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Electrical and mechanical diagnostic indicators of wind turbine induction generator rotor faults [dataset]

Donatella Zappalá
In MW-sized wind turbines, the most widely-used generator is the wound rotor induction machine, with a partially-rated voltage source converter connected to the rotor. This generator is a significant cause of wind turbine fault modes. In this paper, a harmonic time-stepped generator model is applied to derive wound rotor induction generator electrical & mechanical signals for fault measurement, and propose simple closed-form analytical expressions to describe them. Predictions are then validated with tests on a...

Fire Image Data Set for Dunnings 2018 study - PNG still image set

Andy Dunnings

Pretrained Neural Network Models for Dunnings 2018 study - TensorFlow format

Andy Dunnings

Automated translating beam profiler for in-situ laser beam spot-size and focal position measurements. [dataset]

James Keaveney
Data files supporting the paper "Automated translating beam profiler for in-situ laser beam spot-size and focal position measurements", arXiv.org/abs/1801.06508. Data used in the figures of the paper. Separate sub-folders for each figure. See the information.txt file for information specific to each figure

Two-photon photoassociation spectroscopy of CsYb: ground-state interaction potential and interspecies scattering lengths [dataset]

Alexander Guttridge
Data files used in the publication "Two-photon photoassociation spectroscopy of CsYb: ground-state interaction potential and interspecies scattering lengths"

Absolute fluorescence and absorption measurements over a dynamic range of 1E6 with cavity-enhanced laser-induced fluorescence [dataset]

Scott E. Sanders, Oliver R. Willis, N. Hendrik Nahler & Eckart Wrede
The meta data is listed in the file Metadata.pdf included in the ZIP file.

Controlling fragment competition on pathways to addressable self-assembly [dataset]

Jim Madge, Mark A. Miller & David Bourne
Addressable self-assembly is the formation of a target structure from a set of unique molecular or colloidal building-blocks, each of which occupies a defined location in the target. The requirement that each type of building-block appears exactly once in each copy of the target introduces severe restrictions on the combinations of particles and on the pathways that lead to successful self-assembly. These restrictions can limit the efficiency of self-assembly and the final yield of the...

NURBS plasticity: non-associated plastic flow [figure data]

W.M. Coombs & Y. Ghaffari Motlagh
This paper extends the non-uniform rational basis spline (NURBS) plasticity frame- work of Coombs et al. [11] and Coombs and Ghaffari Motlagh [10] to include non-associated plastic flow. The NURBS plasticity approach allows any smooth isotropic yield envelope to be represented by a NURBS surface whilst the numerical algorithm (and code) remains unchanged. This paper provides the full theoretical and algorithmic basis of the non-associated NURBS plasticity approach and demonstrates the predictive capability of the...

B-spline based boundary conditions in the material point method [figure data]

Yun Bing
The material point method is an increasingly popular method for tackling solid mechanics problems involving large deformations. However, there are issues associated with applying boundary conditions in the method and, to date, no general approach for imposing both Neumann and Dirichlet boundary conditions has been proposed. In this paper, a new B-spline based boundary method is developed as a complete methodology for boundary representation, boundary tracking and boundary condition imposition in the standard material point...

Computing small pivot-minors [software]

Konrad K. Dabrowski
A graph G contains a graph H as a pivot-minor if H can be obtained from G by applying a sequence of vertex deletions and edge pivots. Pivot-minors play an important role in the study of rank-width. However, so far, pivot-minors have only been studied from a structural perspective. In the associated paper, we initiate a systematic study into their complexity aspects. We first prove that the Pivot-Minor problem, which asks if a given graph...

Computer-aided patterning design for self-assembled microsphere lithography

Rhiannon Lees
In this paper, we use a finite difference time domain solver to simulate the near field optical properties of self-assembled microsphere arrays when exposed to an incoherent light source. Such arrays are typically used for microsphere lithography where each sphere acts as a ball lens, focusing ultraviolet light into an underlying photoresist layer. It is well known that arrays of circular features can be patterned using this technique. However, here, our simulations show that additional...

Rain Drop Image Data Set for Guo 2018 study - still image set

Tiancheng Guo
The presence of raindrop induced image distortion has a significant negative impact on the performance of a wide range of all-weather visual sensing applications including within the increasingly important contexts of visual surveillance and vehicle autonomy. A key part of this problem is robust raindrop detection such that the potential for performance degradation in effected image regions can be identified. Here we address the problem of raindrop detection in colour video imagery by considering three...

Photoassociation of ultracold CsYb molecules and determination of interspecies scattering lengths [dataset]

Alex Guttridge
This thesis reports the first measurements of the ground state binding energies of CsYb molecules and the scattering lengths of the Cs+Yb system. The knowledge gained from these measurements will be essential for devising the most efficient route for the creation of rovibrational ground state CsYb molecules. CsYb molecules in the rovibrational ground state possess both electric and magnetic dipole moments which opens up a wealth of applications in many areas of physics and chemistry....

Overcoming volumetric locking in material point methods (figure data)

William Coombs, Tim Charlton, Michael Cortis & Charles Augarde
Material point methods suffer from volumetric locking when modelling near incompressible materials due to the combination of a low-order computational mesh and large numbers of material points per element. Large numbers of material points per element are required to reduce integration errors due to non-optimum placement of integration points. This restricts the ability of current material point methods in modelling realistic material behaviour. This paper presents for the first time a method to overcome finite...

