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Dataset for the publication Photo Privacy Conflicts in Social Media - A Large-Scale Empirical Study

Lancaster University Joel Porter, Google Sören Preibusch & University Of Bath Adam Joinson
This is the anonymised dataset for the publication: J. M. Such, J. Porter, S. Preibusch, A. Joinson. Photo Privacy Conflicts in Social Media: A Large-Scale Empirical Study. Accepted in ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems CHI, 2017. The Dataset contains over 1,000 multiparty privacy conflicts over co-owned photos in social media. For further details about the project, data, methods and procedures, please see the above paper. Please cite the paper if you use...

R code for a latent class analysis of the UK Biobank data

Emma Yapp, Katrina Davis, Jonathan Coleman & Tom Booth
(PLEASE NOTE: a newer version of this dataset (Version 2) is available. Please see the Links section for the link to access it.)R code to conduct a sex-stratified latent class analysis of trauma in the UK Biobank Mental Health Questionnaire cohort. Associations of resultant classes and recent/current mental health are explored using regressions. Associations of socio-demographic variables with class membership are additionally reported.

People of Medieval Scotland project 1093 - 1371

Dauvit Broun, Alice Taylor, Matthew Hammond, Roibeard Ó Maolalaigh, Keith J. Stringer, John Bradley, David Carpenter, Amanda Beam, John Davies, Michele Pasin, Cornell Jackson, Neil Jakeman, Joanna Tucker, Beth Hartland, andrew smith, Susan Bell, Nicholas Evans, Kathryn Dutton, Charlotte Tupman, Beatriz Caballero, Miguel Vieira & Christelle Le Riguer
People of Medieval Scotland (PoMS) project is a database of all known people of Scotland between 1093 and 1314 mentioned in over 8600 contemporary legal documents. It has also recently been extended to 1371 to include all those lands, peoples and relationships mentioned in royal charters between 1314 and 1371. The People of Medieval Scotland website is an outcome of three projects: The Paradox of Medieval Scotland (2007-2010); The Breaking of Britain (2010-2013); and The...

Learning the Right Lessons for the Next Pandemic: How to Design Public Inquiries into the UK Government’s Handling of COVID-19

Christoph Meyer, Nikki Ikani, Mauricio Avendano Pabon & Ann Kelly

Simulation data I (molecular dynamics) for 'Trans–Cis Proline Switches in a Pentameric Ligand-Gated Ion Channel - How They Are Affected by and How They Affect the Biomolecular Environment'

Carla Molteni, Alessandro Crnjar, Federico Comitani & William Hester
Pentameric ligand-gated ion channels (pLGICs) are important neuroreceptors, embedded in neuronal membranes, that mediate fast synaptic transmission. The molecular details of their working mechanisms have still to be fully unravelled due to their complexity and limited structural information available. Here we focus on a potential molecular switch in a prototypical pLGIC, the serotonin-activated 5-HT3 receptor, consisting of the trans–cis isomerization of a proline at the interface between the extracellular and transmembrane domain. We investigate this...

Structural Characterization of Arginine Fingers - Identification of an Arginine Finger for the Pyrophosphatase dUTPases

Gergely Budapest University Of Technology Nagy, Anna Hungarian Academy Of Sciences Lopata, Olivér Hungarian Academy Of Sciences Ozohanics, Károly Hungarian Academy Of Sciences Vékey, Bernard R National Institutes Of Health Brooks, Ibolya Budapest University Of Technology Leveles, Judit Hungarian Academy Of Sciences Tóth & Beata G Budapest University Of Technology Vértessy
This data contains classical MD trajectories and QM/MM reaction path geometries.

Social workers' knowledge and skills and the Care Act: Practice Advice Note

Angela Jenkinson & John Chamberlain
The need for a practice advice note on the roles of social workers in the Care Act was identified by the Chief Social Worker and was reinforced by a consultation with 140 social workers, who agreed the general content of this advice. The Advice Note identifies social workers as being fundamental to the achievability of the Care Act because they are registered as having the knowledge and skills to achieve changes to protect, safeguard, promote...

