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Production and characterization of a dual species magneto-optical trap of cesium and ytterbium.

S. L. Kemp, K. L. Butler, R. Fretag, S. A. Hopkins, E. A. Hinds, M. R. Tarbutt & S. L. Cornish
Abstract from article: We describe an apparatus designed to trap and cool a Yb and Cs mixture. The apparatus consists of a dual species effusive oven source, dual species Zeeman slower, magneto-optical traps in a single ultra-high vacuum science chamber, and the associated laser systems. The dual species Zeeman slower is used to load sequentially the two species into their respective traps. Its design is flexible and may be adapted for other experiments with different...

Measuring the disorder of vortex lattices in a Bose-Einstein condensate: supporting data

A. Rakonjac, A. L. Marchant, T. P. Billam, J. L. Helm, M. M. H. Yu, S. A. Gardiner & S. L. Cornish
We report observations of the formation and subsequent decay of a vortex lattice in a Bose-Einstein condensate confined in a hybrid optical-magnetic trap. Vortices are induced by rotating the anharmonic magnetic potential that provides confinement in the horizontal plane. We present simple numerical techniques based on image analysis to detect vortices and analyse their distributions. We use these methods to quantify the amount of order present in the vortex distribution as it transitions from a...

Real-time traversable surface detection by colour space fusion and temporal analysis - Evaluation Dataset

Toby P. Breckon & Ioannis Katramados
Data set from research paper: Real-Time Traversable Surface Detection by Colour Space Fusion and Temporal Analysis (I. Katramados, S. Crumpler, T.P. Breckon), In Proc. International Conference on Computer Vision Systems, Springer, Volume 5815, pp. 265-274, 2009. Previously released (2009-2015) as zip file download from personal web page of the authors (Katramados / Breckon).

Robust NMR water signal suppression for demanding analytical applications

Juan A. Aguilar & Simon J. Kenwright
We describe the design and application of robust, general-purpose water signal suppression pulse sequences well suited to chemometric work. Such pulse sequences need to deal well with pulse mis-calibrations, radiation damping, chemical exchange, and the presence of sample inhomogeneities, as well as with significant variations in sample characteristics such as pH, ionic strength, relaxation characteristics and molecular weight. Of course, such pulse sequences should produce un- distorted lineshapes and baselines and work well both under...

Metadata for 'Long lifetime hole traps at grain boundaries in CdTe thin-film photovoltaics'

Budhika Mendis
A novel time-resolved cathodoluminescence method, where a pulsed electron beam is generated via the photoelectric effect, is used to probe individual CdTe grain boundaries. Excitons have a short lifetime (100 ps) within the grains and are rapidly quenched at the grain boundary. However, a ~47 meV shallow acceptor, believed to be due to oxygen, can act as a long lifetime hole trap, even at the grain boundaries where their concentration is higher. This provides direct...

Atomic Faraday filter with equivalent noise bandwidth less than 1 GHz: Data

M. A. Zentile, J. Keaveney, D. J. Whiting, C. S. Adams & I. G. Hughes
Filter spectra and optimisation results

Observation of interference effects via four photon excitation of highly excited Rydberg states in thermal cesium vapor (Data files)

Jorge M. Kondo, Nikola Šibalić, Alex Guttridge, Christopher G. Wade, Natalia R. De Melo, Charles S. Adams & Kevin J. Weatherill
We report on the observation of Electromagnetically Induced Transparency (EIT) and Absorption (EIA) of highly-excited Rydberg states in thermal Cs vapor using a 4-step excitation scheme. The advantage of this 4-step scheme is that the final transition to the Rydberg state has a large dipole moment and one can achieve similar Rabi frequencies to 2 or 3 step excitation schemes using two orders of magnitude less laser power. Consequently each step is driven by a...

The Impact of Diffuser Augmentation on a Tidal Stream Turbine

Nicholas Cresswell, Grant Ingram & Robert Dominy
Full data underlying the figures and referenced statistics in the paper "The Impact of Diffuser Augmentation on a Tidal Stream Turbine" published in Ocean Engineering

Data for "Enhanced optical cross section via collective coupling of atomic dipoles in a 2D array"

Robert J. Bettles
Enhancing the optical cross section is an enticing goal in light-matter interactions, due to its fundamental role in quantum and non-linear optics. Here, we show how dipolar interactions can suppress off-axis scattering in a two-dimensional atomic array, leading to a subradiant collective mode where the optical cross section is enhanced by almost an order of magnitude. As a consequence, it is possible to attain an optical depth which implies high fidelity extinction, from a monolayer....

