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Transient loading and dynamic response of structures due to pressure waves and deflagration

Hannes Lukas Gauch
Accidental deflagration of gas clouds poses a persisting safety risk in industries handling flammable substances. Today, the assessment of structures against accidental loads is an integral part of the design process of modules in, among others, the oil&gas industry. Simplified models to estimate structural loading and response to deflagration incidents are yet scarce, and are mostly extrapolated from models developed for military applications. In this thesis various aspects of the effects of deflagration waves on...

The mechanics of transitional soils

Barabra Shipton
Over the past two decades research in soil mechanics has shown that the behaviour of clean sands can be described within a Critical State framework similar to that for clays. More recent research has identified that there are many intermediate graded soils for which these types of Critical State framework do not work. These soils have been called ‘transitional’ in that they have a grading and a mode of behaviour between that of clean sands...

Mg2 2- wB97XD/Def2-TZVPPD guess=alter freq

Henry Rzepa
Gaussian 16 (C01) calculation


Alexandre Dumon

catena BeMe2 C2

Henry Rzepa
Gaussian 16 (C01) calculation

4ba, methyl 1-(2-chlorophenyl)aziridine-2-carboxylate

Silvia Diez-Gonzalez
NMR data for aziridine 4ba

Major faulting in London: relating tectonic-scale processes to site-scale engineering geology

Tom Morgan
Critical infrastructure projects in London increasingly encounter unexpected ground conditions caused by major faults in the near surface geology. Their presence challenges the traditional interpretation of minimal faulting, which stems from limited exposure and structural information, and historical misinterpretation. These major faults are now recognised as both a geological unknown and a geotechnical risk since their origins, extents and architectures are poorly constrained. This research investigates major faults in London to characterise them structurally and...

The instability of some time periodically forced flows

Gursharan Sagoo
In this thesis the instability of two viscous incompressible flows is discussed by using numerical and analytical methods. The first problem concerns the steady streaming flow, that is contained within a hollow stationary cylinder and induced by the transverse oscillation of a solid inner cylinder. The small gap limit is taken so that a series solution in odd powers of the angular variable is possible. From the studies by Hall & Papageorgiou [37] and Watson...

Correlating bone micromechanics to nanoscale characteristics

Nouf Aldegaither
Bone’s biomechanical properties derive from the hierarchical arrangement of its constituents with toughening mechanisms acting at every length scale. At the nanoscale, bone is a natural composite material consisting of protein (90% collagen and 10% non-collagenous proteins), mineral, and water. These components, their complex arrangement, interactions between them, and organisation of the mineralised collagen fibrils, make bone a tough and strong composite. However, almost nothing is known about how these components contribute to bone’s toughness...

Functional tumour heterogeneity in advanced ovarian cancer

Ratri Wulandari
High-grade serous ovarian cancer (HGSOC) is the most lethal gynaecological malignancy. It is characterised by high degrees of genomic instability and heterogeneity, with many patients initially responding to chemotherapy but ultimately relapsing as they develop of resistance to platinum chemotherapy. The diversity of platinum resistance mechanisms and complete lack of predictive biomarkers means that delivering the best treatment for ovarian cancer patients remains challenging. Novel therapies targeting the molecular pathways dysregulated in HGSOC are being...

Performance and transferability of land use regression models for ultrafine particles in London, UK

Zhenchun Yang
Over the past twenty years, a novel air pollutant -Ultrafine Particles (UFP), has attracted attention from scientific researches. UFP are particulate matters with a diameter of less than 100 nm. Currently, there is inadequate evidence to make a conclusion of the independent health impacts of UFP due to a lack of exposure data as UFP are not regulated or routinely monitored. Land Use Regression (LUR) models have been increasingly used to predict intra-city variations of...

Identification of pneumococcal vaccine antigens using Reverse Vaccinology 2.0

Sara Siris
The phenomenon of serotype replacement and the increase in antibiotic resistance among serotype replacement strains highlight the need for new pneumococcal vaccines with a broader coverage against Streptococcus pneumoniae strains. Because pneumococci express a large number of capsular polysaccharides, vaccine antigen discovery is now focused on the search for conserved protein antigens. To identify novel vaccine candidate antigens, this study utilized an approach that involves the expression and cloning of fully human monoclonal antibodies (hmAbs)....

Assessment of the nanomechanical properties of healthy and atherosclerotic coronary arteries by atomic force microscopy

Fotios Savvopoulos
Coronary atherosclerosis is a major cause of mortality and morbidity worldwide. Despite its systemic nature, atherosclerotic plaques form and develop at “predilection” sites often associated with disturbed biomechanical forces. Therefore, computational approaches that analyse the biomechanics (blood flow and tissue mechanics) of atherosclerotic plaques have come to the forefront over the last 20 years. Assignment of appropriate material properties is an integral part of the simulation process. Current approaches for derivation of material properties rely...

