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Implementing a cervical cancer screening and treatment programme; lessons learned from Zimbabwe

Anna Sellberg, Jakob Arhem, Rebecca Harrison, Musa Hamdam, Charles Ssonko & Debbie Price
The aims of this project were to approximate rates of cancerous and pre-cancerous lesions and to determine the effectiveness of the programme.It was found that there is a high prevalence of cervical cancer among HIV positive women. Also staff training had a decisive impact on capacity to identify lesions.

A practical approach for monitoring the effectiveness of seasonal malaria chemoprevention in Niger

Alena Koscalova, Etienne Gignoux, , Andrew Azman, Esther Sterk & Michel Quere
Objectives of this research project are: estimating seasonal malaria chemoprevention (SMC) effectiveness in Magaria district, Niger, globally and per each SMC round. Also we will evaluate how SMC effectiveness changes in time elapsed since the last SMC distribution.The method used proved practical to evaluate SMC. SMC is effective in Niger, but protective effects seems to wane through the distribution rounds.

Raw data for Neuron:ENC ratio (page 10)

Benjamin N. Rollo, , Johanna E. Simkin, Trevelyan R. Menheniott & Donald F. Newgreen
ENC cell:neuron ratio and aggregate size.

Data of molecular dynamics trajectories

Kevin Trujillo, Tasso Papagiannopoulos & Kenneth W. Olsen
The data are represented as trajectory files (dcd) and protein structure files (psf) for each simulation. These files can be visualized using the molecular graphics program VMD, which can be obtained from http://www.ks.uiuc.edu/Research/vmd/. The files are coded by the original PDBid. WT = 3sdh, F97L = 2av0, F97V = 2auq, M37V = 2grh, M37F = 2r4w, I114F = 1jwn, and I25W = 2r4z.

Raw intracranial data for recording day dpi0

, , , , , Anne E. Anderson, & Jesus M. Cortes
Four electrodes were implanted bilaterally in the motor cortex and hippocampus. Label electrodes were LC (left cortex), RC (right cortex), LH (left hippocampus) and RH (right hippocampus). These data corresponds to days post KA injection (dpi) equal to 0 (ie. the same day of the injection). There are a total number of 8 files (window1, window2,...,window8), each one corresponding to one independent time window (ie., a segment) of 1250 time points of interictal activity. Thus,...

Raw intracranial data for recording day dpi1

, , , , , Anne E. Anderson, & Jesus M. Cortes
As for file dpi0.xls but for dpi1.

Raw intracranial data for recording day dpi7

, , , , , Anne E. Anderson, & Jesus M. Cortes
As for file dpi0.xls but for dpi7.

Fear conditioned visual information gains preferential access to consciousness

Surya Gayet, Chris Paffen, Artem Belopolsky, Jan Theeuwes & Stefan Van Der Stigchel
The present study aimed at investigating whether fear conditioned visual information gains preferential access to consciousness. We used visual stimuli with no intrinsic relevance (colored rings) and associated one of them with aversive stimulation (electric pulses) following a fear conditioning procedure. Participants were then informed that they would not receive any more electric pulses. We subsequently measured the duration that these stimuli remained invisible under continuous flash suppression, a method derived from binocular rivalry. This...

Utilization of grinting grass (Cynodon dactylon) weeds in Indonesia as an anti-diabetic botanical medicine

, &
Grinting grass (Cynodon dactylon): traditionally used to medicate dibetes, the compounds of grinting grass are saponin, sterol, alkaloid and flavonoid, which is known to have antidiabetic activity. NPF-GG has high antidiabetic potential along with hypoglycemic effect and increasing cell quantity of Langerhans pankreatic islet.

Experimental and theoretical calculations raw data

Ignacio Boron, Juan Pablo Bustamante, Kelly S Davidge, , Lesley AH Bowman, Mariana Tinajero-Trejo, Sebastián Carballal, Rafael Radi, Robert K Poole, , Dario A Estrin, Marcelo A Marti & Leonardo Boechi
Detailed legends describing the raw data can be found in the text file provided.

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