Data from "Simulating spin dynamics in organic solids under heteronuclear decoupling"

Ilya Frantsuzov, Matthias Ernst, Steven P. Brown & Paul Hodgkinson
Abstract from article: Although considerable progress has been made in simulating the dynamics of multiple coupled nuclear spins, predicting the evolution of nuclear magnetisation in the presence of radio-frequency decoupling remains challenging. We use exact numerical simulations of the spin dynamics under simultaneous magic-angle spinning and RF decoupling to determine the extent to which numerical simulations can be used to predict the experimental performance of heteronuclear decoupling for the CW, TPPM and XiX sequences, using...

Raw data used to create the figures in the article "Ultra-high dispersion NMR reveals new levels of detail"

Juan A. Aguilar, Peter Kiraly, Ralph Adams, Mickaëlle Bonneau, Elizabeth J. Gray, Mathias Nilsson, Alan M. Kenwright & Gareth A. Morris
Raw NMR files (FID's)

Geo-healthcare access database

Adam Todd, Alison Copeland, Andy Husband, Adetayo Kasim & Clare Bambra
Data sources Pharmacy data obtained from General Pharmaceutical Council. http://www.pharmacyregulation.org/ GP practice data obtained from http://data.gov.uk/dataset/england-nhs-connecting-for-health-organisation-data-service-data-files-of-general-medical-practices IMD and Urban Rural classification from ONS Postcode data aggregated to LSOA from ONS Postcode Directory Office of National Statistics. https://geoportal.statistics.gov.uk/geoportal/catalog/main/home.page;jsessionid=DA42EA7C669D7CC91FBA9C13AD511DFB

Furosemide - isonicotinamide cocrystals: An investigation of properties and structural disorder

Hannah E. Kerr, Lorna Softley, Kuthuru Suresh, Ashwini Nangia, Paul Hodgkinson & Ivana Radosavljevic Evans
Abstract from article: Furosemide is a loop diuretic drug marketed in solid form which suffers from low solubility and low permeability. The pharmaceutically relevant properties of a recently described furosemide-isonicotinamide 2:1 cocrystal (2FS-INA) were investigated and compared with those of other known furosemide cocrystals. The intrinsic dissolution rate of 2FS-INA was found to be 1.27 times that of the commercial FS, while the equilibrium solubility of 2FS-INA is 5.6 times higher than that of pure...

Data from "EIA in a non-degenerate three-level ladder system"

D. J. Whiting, E. Bimbard, J. Keaveney, M. A. Zentile, C. S. Adams & I. G. Hughes
Abstract from article: We investigate, theoretically and experimentally, the transmission of light through a thermal vapour of three-level ladder-type atoms, in the presence of 2 counter-propagating control fields. A simple theoretical model predicts the presence of electromagnetically induced absorption (EIA) in this pure three-level system when the control field is resonant. Experimentally, we use Rb-87 in a large magnetic field of 0.62 T to reach the hyperfine Paschen-Back regime and realise a non-degenerate three-level system....

Data from "Spectroscopic detection of atom-surface interactions in an atomic vapour layer with nanoscale thickness"

K.A. Whittaker, J. Keaveney, A. Sargsyan, D. Sarkisyan, I.G. Hughes & C.S. Adams
Abstract from article: We measure the resonance line shape of atomic vapor layers with nanoscale thickness confined between two sapphire windows. The measurement is performed by scanning a probe laser through resonance and collecting the scattered light. The line shape is dominated by the effects of Dicke narrowing, self-broadening, and atom-surface interactions. By fitting the measured line shape to a simple model we discuss the possibility to extract information about the atom-surface interaction.

Data for Quantum chaos in ultracold collisions between Yb (1S0) and Yb (3P2)

Dermot G Green, Matthew D Frye, Masato Morita & Jeremy M Hutson
Source data for the paper entitled "Quantum chaos in ultracold collisions between Yb (1S0) and Yb (3P2)" (arXiv:1510.06992). Contains potential curves for Fig. 1, and results of coupled-channel calculations used to generate Figs. 2 and 3.