Anne Curry, Malcolm Vale, Frédéric Boutoulle, Paul Booth, Philip Morgan, Paul Spence, Francoise Lainé, Frank Byrne, Paul Caton, Nigel Coulton, Jon Denton, Nathan Dobson, Elise Dudézert, Dilys Firn, Eric Foster, John Gowling, Nicholas A. Gribit, Simon Harris, Catherine Howarth, Neil Jakeman, Adrian Jobson, Maureen Jurkowski, Faith Lawrence, Jonathan Mackman, Nelly Martin … & Chris Watson
The Gascon Rolls CKAN Dataset makes available the following resources: - The set of rolls in TEI-XML format; - An Eatsml file in XML containing the set of entity records (for persons, places, etc.) out of which the indexes and search available on the project site are generated; - The project guidelines for encoding the calendared versions of the rolls into TEI-XML.

Towards paying for health in dentistry: How can we create and implement acceptable prevention-based dental payment systems to achieve and maintain health outcomes?

Nigel Pitts, Marco Mazevet, Harriet Boulding, Catherine Mayne & Ross Pow

Data Files for Mapping the Conformational Free Energy of Aspartic Acid in the Gas Phase and in Aqueous Solution

École Polytechnique Fédérale De Lausanne Michele Ceriotti
The data are divided in sub-projects where different systems were simulated with different force fields.CHARMM_: simulations run with the CHARMM36 force fieldAMBER_: simulations run with the AMBER FF99SB-ILDN force fieldOPLS_: simulations run with theOPLS-AA force fieldConformations_: ab initio (DFT-B3LYP & MP2) calculations on selected conformers_NV.tar.gz: simulations of neutral Asp in vacuo_ZW.tar.gz: simulations of zwitterionic Asp in water_NW.tar.gz: simulations of neutral Asp in water_ZV.tar.gz: simulations of zwitterionic Asp in vacuoThe simulations using force fields were run...

Towards a Cavity Free Future: How do we accelerate a policy shift towards increased resource allocation for caries prevention and control?

Nigel Pitts, Marco Mazevet, Saba Hinrichs, Harriet Boulding, Jonathan Grant & Catherine Mayne

How polarised is the 2019 general election?

Bobby Duffy, Kirstie Hewlett & George Murkin
This analysis by the Policy Institute at King’s College London reveals the extent of divisions in Britain during the 2019 general election campaign. Using data from a survey of over 2,000 adults conducted between 27 and 29 November, the analysis finds that people’s Brexit identities have grown stronger, that opposing groups have very negative views of each other and the two main parties’ leaders, and that there are widespread misperceptions about how the “other side”...

Randomised high resolution 4D volumes synthesis

University College London Muhammad Usman & Imperial College London Christian Baumgartner
- EPSRC funded project to investigate machine learning based methods to use MR data for motion correction of PET data- Data acquired from healthy volunteer with ethics and consent- Code does not have warranty and for research purpose only- Code is written in Matlab- Associated publication:X. Chen et al., 'High-Resolution Self-Gated Dynamic Abdominal MRI Using Manifold Alignment', IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, 2017.- Approx 300 MB in total- File formats: - .m : Matlab source...

Tenancy Sustainment Team health research: morbidity and mortality amongst people with experience of rough sleeping: Findings report

Michelle Cornes, Becky Rice, Caroline Shulman & Briony Hudson
This report presents the key findings of a small-scale research project exploring the mortality and health needs of clients of Tenancy Sustainment Team (TST) services. The research was commissioned in response to concerns by the Greater London Authority (GLA) and TST service managers about premature deaths among TST clients and the need to learn more about the health needs of this group, particularly the incidence of chronic or long-term health conditions (LTCs).

Safeguarding, homelessness and rough sleeping: An analysis of Safeguarding Adults Reviews

Stephen Martineau, Michelle Cornes, Jill Manthorpe, Bruno Ornelas & James Fuller

Ab initio Molecular Dynamics Trajectories of Metallic Systems - Positions and Forces

Aldo Glielmo & Federico Bianchini
The files consist of picoseconds-long canonical (and thermalised) trajectories of 4 metallic crystalline systems. Within each file, positions and forces of all the atom are saved.The time-step was chosen to be 2 fs.The temperature was controlled by a loosely coupled Langevin thermostat.The periodic cell was taken of dimension 4x4x4.Details of each file:Ni_500K.xyz: Nickel, 500K.Ni_1700K.xyz: Nickel, 1700K.Fe_500K.xyz: Iron, 500K.Fe_500K_vac.xyz: Iron, 500K, with a single vacancy.Utility:The data can be used to reproduce the results of the associated...