(R )-Adamantyldeuteriomethanol with 589nm conf0 b3lyp/Def2-TZVPP, G = -505.205435

Henry Rzepa
Gaussian 16 (C01) calculation

(R )-Adamantyldeuteriomethanol with 589nm conf 1, b3lyp/Def2-TZVPP G = -505.205182

Henry Rzepa
Gaussian 16 (C01) calculation

Memristor enabled reconfigurable analogue systems

Jakub Mateusz Szypicyn
The following thesis re-investigates the idea of performing analogue reconfiguration using gyrator-based blocks. By employing memristors, basic impedance synthesis is achieved, allowing to realise PCB-based tunable inductors and capacitors with values as high as 50H and 2nF respectively. Clear limitations of the proposed approach - instability, high noise and limited bandwidth are thoroughly investigated through the use of test circuits such as filters and waveform generators. Accurate mathematical models are then proposed, which describe the...

Clinical features, biomechanics and advanced biomarkers across the spectrum of traumatic brain injury.

Karl Augustinus Zimmerman
Long-term outcomes after traumatic brain injury (TBI) are frequently poor, yet hard to predict. Acute clinical symptoms and conventional diagnostics currently used do not necessarily reflect underlying structural damage relevant to outcomes such as diffuse axonal injury (DAI) nor long-term risk of neuropathology. However, advanced fluid and imaging biomarkers, along with impact biomechanics may provide quantitative metrics better able to inform outcomes after a spectrum of TBI. This thesis uses advanced neuroimaging and fluid biomarkers...

Three essays on financial intermediation

David Elliott
This thesis aims to advance our understanding on several aspects of modern credit markets. The first chapter explores the implications of separating retail and investment banking. Studying the introduction of UK ring-fencing requirements, we uncover a previously undocumented mechanism through which structural separation affects the lending behaviour of universal banks: by preventing universal banks from using retail deposits to fund capital market activities, structural separation incentivises banks to rebalance away from global corporate lending and...

Permeation of high pressure CO2 in semicrystalline polymers

Tianyi Hu
With climate change becoming a major global concern, carbon capture and storage (CCS) has been the subject of intense research activity around the world. Although the benefits of CCS have been well recognised for decades, extensive industrial applications have not been realised. Particularly, there is a gap in research on the handling of high pressure CO2, despite the abundant work dealing with lower pressure CO2. This thesis focuses on the permeation process of CO2 through...

Collisions between laser-cooled atoms and molecules

Sarunas Jurgilas
This thesis describes an experiment to produce the first laser cooled mixtures of atoms and polar molecules in magneto-optical and magnetic quadrupole traps. Inelastic collision processes between CaF molecules and Rb atoms are studied in both trapping arrangements. When molecules occupy the first rotationally excited state it is found that loss from either trap occurs at near the universal rate due to collisions with co-trapped atoms. When the molecular sample is transferred to the ground...

Multistoried climate talk: a narrative analysis of international climate policy

Geraldine Satre Buisson
How does the international diplomatic community use narrative to talk about climate change? The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) was created 25 years ago in recognition of the fact that climate change was a global issue that affected all countries in one way or another, and that no effective action could be taken without some level of international coordination. Today, the yearly international climate conferences (COPs) gather tens of thousands of participants...

Regulation of monoallelic exclusion in trypanosoma brucei

James Budzak
Nuclear bodies play a crucial role in the compartmentalisation and regulation of gene expression. However, the importance of nuclear bodies in controlling gene expression in more diverse organisms is still largely unexplored. The early branching eukaryote Trypanosoma brucei has long been known to regulate expression of its Variant Surface Glycoprotein (VSG) genes using a unique nuclear body called the Expression Site Body (ESB). The ESB has been defined as an extra-nucleolar structure enriched in RNA...

C 15 H 29 Br 1 Cl 1 O 5 1

Henry Rzepa
12...HOMe X-ray conformation methanol TS Def2-TZVPPD + MeOH solvent

Online survey insight report: Involving children, young people, and families in our research

H Johnson, M Piggin & A Cunnington
Insight report summarising the findings from an online public involvement survey to help shape child, young persons, and family research in North West London.

Insight Report: Metabolic medicine and endocrinology online public involvement session on weight and fertility

H Johnson, M Piggin, A Abbara, C Izzi-Engbeaya, S Scholtz, L Webber, C Jayasena & T Tan
Summary report on the views of members of the public on the proposed research on weight and fertility by the Metabolic Medicine and Endocrinology Theme of the Imperial Biomedical Research Centre.

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