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Snowball Metrics Recipe Book - Their Application in the United Kingdom

IJ McArdle, S Conway, JT Green, L Colledge, K Brownridge, A Clements, S Rutherford, G Hunt & D Langley
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Towards an index of health coverage

R Moreno-Serra & PC Smith
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Submission to the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee: Bioenergy call for evidence; May 2013

R Slade & R Gross
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Robustness of Random Graphs Based on Natural Connectivity

J Wu, M Barahona, Y Tan & H Deng
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Energy from biomass: the size of the global resource

R Slade, R Saunders, R Gross & A Bauen
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Presenting the future: An assessment of future cost estimation methodologies in the electricity sector

R Gross, P Heptonstall, P Greenacre, C Candelise, F Jones & A Castillo Castillo
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Foreign aid and HIV infections: evidence of causal effects from country-level panel data

RA Thomas
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Risk preference heterogeneity and multiple demand for insurance

RA Thomas & P Li Donni
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Hierarchical Mixture-of-Experts Model for Large-Scale Gaussian Process Regression

JW Ng & MP Deisenroth
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Imperial College London ORCID project

TF Reimer
In 2014 Imperial College London became a member of ORCID. A cross-College project was set up to issue all academic and research staff with ORCID iDs, under the framework of the College’s Open Access Project. The ORCID project identified 764 existing iDs linked to College staff and created 3,226 new ones. Within seven weeks from ORCID creation, 1,155 academics had logged into their ORCID accounts and linked them to Symplectic Elements, the College’s publication management...

Guidelines for informatics support to awareness raising and resilience enhancement activities

S Ochoa-Rodriguez, N Simões, L Wang & A Dinkneh
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Evaluating Renewable Energy Policy: A Review of Criteria and Indicators for Assessment

J Nicholls, R Mawhood, R Gross & R Castillo Castillo
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Knowledge spillovers from clean and dirty technologies

R Martin, A Dechezleprêtre & M Mohnen

Searching for carbon leaks in multinational companies

R Martin, A Dechezleprêtre, C Gennaioli & M Muûls
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New technology for the controlled synthesis of functional materials in flow

Barnaby Walker
Functional materials - materials designed to perform a specific function - have many promising, novel properties that are dependent on their structure. Traditional synthetic methods typically do not provide the control and uniformity required to produce these materials in large quantities while maintaining strict control over their structure and pu- rity. Flow chemistry has previously been used to gain improved control over the synthesis of functional materials, but has mostly been applied to single-step syntheses...

CN(+) Quintet CASSCF(8,8, Nroot=2)/Def2QZVPP alter 7 9 C=N stretch 1602, G = -91.659206 with Natural orbitals

Henry Rzepa
Gaussian Calculation

NN(2+) Quintet CASSCF(8,8, Nroot=2)/Def2QZVPP alter 5 9 N=N stretch 1616 G -107.399449 with Natural orbitals

Henry Rzepa
Gaussian Calculation

CBD 3A1g Triplet UCCSD/Def2-TZVPP Kekule B2g vibration 1392 cm-1 (two paired, two unpaired electrons)

Henry Rzepa
Gaussian Calculation

CBD 3A1g Triplet UCCSD(T)/Def2-TZVPP Kekule B2g vibration 1360 cm-1 (two paired, two unpaired electrons) Eu 1343

Henry Rzepa
Gaussian Calculation

Analytic continuation on Shimura varieties with $μ$-ordinary locus

S Bijakowski
We study the geometry of unitary Shimura varieties without assuming the existence of an ordinary locus. We prove, by a simple argument, the existence of canonical subgroups on a strict neighborhood of the $mu$-ordinary locus (with an explicit bound). We then define the overconvergent modular forms (of classical weight), as well as the relevant Hecke operators. Finally, we show how an analytic continuation argument can be adapted to this case to prove a classicality theorem,...

Chemistry Wiki

Henry Rzepa

Climate change and the human-made water cycle: Implications for the UK water sector

N Voulvoulis & C Zogheib
Climate change is already happening, and the UK’s climate will continue to change as a result of greenhouse gas emissions, with the long-term resilience of its infrastructure at risk. The water sector cannot adapt to the challenges of climate change in isolation, as policy effects in one sector will have indirect effects in others. Current demand pressures and reductions in abstraction licences – rights to draw water – are causing supply-demand deficits and this is...

Using futures analysis to develop resilient climate change mitigation strategies

A Gambhir, C Cronin, E Matsumae, J Rogelj & M Workman

Imperial College London, 2017/18 COAF open access report

This is the annual report to COAF of APC spend from the COAF fund between 01/10/2017 and 30/09/2018. It also includes details of an overspend on the 2016-17 grant carried over to this year's funds.

Imperial College London, 2015 Jisc APC data collection

This report includes data for Imperial College London APC payments made from 1 January 2015 to 30 June 2015. As a part of its work on negotiating the Total Cost of Ownership with journal publishers, Jisc Collections has been gathering and openly releasing data on article processing charge (APC) payments made by UK higher education institutions (HEIs). Making this data openly available has helped to raise awareness of the amount of money being paid for...

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