Dataset used in paper ‘Evaluation of [13N]ammonia positron emission tomography as a potential method for quantifying glutamine synthetase activity in the human brain.’ (Egerton A and Dunn JT et al 2020)

Joel Dunn, Alice Egerton, Anthony Gee & Alexander Hammers
Dynamic PET & structural MRI images with accompanying blood sample data for repeatability study investigating human cerebral ammonia metabolism with 15O-H2O and 13N-NH3 PET tracers. Data from eight healthy subjects. Each subject had a 15O-H2O PET-CT brain scan followed by a 13N-NH3 scan; both scans repeated same day. Continuous and manual arterial blood sampling was acquired on all scans, with metabolite analysis on the NH3 scan blood manual samples. This data was used in the...

Human Robot Interaction for Teaching Generalisation of a Task

Aran Sena, Matthew Howard & Yuchen Zhao
This is a dataset collected from 30 participants in a study on human-robot interaction during programming by demonstration. It was conducted under KCL ethics approval LRS-16/17-3800. This data is accompanying data to a paper that was accepted to the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) 2018.

Raw data for HAWK paper

Richard Marsh, Susan Cox, Karin Pfisterer, Pauline Bennett, Liisa Hirvonen, Mathias Gautel & Gareth E. Jones
Raw image sequences for both simulated and experimental data for example shown in Nature Methods HAWK paper. Consists of multi frame image sequences of single molecule fluorescence captured on Richard Marsh's PALM/STORM system with Evolve EMCCD.

Development of Cognitive and Imaging Biomarkers Predicting Risk of Self-Blaming Bias and Recurrence in Major Depression

Roland Zahn & The University Of Manchester
This data-set consists of fully anonymised task-based fMRI using a value-related moral sentiments task which probes emotions related to self-blame such as guilt and blaming others, such as anger, structural 3 dimensional T1 weighted and resting-state fMRI data for remitted MDD and Healthy Control participants taking part in our studies. Data sharing is stipulated by our MRC-approved data management plan. Basic anonymised clinical and demographic descriptors are also available.In addition to the anonymised clinical data,...

Data files for Low-Cost Textile Myoelectric Control of KAFO paper

Samuel Pitou
The use of surface electromyography (sEMG) for the detection of heel-strike and toe-off is investigated in order to control the knee joint of passive KAFOs. This has the potential to allow for the knee joint to bend during the swing and to lock during the stance of the supported leg. sEMG and motion capture experiments are run in India on three healthy participants were they are asked to perform a normal gait in a straight...

Data files for ‘Breeding habitat selection of urban peregrine falcons (Falco peregrinus) in London’

Brandon Mak, Robert Francis, Michael Chadwick &
Understanding habitat selection by individual animals within their home range is crucial to facilitating their conservation. Peregrine falcon (Falco peregrinus) populations are increasingly urbanised, but little is known about their urban habitat use. Thus, we analysed the breeding habitat selection and nest spacing of peregrine falcons in London, United Kingdom, based on nest site locations identified through records of public sightings submitted to an online database between 2003-2018.

Swedish drumlins manually mapped from high resolution LiDAR

Thomas Dowling
This is a shapefile of 31473 streamlined glacial bedforms (drumlins) in Sweden, mapped from the Swedish National Mapping Agencies high resolution (2 m) national LiDAR DEM. Co-ordinates in EPSG:3006.
The first stage was carried out during PhD research (Dowling, TPF (2016), The drumlin problem: streamlined subglacial bedforms in southern Sweden) and is focused on southern Sweden. The second stage was carried out in support of a paper (tbc) focused on the Siljan impact dome, central Sweden.

Data files for survey into 'Attitudes towards digital culture and technology in the Modern Languages'

Paul Spence & Renata Brandao
This dataset includes the results of a survey carried out in 2018, the first in a series of landscaping exercises cataloguing interactions between digital culture and modern languages. The survey analyses the impact of ‘digital’ on modern languages across a wide range of factors, including: general digital engagement; digital methods/platforms; digital literacies/pedagogies; and experiences with digital publishing/digital research materials. It captures views from people involved in modern (foreign) languages in various ways (including roles as...

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