A terahertz-driven non-equilibrium phase transition in a room temperature atomic vapour [dataset]

Kevin Weatherill
There are few demonstrated examples of phase transitions that may be driven directly by terahertz-frequency electric fields, and those that are known require field strengths exceeding 1MVcm−1. Here we report a non-equilibrium phase transition driven by a weak (≪ 1Vcm−1), continuous-wave terahertz electric field. The system consists of room-temperature caesium vapour under continuous optical excitation to a high-lying Rydberg state, which is resonantly coupled to a nearby level by the terahertz electric field. We use...

Torso rotation and hand position modulation functional MRI [dataset]

Jason Connolly
The following three .zip files contain: 1. RawSaccadotopy data: Eyetracking data for an experiment in which an EyeLink 2 was used to record monocular eye position under one of three torso orientations (torso under head). The head position was always facing the screen. There were 5 runs per torso orientation (or 15 runs across the 3 experimental torso rotation conditions). R = Right; L = left and C = Center 2. HandCentredStudyRaw data: functional MRI...

Magnetic phases of skyrmion-hosting GaV4S8−ySey ( y = 0, 2, 4, 8) probed with muon spectroscopy [dataset]

Tom Lancaster, Kévin Franke, Benjamin Huddart, Thomas Hicken, Fan Xiao, Stephen Blundell, Francis Pratt, Joel Barker, Stewart Clark, Ales Stefancic, Monica Ciomaga Hatnean & Geetha Balakrishnan
We present the results of a muon-spin spectroscopy investigation of GaV4S8−ySey with y=0,2,4, and 8. Zero-field measurements suggest that GaV4Se8 and GaV4S8 have distinct magnetic ground states, with the latter material showing an anomalous temperature dependence of the local magnetic field. It is not possible to evolve the magnetic state continuously between these two systems, with the intermediate y=2 and 4 materials showing glassy magnetic behavior at low temperature. The skyrmion lattice (SkL) phase is...

Biaxial Strain Measurements of Jc on a (RE)BCO Coated Conductor [dataset]

Jack Richard Greenwood, Elizabeth Surrey & Damian Hampshire
The attached dataset contains all data plotted in the figures published in: Greenwood, Jack R, Surrey, Elizabeth & Hampshire, Damian (2018) Biaxial Strain Measurements of JC on a (RE)BCO Coated Conductor. IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity (Volume: 28, Issue: 4, June 2018) Please see the README.txt file inside the .zip file for a more detailed description of the contents. Jack Greenwood March 2018 email: jack.r.greenwood@durham.ac.uk

Durham RCUK [Green] Open Access Data Year 5 (Apr2017-Mar2018)

James Bisset & Sarah Hyland
Also includes a list of 45 outputs reported as non-complliant as at 31st May 2018.

Non-intrusive torque measurement for rotating shafts using optical sensing of zebra-tapes [dataset]

Donatella Zappalá, Matteo Bezziccheri, Christopher James Crabtree & Nicola Paone
Non-intrusive, reliable and precise torque measurement is critical to dynamic performance monitoring, control and condition monitoring of rotating mechanical systems. This paper presents a novel, contactless torque measurement system consisting of two shaft-mounted zebra tapes and two optical sensors mounted on stationary rigid supports. Unlike conventional torque measurement methods, the proposed system does not require costly embedded sensors or shaft-mounted electronics. Moreover, its non-intrusive nature, adaptable design, simple installation and low cost make it suitable...

Extending Deep Neural Network Trail Navigation for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operation within the Forest Canopy - Evaluation [dataset]

Bruna G. Maciel-Pearson & Toby P. Breckon
Autonomous flight within a forest canopy represents a key challenge for generalised scene understanding on-board a future Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) platforms. Here we present an approach for automatic trail navigation within such an unstructured environment that successfully generalises across differing image resolutions - allowing UAV with a varying sensor payload capabilities to operate equally in such challenging environmental conditions. Specifically, this work presents an optimised deep neural network architecture, capable of state-of-the-art performance across...

Efficient current-induced magnetization reversal by spin-orbit torque in Pt/Co/Pt [dataset]

A.T. Hindmarch
Current-induced magnetization reversal due to spin-orbit torque is demonstrated in an anisotropy controlled Pt/Co/Pt trilayer. The samples were designed to have weak perpendicular magnetic anisotropy, with a measured anisotropy field of (1340±20) Oe. Reversal is shown to be dominated by a damping-like torque associated with the spin-Hall effect. A small in-plane magnetic field was required to break the symmetry and enable reversal. With a 273 Oe field, magnetization reversal occurred with a current density amplitude of...

Dynamic Morphologies and Stability of Droplet Interface Bilayers [dataset and software]

Benjamin Guiselin, Jack O Law, Buddhapriya Chakrabarti & Halim Kusumaatmaja
We develop a theoretical framework for understanding dynamic morphologies and stability of droplet interface bilayers (DIBs), accounting for lipid kinetics in the monolayers and bilayer, and droplet evaporation due to imbalance between osmotic and Laplace pressures. Our theory quantitatively describes distinct pathways observed in experiments when DIBs become unstable. We find that when the timescale for lipid desorption is slow compared to droplet evaporation, the lipid bilayer will grow and the droplets approach a hemispherical...

Comparison of Jc in GdBCO tape using Dc magnetisation and harmonic Ac susceptibility measurements [dataset]

Elizabeth Surrey, Seung Hyun Moon & Damian Hampshire
We have measured the critical current density (Jc) of a sample of SuNAM HTS tape using Ac Susceptibility (ACS) and Dc Magnetisation (DCM) techniques. In DCM measurements, inhomogeneity in the applied Dc field causes a systematic underestimate of Jc. The error in DCM measurements is characterized by the penetration parameter, gamma, and grows as Jc decreases. Using a harmonic ACS analysis, we have obtained more accurate measurements of Jc as a function of applied Dc...

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