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Learning the Right Lessons for the Next Pandemic: How to Design Public Inquiries into the UK Government’s Handling of COVID-19

Christoph Meyer, Nikki Ikani, Mauricio Avendano Pabon & Ann Kelly

Social workers' knowledge and skills and the Care Act: Practice Advice Note

Angela Jenkinson & John Chamberlain
The need for a practice advice note on the roles of social workers in the Care Act was identified by the Chief Social Worker and was reinforced by a consultation with 140 social workers, who agreed the general content of this advice. The Advice Note identifies social workers as being fundamental to the achievability of the Care Act because they are registered as having the knowledge and skills to achieve changes to protect, safeguard, promote...

Towards paying for health in dentistry: How can we create and implement acceptable prevention-based dental payment systems to achieve and maintain health outcomes?

Nigel Pitts, Marco Mazevet, Harriet Boulding, Catherine Mayne & Ross Pow

Towards a Cavity Free Future: How do we accelerate a policy shift towards increased resource allocation for caries prevention and control?

Nigel Pitts, Marco Mazevet, Saba Hinrichs, Harriet Boulding, Jonathan Grant & Catherine Mayne

How polarised is the 2019 general election?

Bobby Duffy, Kirstie Hewlett & George Murkin
This analysis by the Policy Institute at King’s College London reveals the extent of divisions in Britain during the 2019 general election campaign. Using data from a survey of over 2,000 adults conducted between 27 and 29 November, the analysis finds that people’s Brexit identities have grown stronger, that opposing groups have very negative views of each other and the two main parties’ leaders, and that there are widespread misperceptions about how the “other side”...

Tenancy Sustainment Team health research: morbidity and mortality amongst people with experience of rough sleeping: Findings report

Michelle Cornes, Becky Rice, Caroline Shulman & Briony Hudson
This report presents the key findings of a small-scale research project exploring the mortality and health needs of clients of Tenancy Sustainment Team (TST) services. The research was commissioned in response to concerns by the Greater London Authority (GLA) and TST service managers about premature deaths among TST clients and the need to learn more about the health needs of this group, particularly the incidence of chronic or long-term health conditions (LTCs).

Safeguarding, homelessness and rough sleeping: An analysis of Safeguarding Adults Reviews

Stephen Martineau, Michelle Cornes, Jill Manthorpe, Bruno Ornelas & James Fuller

Attitudes towards digital culture and technology in the Modern Languages

Paul Spence & Renata Brandao

Transforming Out of Hospital Care for People who are Homeless: Support Tool for the High Impact Change Model

Michelle Cornes & Manthorpe Jill

Force information for palpation of hard nodules

Queen Mary University Of London Kaspar Althoefer & Imperial College London Thrishantha Nanayakkara
This data contains the three-dimensional force and torque information recorded during palpation of a silicone phantom organ with hard nodules. The order of data is as follows: Force X, Force Y, Force Z (normal), Torque X, Torque Y, Torque Z.

UK Election 2015: Setting the Agenda

Martin Moore & Gordon Ramsay
UK election 2015: setting the agenda builds on innovative work by Dr Martin Moore and Dr Gordon Ramsay started in January 2015. Using new methods for collecting and analysing news and social media content, the report provides a fresh perspective on how political communication is changing in the digital era. Moore and Ramsay began collecting and analysing media coverage of the UK 2015 election campaign at the beginning of 2015, using a software tool they...

Has Covid-19 reset the immigration debate?

Bobby Duffy, Kirstie Hewlett, Steve Ballinger & Sunder Katwala

Summary statistics from - 'A genome-wide association meta-analysis of prognostic outcomes following cognitive behavioural therapy in individuals with anxiety and depressive disorders'

Christopher Rayner, Thalia Eley & Gerome Breen
GWAS summary statistics. Phenotype: symptoms following cognitive behavioural therapySample 1: Adults with anxiety disorders (n=972)Sample 2: Adults with major depressive disorder (n=832)Sample 3: Children with anxiety disorders (n=920)Sample 4: Meta-analysis sample (n=2,724)Geo/Spatial Coverage:for 'cbt_outcomes_gwa_meta_analysis_metal_results.txt' all participants were of White Western European ancestry (2019)for 'cbt_outcomes_adult_anx_loco_mlma_results.txt' data were collected from participants of White Western European ancestry from Germany or Sweden (2015)for 'cbt_outcomes_adult_mdd_loco_mlma_results.txt' data were collected from participants of White Western European ancestry from Sweden (2018)for 'cbt_outcomes_child_anx_loco_mlma_results.txt' data...

Tech Giants and Civic Power

Martin Moore
This study is about the new and growing phenomenon of global tech giants, their increasing civic power, and what this means for democracies. It might best be described as an essay, in the sense of an extended argument and a series of observations and provocations. It aims to open debate about the role of the tech giants – notably Google, Facebook, Apple and others – in democracy and civic life, as distinct from their impact...

The Future of Film Report 2020

Sarah Atkinson, Alex Stolz & Helen W. Kennedy

Nigel Berry Pitts & Ross Pow

UK media coverage of the 2016 EU Referendum campaign

Martin Moore & Gordon Ramsay

The impact of the coronavirus (Covid-19) on people who work as social care Personal Assistants

John Woolham, Kritika Samsi, Caroline Norrie & Jill Manthorpe

Unpopular Justice: Law and the Inexpediency of Culture in North India

Kriti Kapila

Inequalities around the globe: what the world sees as most serious

Bobby Duffy, George Murkin, Kirstie Hewlett, Rebecca Benson & Rachel Elizabeth Hesketh

Roles, responsibilities, and relationships: hearing the voices of Personal Assistants and Directly Employed Care Workers

John Woolham, Caroline Norrie, Kritika Samsi & Jill Manthorpe

Supplementary data for ‘Design, synthesis and evaluation in an LPS rodent model of neuroinflammation of a novel 18F-labelled PET tracer targeting P2X7'

University Of Camerino Dal Ben Diego, University Of Ferrara Falzoni Simonetta, University Of Ferrara Di Virgilio Francesco & University Of Oxford Lovestone Simon
Additional experimental data not included in the main paper:Enrico Raffaele Fantoni, Diego Dal Ben, Simonetta Falzoni, Francesco Di Virgilio, Simon Lovestone and Antony Gee (2017), Design, synthesis and evaluation in an LPS rodent model of neuroinflammation of a novel 18F-labelled PET tracer targeting P2X7, EJNMMI Research, 7:31. DOI: 10.1186/s13550-017-0275-2

Better protecting BBC financial independence: An exploratory report for the BBC Trust

Martin Moore
This report was commissioned by the BBC Trust in order to explore ways to better protect the BBC’s financial independence beyond Charter Renewal. The ideas presented in the report are derived from ten interviews with expert sources conducted for the study in October and November 2015, supplemented by relevant publicly available information. The study was completed in six weeks. The results presented here are intended to invite further debate and exploration of questions regarding the...

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