin spectroscopy ( μ SR ) measurements on y = 0 and 0.1 materials reveal the magnetic ground state consists of microscopically coexisting incommensurate cycloidal and ferromagnetic environments, whereas chemical...

Pretrained Neural Network Models for Samarth 2019 study - TensorFlow format

Ganesh Samarth
In this work we explore different Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) architectures and their variants for non-temporal binary fire detection and localization in video or still imagery. We consider the performance of experimentally defined, reduced complexity deep CNN architectures for this task and evaluate the effects of different optimization and normalization techniques applied to different CNN architectures (spanning the Inception, ResNet and EfficientNet architectural concepts). Contrary to contemporary trends in the field, our work illustrates a...

On the use of domain-based material point methods for problems involving large distortion [dataset]

Lei Wang, William Coombs & Charles Augarde
Challenging solid mechanics problems exist in areas such as geotechnical and biomedical engineering which require numerical methods that can cope with very large deformations, both stretches and torsion. One candidate for these problems is the Material Point Method (MPM), and to deal with stability issues the standard form of the MPM has been developed into new "domain-based" techniques which change how information is mapped between the computational mesh and the material points. The latest of...

Late Prehistoric Stelae, Persistent Places and Connected Worlds: A Multi-Disciplinary Review of the Evidence at Almargen (Lands of Antequera, Spain) [dataset]

Marta Diaz-Guardamino
This paper examines how monuments with ‘local’ idiosyncrasies are key in processes of place-making and how, through persistence, such places can engage in supra-local and even ‘global’ dynamics. Departing from a detailed revision of its context, materiality, and iconography, we show how a remarkable Iberian ‘warrior stela’ brings together the geo-strategic potential of a unique site, located literally between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic worlds, the century-long dialogue between shared and local identities and the...

Ultracold Molecules as Qudits [dataset]

Rahul Sawant & Jacob A. Blackmore
We discuss how the internal structure of ultracold molecules, trapped in the motional ground state of optical tweezers, can be used to implement qudits. We explore the rotational, fine and hyperfine structure of $^{40}$Ca$^{19}$F and $^{87}$Rb$^{133}$Cs, which are examples of molecules with $^2\Sigma$ and $^1\Sigma$ electronic ground states, respectively. In each case we identify a subset of levels within a single rotational manifold suitable to implement a 4-level qudit. Quantum gates can be implemented using...

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