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Unique functional digit representation in human motor cortex across columns and layers

Laurentius Huber, Emily Finn, Daniel Handwerker, Marlene Bönstrup, Daniel Glen, Rick Reynolds, , Dimo Ivanov, Natalia Petrodou, Sean Marrett, Jozien Goense, Benedikt Poser & Peter Bandettini
The sensorimotor system consists of multiple brain areas, incl. M1 and S1. The neural connections between sensorimotor areas follows pathways that are uniquely distributed across cortical layers and columns. Recently, we found that the analysis of laminar resting-state fMRI fluctuations in M1 are indicative of afferent vs. efferent connectivity in M1 [Huber, Neuron(96), 2017]. In this study, we seek to characterize both the columnar and laminar topology of body-part representations across M1 and S1 using...

Togo – recent developments in agricultural research

Togo - recent developments in agricultural research

Raccoons in human-dominated landscapes of North America

Mathieu Basille, Valeria Guerrero & Caitlin Jarvis

Raccoons are one of the most adaptable and ubiquitous species. Raccoons are distributed throughout North America and thrive in both natural and heavily modified or urbanized environments. Raccoons can arguably be considered a keystone species: they play a key role in ecosystem functions, with a major predation impact on small mammal and bird populations, among others. In this context, raccoons are an ideal model species to investigate the impact of humans on wildlife populations. We...

Malodor Detection for FSM Technologies by an Integrated Gas Sensors System

, Peter Coggan, Claire Welling, Sonia Grego & Marc Deshusses
Malodors in and around toilets, and released during fecal sludge management activities remain an important risk factor for adoption of sanitation products and technologies. Many challenges and knowledge gaps exist ranging from identifying odor release points, quantifying odor emissions, adopting designs and best practices that minimize odors, to testing for compliance. One critical need is to develop an instrument that can monitor odor, even crudely, to provide feedback in the event a significant system malfunction....

Isolating compounds that inhibit EV 71 virus

, , , , &
This presentation concerns EV 71 (Enterovirus 71) which is responsible for Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease. My goal was to discover a combination of drugs that works best to inhibit the activity of ATPase in regard to the 2C protein through creating an ATPase assay. The 2C protein is responsible for viral replication and proliferation, and is a highly conserved protein among viruses. ATPase activity was measured because it is an enzyme which is essential...

Data integration and visualization at the 4D nucleome data portal

Burak Alver, Alexander Balashov, Shannon Ehmsen, Koray Kirli, , Luisa Mercado, Sarah Reiff, Andrew Schroeder, Chad Serrant, Carl Vitzthum, Nils Gehlenborg & Peter J. Park
The 4D Nucleome Consortium aims to elucidate the nature of DNA conformation in the nucleus both spatially and temporally. The 4DN Data Portal (https://data.4dnucleome.org) was created as a community resource to collect and disseminate data generated by the Consortium with complete experimental metadata following a FAIR approach. The data portal contains many innovative experiment types that probe the 3D interactions of chromatin, including Hi-C methods, DamID-seq, Repli-seq, super-resolution microscopy, and more. In addition to making...

Characterization of the Livestock Production Systems and the Potential of Feed-based Interventions for Improving Livestock Productivity in Ol'lessos Division of Nandy County (Kenya)

Sylvia Wafula, Josephine Kirui & Ben Lukuyu
Characterization of the Livestock Production Systems and the Potential of Feed-based Interventions for Improving Livestock Productivity in Ol'lessos Division of Nandy County (Kenya)

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