327 Works

Evaluation of Hampshire County Council’s Modernising Placements Programme

Mary Baginsky

Inventory of specialist primary health care services in England for people who are homeless

Maureen Crane, Gaia Cetrano, Louise Joly, Sarah Coward, Blanaid Daly, Chris Ford, Heather Gage, Jill Manthorpe & Peter Williams

AmBITION Trial: Brief Talking Therapies on Wards

Pamela Jacobsen, Paul Chadwick, Emmanuelle Peters & Emily Robinson
Anonymised dataset and codebook for 50 participants who took part in the amBITION trial (Brief Talking Therapies on Wards; ISRCTN37625394)

Simulation data for 'Investigating the quasi-liquid layer on ice surfaces: a comparison of order parameters'

Jihong Shi, Matteo Salvalaglio & Carla Molteni
Ice surfaces are characterized by pre-melted quasi-liquid layers (QLLs) which mediate both crystal growth processes and interactions with external agents. Understanding QLLs at the molecular level is necessary to unravel the mechanisms of ice crystal formation. Computational studies of the QLLs heavily rely on the accuracy of the methods employed for identifying the local molecular environment and arrangements, discriminating solid-like and liquid-like water molecules. We compared the results obtained using different order parameters to characterize...

Protecting Children at a Distance Delphi Quantitative Data 2021

Jenny Driscoll, Ann Lorek, Aisha Hutchinson & Katrina Kiss
The following dataset consists of a spreadsheet file containing survey data from the second-stage of the Protecting Children at a Distance study. The study utilised a two-stage modified Delphi methodology to elicit responses from safeguarding leaders from all professional disciplines involved in child safeguarding and protection. The first stage, which took place between June and September 2020, comprised 67 interviews with London-based safeguarding and child protection leaders within seven professional groups: Children’s Social Care, Health,...

Interlinking the human rights to water and sanitation with struggles for food and better livelihoods

Naho Mirumachi, Alison Griswold, Lyla Mehta, Shiney Varghese & Claudia Ringler

The Geography of Litter - Typology Data

Randa Lindsey Kachef
Society has a strong, complex and long-term relationship with waste materials and much can be learned about behaviour from examining it. The ability to deduct activities from litter is a testament to the significance of post-consumption analysis, facilitated by the ability for litter to maintain its identity long after it has been disposed of. This study focuses on littered items to identify which consumption activites contribute the most. Data within are an excel document which...

The Geography of Litter - GPS Data

Randa Lindsey Kachef
Litter has a high potential for transport through aquatic environment, rivers and oceans are repeatedly found to not only contain, but displace large quantities of litter. Pathways of litter from land to rivers are far more complex, and exact data on land-based transport methods and levels of contribution is often left to speculation. Facilitating factors of land-based transport are theorised to include the weight and material composition of the item, the incline of the terrain...

Unfair treatment by automated computational systems

Tom van Nuenen, Jose M. Such & Mark Cote
This dataset describes the results from a prescreened survey of 663 participants describing their experiences with unfair treatment caused by automated computational systems. After cleaning, the dataset contains a list of 620 participant quotes and their demographics in an Excel spreadsheet.
The data describes experiences by users who are faced with automated decisions, strategies for harm reduction, and perceptions of fairness and discrimination. The data also includes questions on participants' self-perceived technical literacy, and...

Research data supporting \"Modelling and mitigating flux jumps in bulk high-temperature superconductors during quasi-static, high-field magnetisation\"

Vito Cientanni & Mark Ainslie
Research data supporting "Modelling and mitigating flux jumps in bulk high-temperature superconductors during quasi-static, high-field magnetisation." The dataset related to this publication ("Modelling Mitigating Flux Jumps Dataset 27-9-22.xlsx") can be opened in Microsoft Excel.
Sheet 1: FCM 77K - Fig 3 Data from figure 3 of the manuscript, showing the trapped magnetic flux density (numerical and experimental), with radius of the bulk, measured from the top surface of the top-bulk. Numerical data generated by...

The Geography of Litter - Litter Impact Index

Randa Lindsey Kachef
Litter items are incredibly diverse and can range from inert items such as nut shells to highly toxic cigarette ends. Litter however is referred to as a common collective, with no distinction between level of impact associated with their presence. As a result, the Litter Impact Index was constructed, which collates measures of toxicity, tenacity, threat and transportability, to establish a singular value to score level of harm associated with commonly littered items. Data within...

BSSLAB Localized ECG Data

Ernest Kamavuako & Xinqi Bao
Localized ECG at PCG Auscultation Sites including Respiration Data description: All the data were saved in ‘.mat’ format, and the sampling frequency was 20kHz. There are 12 folders including 12 subjects’ data. In each folder, there are 4 .mat files, named as 2-A, 1-AM, 1-AP, and 1-AT. ‘2’ and ‘1’ means experimental stage I and stage II. ‘A’, ‘P’, ‘T’, and ‘M’ means the measured auscultation sites. ‘AM’ means both two sites PCG and ECG...

The gestational diabetes future diabetes prevention study (GODDESS)

Judith Parsons
This dataset is anonymised participant data collected at baseline and follow up for the GODDESS study. It comprises clinical and questionnaire (behavioural and psychological) data. A key to the data is provided on sheet 2.

