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Raw data files (Excel) for the audit of elective theatre operating in the Urology unit, Ipswich General Hospital, QLD, Australia.

Andrew Keller, Akbar Ashrafi & Ahmad Ali
File 1: Elective Operating Session Time Usage.xlsx, Elective operating session time usage as obtained from the ORMIS theatre managment software package. File 2. Elective Surgery Cancellation Causes.xlsx, reasons for cancellation of surgery and the ORMIS code allocated to each cancelled procedure. DOS, day of surgery.

Data of metabolite differences in psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis

April W. Armstrong, Julie Wu, Mary Ann Johnson, Dmitry Grapov, Baktazh Azizi, Jaskaran Dhillon & Oliver Fiehn
A detailed legend of the raw data for Figures 1-3 can be found in the text file provided.

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