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Tetrasilylmethane Derivatives: Syntheses, Structures and their Potential as Precursors to Silyl Cations

Karin Bätz
This thesis describes studies of the gas phase structures and dynamic behaviour of several tetrasilylmethane derivatives as well as the use of silanes bearing the trisyl ligand (Tsi), (Me3Si)3C-, or closely related ligands in attempts to prepare silyl cations R3Si+. Hydride abstraction reactions between the silanes TsiSiMe2H, TsiSi(OMe)2H, (PhMe2Si)3CSiMe2H and (Me3Si)2C(SiMe2H)2 and the trityl salt Ph3C+B(C6F5)4¯ in a chlorobenzene/toluene-d8 solvent mixture were carried out and monitored by 1H, 29Si and 13C NMR spectroscopy, which indicated...

Metadata. Why?

Henry Rzepa

Henry Rzepa's blog: Chemistry with a twist

Henry Rzepa


Henry Rzepa

ChemRxiv. Why?

Henry Rzepa

Documentation Toolkit – Project Mpublish

Henry Rzepa

Managing (open) NMR data: a working example using Mpublish.

Henry Rzepa

Improving ablation outcomes in atrial fibrillation: improving procedural efficacy, safety, and patient selection

Gareth Wynn
Atrial fibrillation (AF) is a major health problem, affecting 1-2% of the population. AF reduces quality of life (QoL) and increases morbidity and mortality. Catheter ablation (CA) is the most efficacious means of restoring sinus rhythm but is not always successful and is occasionally associated with serious complications. Several questions are currently unanswered. True procedural effectiveness, particularly long-term, remains uncertain, especially in more advanced disease. The best technique for achieving success remains an issue of...

Terahertz Pulsed Imaging of lower gastrointestinal mucosa: an in vitro study

George Edward Reese
Medical imaging using Terahertz frequency radiation is in its infancy. Optical adjuncts to enhance the diagnostic precision of white light endoscopy are not new and almost all wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum have, at some point, been investigated to this end. The ultimate aim of an endoscopic technique is to identify 100% of mucosal lesions and to classify them with 100% specificity. Methods: This thesis examined the sensitivity and specificity of current technology to accurately...

Processing and modelling of non-stoichiometric zirconium carbide for advanced nuclear fuel applications

Edoardo Giorgi
The properties of zirconium carbide are of interest for nuclear reactor core material applications, notably as the fission product barrier layer in TRi-structural ISOtropic (TRISO) coated fuel particles. It has been found to be mechanically superior to its more studied competing candidate SiC, capable of resisting higher temperature operational regimes for extended periods of time and having a higher neutron transparency. The situation regarding ZrC fission product retention capabilities has yet to be fully understood....

A linear programming approach for capacity estimation and robustness analysis of the European air traffic network

Kuang-Chang Pien
The European Air Traffic Network (ATN) consists of airports and Area Control Centres (ACCs), and is a highly complex system. Given that the Air Traffic Management (ATM) in Europe is shifting from a local level to a network-wide level through the implementation of a new trajectory-based Concept of Operations (ConOp), a network capacity estimation method is required to indicate and monitor the performance of the ATN. The current indicator of network capacity, Air Traffic Flow...

Wettability characterization using streaming potential measurements

Abdulkareem Alroudhan
The surface charge of carbonate minerals, which is also expressed in terms of the zeta potential, plays a key control on reservoir wettability, and changes in the zeta potential have been invoked to explain wettability alteration and the release of previously trapped oil during controlled salinity waterflooding (CSW). We report a method to characterize the zeta potential of carbonates, based on measurements of streaming potential, which can be used to determine the zeta potential of...

Bioactive glass nanoparticles for therapeutic applications

Sarah Louise Greasley
There is great therapeutic potential for bioactive glass nanoparticles, as they can be internalised within cells and achieve sustained intracellular delivery of active ions. Bioactive glass nanoparticles are also used in nano-composites. The Stӧber process is commonly used for synthesising spherical silica particles. This thesis reports a comprehensive study of how the process variables can be systematically altered to obtain monodispersed particles of specific sizes in the range 20 – 500 nm. Modification of the...

A multiscale modelling framework for the processes involved in consolidated bioprocessing

Kristian Mc Caul
Cellulosic biomass is one of the most abundant materials on earth, making it an attractive prospect for bioprocessing to produce fuels and chemicals as an alternative to fossil fuels. Traditional processes that convert cellulose to products do so via an inefficient multistep process, involving sequential reactors that first hydrolyse the cellulose through the addition of exogenous enzymes and then pass the hydrolysate to the next reactor for the liberated sugars to be fermented. Consolidated bioprocessing...

Symbolic execution of verification languages and floating-point code

Daniel Simon Liew
The focus of this thesis is a program analysis technique named symbolic execution. We present three main contributions to this field. First, an investigation into comparing several state-of-the-art program analysis tools at the level of an intermediate verification language over a large set of benchmarks, and improvements to the state-of-the-art of symbolic execution for this language. This is explored via a new tool, Symbooglix, that operates on the Boogie intermediate verification language. Second, an investigation...

