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Supplementary data for KCL P2x7 paper JNMMI Radiopharmacy 2017

University Of Camerino Dal Ben Diego, University Of Ferrara Falzoni Simonetta & University Of Oxford Lovestone Simon
Additional experimental data not included in the main paper.

Witness Seminar Transcript - 1998 DCMS Creative Industries Mapping Document

Jonathan Gross

Files associated with free energy calculations of 1st and 2nd step of the reaction mechanism

Autonomous University Of Barcelona Patricia Saura, Autonomous University Of Barcelona Laura Masgrau, Autonomous University Of Barcelona Àngels González-Lafont & Autonomous University Of Barcelona José M. Lluch
Raw data extracted from QM/MM-MD simulations to be used for free energy calculations. Figures of the resulting free energy profiles.Related publication: Patricia Saura, Reynier Suardiaz, Laura Masgrau, Àngels González-Lafont, Edina Rosta, and José M. Lluch (2017), Understanding the Molecular Mechanism of the Ala-Versus-Gly Concept Controlling the Product Specificity in Reactions Catalyzed by Lipoxygenases: a Combined Molecular Dynamics and QM/MM Study of Coral 8R-Lipoxygenase, ACS Catalysis. DOI: 10.1021/acscatal.7b00842

Experiences, concerns, and priorities for palliative care research during the COVID-19 pandemic: A rapid virtual stakeholder consultation with people affected by serious illness in England

Halle Johnson, Lisa Brighton, Joseph Clark, Helen Roberts, Lucy Pocock, Margaret Ogden, Rashmi Kumar, Clare Gardiner, Irene Julie Higginson & Catherine Evans

The Inquisitions Post Mortem project

Michael Hicks, Paul Spence, Matthew Holford, Matthew Tompkins, Gordon McKelvie, Miguel Vieira, Neil Jakeman, Charlotte Tupman, David Little, Faith Lawrence & Tim Watts
The Project Mapping the Medieval Countryside is a major research project dedicated to creating a digital edition of the medieval English inquisitions post mortem (IPMs) from c. 1236 to 1509. IPMs recorded the lands held at their deaths by tenants of the crown. They comprise the most extensive and important body of source material for landholding in medieval England. Describing the lands held by thousands of families, from nobles to peasants, they are a key...

Art and Exclusion: Visual and Embodied Methodologies Network Exhibition Catalogue

Cathy McIlwaine, Jelke Boesten, Negar Elodie Behzadi, Rachel Kerr, Pablo Gaston de Orellana & Redwood Henry

Activity Recognition with Wearable Sensors on Loose Clothing

Brendan Michael
This research (DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0184642) investigates if motion artefacts inherent in fabric-based sensing systems (e-textiles), can be exploited as an additional source of information in statistical classification tasks. The findings in the corresponding paper suggest that these artefacts can, in fact, be used to distinguish between similar motions, by exploiting additional information provided by the fabric motion. An experimental study is presented whereby factors of both the motion and the properties of the fabric are analysed in...

Contrast enhanced ultrasound in vitro data

Kirsten Mia Christensen-Jeffries, Jemma Brown, Paul Aljabar, Robert Eckersley, , , &
Image data acquired from clinical system of in vitro phantom

An atom-efficient, single-source precursor route to plasmonic CuS quantum dots

Iain McGregor & Nicholas Long
A collection of still images and alphanumeric lists. The data contained here was collected in support of the investigation into the synthesis of CuS nanocrystals in water. Included is the characterisation of both the starting metal complex and the resulting CuS nanocrystals, using mass spectrometry, absorption spectroscopy, transmission electron microscopy, selected area electron diffraction, X-ray diffraction, energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy and dynamic light scattering.Please cite as: Bergstrom Mann, Patrick; Fairclough, Simon; McGregor, Iain; Ma, Michelle; Hogarth,...

Simulation data for 'Extraction and high-throughput sequencing of oak heartwood DNA - assessing the feasibility of genome-wide DNA methylation profiling'

Alessandro Crnjar, Carla Molteni & Federico Comitani
Studies of the methylation state of DNA preserved in oak heartwood can help identify epigenetic tree ring features informing on past environmental conditions. Heartwood contains little DNA; large amounts of phenolic compounds are known to hinder the preparation of high-throughput sequencing libraries. To complement experiments, we simulated the interaction of double-stranded DNA (dsDNA) with a potential PCR inhibitor, the phenolic compound ellagic acid, by molecular dynamics and metadynamics techniques. Specifically, we investigated with molecular dynamics:...

