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Human Robot Interaction for Teaching Generalisation of a Task

Aran Sena, Matthew Howard & Yuchen Zhao
This is a dataset collected from 30 participants in a study on human-robot interaction during programming by demonstration. It was conducted under KCL ethics approval LRS-16/17-3800. This data is accompanying data to a paper that was accepted to the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) 2018.

Data supporting paper - Modelling left atrial flow, energy, blood heating distribution in response to catheter ablation therapy

Desmond Dillon-Murphy & David Marlevi
Two patients pressure, velocity and particle tracking data pre and post catheter ablation therapy. As above submitted to Frontiers.

Mitochondrial matrix viscosity and membrane fluidity are environmentally and physiologically responsive - Dataset

Ida Emilie Steinmark
FLIM images in SPCImage Document format, originally analysed SPCImage from Becker & Hickl. Includes IRF. FLIM images with accompanying IRFs of: - HeLa cells stained with mitochondrial matrix targeting molecular rotor (control, nystatin and histamine conditions) - Extracted mitochondria stained with membrane targeting molecular rotor (high and low glucose growth conditions)Data supports Steinmark, E. 'Mitochondrial matrix viscosity and membrane fluidity are environmentally and physiologically responsive', PLOS One, Submitted.

Dataset associated with the paper 'The Renyi divergence enables accurate and precise cluster analysis for localization microscopy'

Adela Staszowska
Data related to the evaluation of the Renyi divergence as a clustering analysis tool.Please note most files are between 5-9GB.

Soft, adhesive (+) alpha tocopherol phosphate planar bilayers that control oral biofilm growth through a substantive antimicrobial effect

Stuart Jones
Collection of 569 files that were used to generate the publication entitled 'Soft, adhesive (+) alpha tocopherol phosphate planar bilayers that control oral biofilm growth through a substantive antimicrobial effect' which is to be published in the journal of Nanomedicine in 2018. The data comprises - Atomic microscopy images- Chemical characterisation of alpha tocopherol phosphate- Light scattering analysis data of alpha tocopherol nanosystems- Micro-organism growth inhibition data- Oral biofilm growth inhibition dataTotal size of data...

PET and CT data for 52Mn-DOXIL in a healthy mouse - 1h, 24h and 72 h post injection

Rafael Torres Martin De Rosales & Peter Gawne
In vivo PET-CT imaging data (as DICOM files) with [52Mn]Mn-DOXIL in a B6CBAF1 mouse. Created using VivoQuant software (inviCRO, USA). Related publication:Gawne P, Man F, Fonslet J, Radia R, Bordoloi J, Cleveland M, Jimenez-Royo P, Gabizon A, Blower PJ, et al.,T. M. de Rosales R, Manganes e-52: applications in cell radiolabelling and liposomal nanomedicine PET imaging using oxine (8-hydroxyquinoline) as an ionophore, Dalton Transactions, 2018, IN PRESS.

Data files for Embroidered Electrodes for Control of Affordable Myoelectric Prostheses

Samuel Pitou, Fan Wu, Riaan Stopforth &
This study reports an investigation into the use of embroidered electrodes for recording surface EMG data from amputees, and the feasibility of using that data as a discrete control interface for a prosthesis through classification of muscle patterns. During data recording, participants are asked to visualise performing one of four gestures with their ghost limb (corresponding to the desired movement of a prosthetic hand) while surface EMG data is collected using the textile-based system. The...

Diminishing biofilm resistance to antimicrobial nanomaterials through electrolyte screening of electrostatic interactions

Stuart Jones & Robert A. Harper
Raw scientific data that was collected using a Langmuir trough, a confocal microscope and a UV spectrophotometer.

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