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Estimating population density and size of a social forest-dwelling mammal using gas movement theory and spatially explicit distribution model

Maria Luisa Jorge, Joan Coker, Daniel Gorczynski & Mauro Galetti
Accurate estimates of density and population size are fundamental for appropriate monitoring of populations. Forest dwelling large mammals that live in herds are particularly difficult for estimating population density and size because of the heterogeneity of their spatial distribution at local scales and the difficulty of counting groups. Previous work has dealt with heterogeneity of spatial-temporal distribution by the independent use of gas movement theory and spatially explicit distribution models. Here we propose to combine...

Can MRI-Biomarker prove stabilization in G-CSF-treated ALS patients?

Dobri Baldaranov, Andrei Khomenko, Ines Kobor, Hans- Peter Mueller, Siw Johannesen, Thomas Grimm, Timm Henrik Bruun, Jochen Grassinger, Wolfgang Herr, Gerhard Schuierer, Wilhelm Schulte-Mattler, Jan Kassubek & Ulrich Bogdahn

Serum degradation analysis by MALDI/ToF: a new method and tool

Paolo Romano & Aldo Profumo
Biological samples undergoing long term cryopreservation are used in retrospective studies for biomarker identification. However, the handling of samples before freezing may affect their quality and the quality of source material must therefore be assessed before any study.
The peptidomic profile of a serum sample is characterized by some fibrinopeptide related signals, mainly fibrinopeptide A (fpA) and its degradation products, generated during coagulation. The high susceptibility of fpA to degradation suggests its possible use as a...

OpenEBench. TCGA: A community-led benchmarking use case.

Javier Garrayo Ventas, Vicky Sundesha, Eduard Porta-Pardo, José María Fernández Gonzalez, Laia Codó, Alfonso Valencia, Jospe Ll Gelpi & Salvador Capella-Gutiérrez
The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) community is a joint effort to characterize cancer driver genes in 33 different cancer types from nearly 10,000 exomes [1]. In such an effort, several methods for predicting cancer genes from genomic data are constantly being developed and improved.

OpenEBench (https://openebench.bsc.es), is the ELIXIR benchmarking and technical monitoring platform for bioinformatics tools, web servers and workflows. OpenEBench is part of the ELIXIR tools platform ecosystem (https://www.elixir-europe.org/platforms/tools). Its development is led by...

Referee report. For: Dental stem cells in tooth repair: A systematic review [version 1; peer review: 1 approved with reservations]

D.D.S Sesha Hanson-Drury & Hannele Ruohola-Baker

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