The availability of section 12 doctors for Mental Health Act assessments - a scoping review of the literature

Martin Stevens, Stephen Martineau, Jill Manthorpe, Nicole Steils & Stephanie Bramley

The Creative Collaboratory Method: Report and Toolkit

Sarah Atkinson & Natalie Wreyford

Data files for Embroidered Electrodes for Control of Affordable Myoelectric Prostheses

Samuel Pitou, Fan Wu, Riaan Stopforth &
This study reports an investigation into the use of embroidered electrodes for recording surface EMG data from amputees, and the feasibility of using that data as a discrete control interface for a prosthesis through classification of muscle patterns. During data recording, participants are asked to visualise performing one of four gestures with their ghost limb (corresponding to the desired movement of a prosthetic hand) while surface EMG data is collected using the textile-based system. The...

The Standing Up in Meetings Study (SUMS)

Benjamin Gardner, Jennifer Hall, Emily Reeves & Molly Rasch
74 anonymised interview transcripts (Word format), 1 anonymised table of participant characteristics (Excel). Size of dataset: 2.4 MB. Related publication: Mansfield, L. et al. (2018) "Could you sit down please?" A qualitative analysis of employees' experiences of standing in normally-seated workplace meetings. PLoS ONE 13(6): e0198483. https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0198483 For access to this dataset, please email research.data@kcl.ac.uk.

Data for paper 'Identification of the Design Parameters for a Spacer Fabric Pressure-Mapping Sensor’

Tianchen Shen, Matthew Howard, Samuel Pitou & Ryo Eguchi
Excel data for paper 'Identification of the Design Parameters for a Spacer Fabric Pressure-Mapping Sensor’. The data are experiment 1 result and experiment 2 result.

Personalized computational finite element models for left atrial electromechanics

Thomas E Fastl, Catalina Tobon-Gomez, Andrew Crozier, John Whitaker, Ronak Rajani, Karen P McCarthy, Damian Sanchez-Quintana, Siew Y Ho, Mark D O'Neill, Gernot Plank, Martin J Bishop & Steven A Niederer
Retrospective analysis of 3 patient cases who underwent coronary computed tomography angiography at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust was performed to generate computational models suitable for electromechanical finite element simulations. Therefore, images were segmented using a statistics-based approach and the smoothed voxel representations were discretized into high-resolution tetrahedral finite element meshes. The complex atrial myofiber architectures were estimated on the endo- and epicardial surfaces according to anatomical and morphological data utilizing a Laplace-based...

Opening the New Street Almirah: The Properties of Culture in British India

Kriti Kapila

Art and Reconciliation Compendium of Exhibitions, Public and Media Engagement, and Activities

Andrew James William Gow & Milena Michalski

Diminishing biofilm resistance to antimicrobial nanomaterials through electrolyte screening of electrostatic interactions

Stuart Jones & Robert A. Harper
Raw scientific data that was collected using a Langmuir trough, a confocal microscope and a UV spectrophotometer.

Simulation data for “A Single Mutation in The Outer Lipid-Facing Helix of a Pentameric Ligand-Gated Ion Channel Affects Channel Function through a Radially-Propagating Mechanism”

Carla Molteni & Alessandro Crnjar
Pentameric ligand-gated ion channels (pLGICs) mediate fast synaptic transmission and are crucial drug targets. Their gating mechanism is triggered by ligand binding in the extracellular domain that culminates in the opening of a hydrophobic gate in the transmembrane domain. This domain is made of four α-helices (M1 to M4). Recently the outer lipid-facing helix (M4) has been shown to be key to receptor function, however its role in channel opening is still poorly understood. It...

Potential energy surfaces, absorption and emission spectra of three fluorescent molecular rotors

Bethan Cornell & Carla Molteni
Ground and excited state potential energy surfaces and absorption and emission spectra of BODIPY-C10, BODIPY-Cyclopropyl-A and BODIPY-Cyclopropyl-B, calculated using the Gaussian 09 Code.Type of data: Quantum mechanical simulation files

Social care responses to self-neglect among older people: an evidence review of what works in practice

Stephen Martineau, Jill Manthorpe, John Woolham, Nicole Steils, Martin Stevens & Jennifer Owen

Culture wars in the UK: division and connection

Bobby Duffy, Kirstie Hewlett, George Murkin, Rebecca Benson, Rachel Hesketh, Ben Page, Gideon Skinner & Glenn Gottfried

Kapiti research farm and ranch map 2

Thomas Dowling

Time-evolving Weiss fields in the stochastic approach to quantum spins

Samuel E. Begg, Andrew G. Green & Miraculous J. Bhaseen
Data for figures in paper Phys. Rev. B 104, 024408 (2021): text files and Python files

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