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The wheat data interoperability guidelines: feedback, news and next steps

Esther Dzale Yeumo
The wheat data interoperability guidelines (http://ist.blogs.inra.fr/wdi/) result from a joint effort of the wheat research community and data experts, who wish to make their research data more accessible, interoperable and reusable. During more than 18 months, the Wheat Data Interoperability working group questioned the wheat research community about their usage of data standards, discussed and selected a set of recommendations based on some consensual criterias.

This presentation will give you some feedback about the work of...

Pregnant Women MAS Project

Anand Ahankari, Andrew Fogarty, Laila Tata &
The data has 287 pregnant women participants with self-explanatory variables on BPL registration, and related assets analysed in the paper.

GM604 for Parkinson's Disease treatment: pre-clinical findings and results from a pilot placebo-controlled trial

William R. Swindell, Krzysztof Bojanowski, Mark Kindy, Tony Shum, Raymond Chou & Dorothy Ko
Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a progressive motor disorder for which existing treatments primarily address symptoms without preventing underlying neurodegeneration. GM604 (GM6) is a 6 amino acid oligopeptide corresponding to the active site of an embryonic-stage protein functioning in neural development. The purpose of this study was to evaluate GM6 as a PD drug candidate. We show that GM6 rescues in vitro survival of salsolinol-treated SH-SY5Y cells and rat cortical neurons treated with post-mortem CSF from...

Machine learning model for the prediction of slow vital capacity

Samad Jahandideh, Albert A. Taylor, Amy Bian, Lisa Meng, Danielle Beaulieu, Mike Keymer, & David L. Ennist
This poster describes the development of a machine learning longitudinal predictive model that predicts forced vital capacity (FVC) and slow vital capacity (SVC) in ALS patients.

1.5T data

Hugues Gentillon, , & Maria Respondek-Liberska
10 parameters were retained out of 348. All parameters are listed in dataset 7.


Hugues Gentillon, , & Maria Respondek-Liberska
NORMAL was defined as ROIs with identical tissue - e.g. white matter in the occipital region vs white matter in the frontal region of the brain.

Raw data for 'human brain harbors single nucleotide somatic variations in functionally relevant genes possibly mediated by oxidative stress'.

, , Renu Kumari, Rajesh Pandey, , Bharati Mehani, , , , &
README.txt contains a description of the files.

Relationship between cancer incidence in provinces and their human development index

Reza Alizadeh-Navaei, Razieh Sadat Mousavi, Akbar Hedayatizadeh-Omran &

Characteristics of studies included for urine volume.

Fakhri Rahman, , & Nur Rasyid

Dataset 2

Dylan Collins, Joseph Lee, Niklas Bobrovitz, , Alison Ward & Carl Heneghan
R code for the WHO_ISH_Risk() function of the whoishRisk package

Referee report. For: Automated Wormscan [version 1; referees: 1 approved]

Elena M. Vayndorf

Current research on Acehnese Mahseer, Tor tambra (Pisces: Cyprinidae) in Aceh Province, Indonesia

Tor tambra or locally known as keureling fish is one of the commercial freshwater fish in Aceh waters, Indonesia. Most of supply was from wild population resulted in decreasing their population. This species is very potential for the fish target in aquaculture. Therefore, intensive studies are required. This slide presents some important information regarding this species which will be useful for farmers.

Current research on endemic and threatened freshwater fish (Rasbora tawarensis) in Lake Laut Tawar, Indonesia

Depik (Rasbora tawarensis) is an endemic and threatened freshwater fish in Lake Laut Tawar. Presently, the population of depik has been declined over the last two decades and therefore should be conserved immediately. Several studies have been conducted on depik to provide useful information in relation to plan a better conservation strategy. This presentation provides the compilation papers of depik.

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