Intercombination Effects in Dipole-Mediated Energy Transfer (Data Files)

Christophe Vaillant, Robert Potvliege & Matt Jones
Data files to accompany the article entitled "Intercombination Effects in Dipole-Mediated Energy Transfer". Data files include all data used in the generation of the figures shown in the article. For more information, please see the article in question, or refer to the README.txt file

Data from: "From short-time diffusive to long-time ballistic dynamics: the unusual center-of-mass motion of quantum bright solitons"

Christoph Weiss, Simon A. Gardiner & Heinz-Peter Breuer
Brownian motion is ballistic on short time scales and diffusive on long time scales. Our theoretical investigations indicate that one can observe the exact opposite - an anomalous diffusion process where initially diffusive motion becomes ballistic on longer time scales - in an ultracold atom system with a size comparable to macromolecules. This system is the center-of-mass motion of a quantum matter-wave bright soliton for which the dominant source of decoherence are three-particle losses. Our...

Data Supporting "Interfacial Structure Dependent Spin Mixing Conductance in Cobalt Thin Films", Physical Review Letters 115, 056601 (2015)

Mustafa Tokac, Sergiy Bunyaev, Gleb Kakazei, David Schmool, Del Atkinson & Aidan Hindmarch
Enhancement of Gilbert damping in polycrystalline cobalt thin-film multilayers of various thicknesses, overlayered with copper or iridium, was studied in order to understand the role of local interface structure in spinpumping. X-ray diffraction indicates that cobalt films less than 6 nm thick have strong fcc(111) texture while thicker films are dominated by hcp(0001) structure. The intrinsic damping for cobalt thicknesses above 6 nm is weakly dependent on cobalt thickness for both overlayer materials, and below...

Why do Animal Eyes have Pupils of Different Shapes? (Data Files)

Gordon Love
There is a striking correlation between terrestrial species' pupil shape and ecological niche (i.e., foraging mode and time of day they are active). Species with vertically elongated pupils are very likely to be ambush predators and active day and night. Species with horizontally elongated pupils are very likely to be prey and to have laterally placed eyes. Vertically elongated pupils create astigmatic depth of field such that images of vertical contours nearer or farther than...

Brownfield land dataset

Clare Bambra, Steve Robertson, Adetayo Kasim, Joe Smith, Jo Cairns, Alison Copeland, Nina Finlay & Karen Johnson
This dataset contains the relative proportion of brownfield land (or previously developed land) at Census Statistical Ward Level in England taken from 2009 National Land Use Database, age and sex standardised morbidity (from 2001 UK Census) and age and sex standardised all-cause premature mortality (below 75 years) from the Office for National Statistics (1998-2003)

Transverse field muon-spin rotation signature of the skyrmion-lattice phase in Cu2OSeO3

Tom Lancaster
We present the results of transverse field (TF) muon-spin rotation measurements on Cu2OSeO3, which has a skyrmion lattice (SL) phase.

Measurement of sulphur diffusion for different CdTe solar cells

Budhika Mendis, A.A. Taylor, J.D. Major, G. Kartopu, D. Lamb, J. Duenow, R.G. Dhere, X. Maeder, S.J.C. Irvine & K. Durose
Measurement of sulphur diffusion for different CdTe solar cells.

Data Supporting "Interfacial contribution to thickness dependent in-plane anisotropic magnetoresistance", AIP Advances 5, 127108 (2015)

Mustafa Tokac, Mu Wang, Samridh Jaiswal, Andrew Rushforth, Bryan Gallagher, Del Atkinson & Aidan Hindmarch
(Abstract from article) We have studied in-plane anisotropic magnetoresistance(AMR) in cobaltfilms with overlayers having designed electrically interface transparency. With an electrically opaque cobalt/overlayer interface, the AMR ratio is shown to vary in inverse proportion to the cobaltfilm thickness; an indication that in-plane AMR is a consequence of anisotropic scattering with both volume and interfacial contributions. The interface scattering anisotropy opposes the volume scattering contribution, causing the AMR ratio to diminish as the cobaltfilm thickness is...

Absolute absorption on the potassium D lines: theory and experiment

Ryan K. Hanley, Philip D. Gregory, Ifan G. Hughes & Simon L. Cornish
Explanations of structure for data files ======================================== Files included in the dataset: (1) Figure2.xlsx (2) Figure3.xlsx (3) Figure4.xlsx (4) Figure5.xlsx (5) Figure6.xlsx ==================================================================================================== Figure2.xlsx ==================================================================================================== This file contains the data used to plots (i), (ii), (iii) and (iv) in Figure 2. The columns in the .xlsx file headed with 'energy XX DX' and 'Strength XX DX' refer to the plots (ii) and (iv) where the numbers 'XX' refer to the potassium isotopes and 'DX' refers...

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