Supporting small care home providers and their managers on their journey towards digitalisation

Caroline Emmer De Albuquerque Green

Dune Survey Data (Desert dunes transformed by end-of-century changes in wind climate)

Andreas Baas & Lucie Delobel
Supplementary Material to: Desert dunes transformed by end-of-century changes in wind climate, by Andreas C.W. Baas & Lucie A. Delobel, Department of Geography, King’s College London, London, UK. Matlab matrices storing the arid zone survey recordings for each dune type in approximated areal extent category (1=loca, 2=sparse, 3=partial, 4=full) for each HadGEM3-GC31-MM (N216) model grid cell. Each matrix is oriented in traditional map mode, with top-to-bottom rows spanning latitudes from +90° to -90° and left-to-right...

Response to Parliamentary inquiry on Governance of artificial intelligence (AI)

Justyna Lisinska

A Probabilistic Model of Activity Recognition with Loose Clothing

Tianchen Shen, Irene Di Giulio & Matthew Howard
This file contains source code and dataset of paper "A Probabilistic Model of Activity Recognition with Loose Clothing". This paper proposes a probabilistic model and verifies it in a physical realisation and a real human activity recognition task. The experiment result shows that this model can be used to predict the performance of activity reignition in different situations. This study is also the first to suggest that fabric movement can be beneficial to activity recognition...

Data from Rapid presynaptic maturation in naturally regenerating axons of the adult mouse olfactory nerve

Lorcan Browne, Andres Crespo & Matthew Grubb
All raw data and analysis from Browne et al. 'Rapid presynaptic maturation in naturally regenerating axons of the adult mouse olfactory nerve' Cell Reports 41:111750 https://doi.org/10.1016/j.celrep.2022.111750
Includes image files (Zeiss .lsm), exported text files from electrophysiological recordings (.xls/.csv), matlab analysis scripts (.m; note scripts for image analysis of glomerular coverage are in the 'Figure 1' folder, with usage instructions), and statistical analyses (Prism .pzf).
All data are summarised in the stand-alone 'Cell reports...

Figure 5: Painting Sample Cross-Sections

Jakub Nedbal
This dataset was used in the preparation of the manuscript "Visualising Varnish Removal for Conservation of Paintings by Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging (FLIM)". The dataset contains the raw measurements and processed outputs of measurements of painting sample cross-sections. These cross-sections have been mounted in resin and imaged using a 4X 0.1 NA air objective on a FLIM microscope equipped with a SPAD camera. The data set contains the raw measurement on the cross-sections The raw data...

Active/passive sentence pairs and their embeddings

Daniel Platt
This repository contains active/passive voice sentences and their sentence embeddings. The repository also contains the code used to generate these files. The file "active_passive_full_cleaned.tsv" has two columns (for active/passive voice) and 472635 rows, because it contains that many sentence pairs. The corresponding file of sentence embedding vectors is "active_passive_embedding_full.npy". It contains a numpy array of shape (472635, 2, 384). 472635 sentences, two columns for active/passive voice, and the embedding dimension of each sentence is 384....

Data supporting the report \"Screen Encounters with Britain. What do young Europeans make of Britain and its digital screen culture? Interim Report Denmark\"

Jeanette Steemers, Andrea Esser & Matthew Hilborn
The data set includes:
WP1 the catalogue & landing page research database - with 3 sheets: 1. the main catalogue database, which combines the Lumiere database with the titles added in from the JustWatch research, plus colums to indicate which titles were found during the LPR; 2. a list with titles found during the landing page research; 3. a list with findings from the JustWatch research; (See Catalogue and Landing Page Research– this is...

Transforming Out of Hospital Care for People who are Homeless: Support Tool for the High Impact Change Model

Michelle Cornes & Manthorpe Jill


Arna Van Engelen, Mohammad Tarique Hussain, Isma Rafiq, Rene Michael Botnar & Jordi Alastruey-Arimon
This datasets contains cardiac MRI images for 20 patients post-coarctation repair. For each patient 2 images of cardiac geometry, and 2-3 phase-contrast flow images are available. This data is suitable for pulse wave velocity measurements. All data is acquired under ethics 09-H0802-78 as approved by the London - Westminster research ethics committee, and has been fully anonymised.Related publication - Van Engelen, Arna, Silva Vieira, Miguel, Rafiq, Isma, Cecelja, Marina, Schneider, Torben, de Bliek, Hubrecht, Figueroa,...

Force information for palpation of hard nodules

Queen Mary University Of London Kaspar Althoefer & Imperial College London Thrishantha Nanayakkara
This data contains the three-dimensional force and torque information recorded during palpation of a silicone phantom organ with hard nodules. The order of data is as follows: Force X, Force Y, Force Z (normal), Torque X, Torque Y, Torque Z.

Simulated electrocardiogram and photoplethysmogram signals modulated by respiration

University Of Oxford Lionel Tarassenko, University Of Oxford David A. Clifton & John Radcliffe Hospital Peter J. Watkinson
This dataset is a collection of simulated electrocardiogram (ECG) and pulse oximetry (photoplethysmogram, PPG) signals modulated by respiration.It was designed for assessment of algorithms for estimation of respiratory rate (RR) from the ECG and PPG. It serves two purposes. Firstly, it allows one to determine whether an RR algorithm has been implemented reasonably (i.e. whether it estimates RR accurately in ideal conditions). Secondly, it allows one to assess the limitations of RR algorithms, such as...

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