Fabrication of novel nanostructures for plasmonic fluorescence enhancements and biosensing applications

Daniel Price
Nanotechnology has moved fabrication of devices into smaller dimensions opening interesting and novel avenues to existing materials science. Once in the nano-regime structures are not solely defined by the classic models but start to enter the quantum domain. One such phenomena that arises is the introduction of plasmon resonance of metallic nanostructures and film surfaces. The field of fluorescence imaging is rapidly expanding due to the plasmonic properties of metallic nanostructures. This is because they...

Transient optoelectronic characterisation and simulation of perovskite solar cells

Philip Calado
Lead halide perovskites are a class of solution-processable semiconductor materials showing great potential for photovoltaic applications. While perovskite solar cell (PSC) efficiencies have escalated rapidly to beyond 22% in recent years, the materials suffer from a number of chemical instabilities and the processes underlying the optoelectronic response of devices are not well understood. This thesis investigates the device physics of PSCs using novel transient optoelectronic measurements combined with device simulation. A one-dimensional numerical drift-diffusion model...

Epstein Barr Virus genome variation and functional analysis of the IR-1 internal repeat

Samantha Correia
Epstein Barr Virus (EBV), a human gammaherpesvirus, establishes lifelong infection in B lymphocytes and is associated with a variety of malignancies including; Hodgkin's lymphoma, Burkitt's lymphoma and nasopharyngeal carcinoma. Due to the differences in geographical prevalence and expression patterns of EBV associated malignancies, it has been hypothesised that variation between EBV strains contributes to these malignancies. To investigate the natural variation of EBV strains, isolates were either collected or donated by contributors from a variety...

Fracture potential of evaporite seals during CO2 injection operations a numerical modelling & field study approach

Sérgio Carreiras Esperancinha
This project, focuses on the potential for evaporite cap-rocks to undergo fluid induced failure as a result of CO2 injection in underlying carbonate reservoirs. The specific rock properties that control fracture propagation through layered evaporites and the features that might influence fluid flow in these low permeability units were studied using a multidisciplinary approach. Field work was carried out on a local scale studying a gypsum mine, drill cores and several outcrops in order to...

Construction of optimal background fields using semidefinite programming

Giovanni Fantuzzi
Quantitative analysis of systems exhibiting turbulence is challenging due to the lack of exact solutions and the cost of accurate simulations, but asymptotic or time-averaged properties can often be bounded rigorously using the background method. This rests on the construction of a background field for the system subject to a spectral constraint, which requires that a background-field-dependent linear operator has non-negative eigenvalues. This thesis develops techniques for the numerical optimisation of background fields and their...

Angiotensin II type 2 receptor signalling promotes glioblastoma growth: A novel target for therapeutic intervention

Alexander Wilhelm Jay Renziehausen
The renin-angiotensin system (RAS) is a major homeostatic regulator of salt-water equilibrium, intravascular volume and blood pressure. Aside from its importance in normal physiology, locally expressed components of this system are increasingly being implicated in numerous diverse pathologies, including cancer. However, the role of angiotensin signalling and its potential for therapeutic intervention remain largely unexplored in glioblastoma (GBM). This study set out to investigate the functions of the angiotensin II type 1 and type 2...

Bio-adhesion and cleanliness in bio-processing

Jonathan Palmer
Biofilms are a significant problem for many industries including medical devices, the oil and gas industry, consumer product manufacturers and water distribution systems. Biofilms are communities of microbes that attach and grow on almost any surface. Biofilms are able to establish quickly in a matter of hours and can be very difficult to remove. This thesis was focused on increasing the understanding of biofilm interaction with different substratum materials, for both the initial surface colonisation...

The mantle wedge: dynamic controls on geochemical and geophysical observations

Alexander Perrin
The mantle wedge is a key part of the subduction system, affecting the coupling between plates and chemical cycling, and so having implications for global-scale processes. In order to investigate this system we take three sets of data from subduction zones and ask how much the physical characteristics of subduction zones influence them. Firstly, we calculate the equilibration pressures and temperatures of intra-oceanic subduction zone lavas, and find that the these are relatively hot, shallow...

Cardiac tissue engineering: how the physical properties of the scaffold affect the phenotype of naïve cardiomyocytes

Eleanor Humphrey
Human induced pluripotent stem cell derived cardiomyocytes (iPSC-CMs) are widely suggested as a suitable in vitro model for cardiac drug toxicity screening and for in vivo cardiac repair of damaged myocardium. However, the current immature phenotype of the iPSC-CMs limits their use in both these situations. Tissue engineering can promote in vitro maturation of iPSC-CMs towards a phenotype that is more representative of the human adult myocardium by using bioengineered matrices to provide elements associated...

Liquid fuel spray atomisation, ignition and combustion dynamics

Simon Gallot Lavallee
Turbulent spray ames are increasingly found in industrial combustion devices due to greater demand for fuel exibility. However, a comprehensive model of the underlying physics involved into this is still lacking due to the great complexity of the problem. The importance of numerical studies in this context is related to the possible savings in experimental testing both in terms of time and resources. A detailed yet a ordable numerical tool is therefore required to the...

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