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Dataset for mRNA splicing mutations in genetic disease

Natasha Caminsky, & Peter K. Rogan
All data from the extensive review of the literature presented in the article are reported in tables. The following data are provided: articles referring to information theory as a tool for splice site mutation analysis; complete list of reviewed variants; indels, duplications and multinucleotide variants; deletrious natural site variants; branch point variants; type 1-2-3 cryptic splice site variants; validated variants; splicing mutation calculator data.

Data used for retrospective analysis of the effects of levosimendan for cardiogenic shock

, , , & Mustapha Ferjani
Data was collected at the ICU in the Military Hospital of Tunis between Jan 2004 and Dec 2009, and between Jan 2011 and Dec 2013. PAM: Mean Arterial Pressure (mm Hg); HR: Heart Rate (beat/min); POD: Right Atrial Pressure (mm Hg); IC: Cardiac Index (L/min/m2); PAPO: Pulmonary Wedge Pressure (mm Hg); RVS: Systemic Vascular Resistance (dyne/s/cm2); SVO2: Mixed Venous Oxygen Saturation (%); PAP: Pulmonary arterial systolic pressure (mm Hg); Mean Pulmonary Arterial Pressure (mm Hg);...

Detection of B. pseudomallei in Sputum using Selective Enrichment Broth and Ashdown’s Medium Compared to Standard Culture

, Joanne Letchford, , , James C. McLaughlin, Ellen Jo Baron &
Specimens (Column A) were inoculated into selective enrichment broth before sub-culture onto Ashdown’s medium (Column B). Colonies that grew were tested using the oxidase test (Column C); oxidase-positive colonies were tested using a monoclonal antibody-based latex agglutination test for B. pseudomallei (Column D). The final results of this testing method are given in Column E. All sputum specimens were also cultured onto sheep blood, chocolate, and MacConkey agars. The results of standard culture are given...

The reproductive effects of reduced pollen deposition via exclosures and hand pollination on the cushion plant Silene acaulis

Anya Reid, Robyn Hooper, Olivia Molenda & Christopher J. Lortie
Silene acaulis is an important alpine plant species commonly demonstrated to have positive impacts on other plants and insects. In this experiment, we covered sets of plants (gynodioecious species with hermaphrodite and female flowers) with mesh with hand pollination only to examine the relative importance of pollen load as a potential stressor in alpine ecosystems.


Sean M. Courtney & Michael P. Massett

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