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Optimising research ethics review: Combining regulatory support and ethics consultation to enhance efficiency of university research ethics review

Nicole Robyn Palmer
A significant factor in REC efficiency has been identified as the quality of administrative and regulatory support for researchers making applications to research ethics committees. Incomplete or poorly completed applications can result in significant delays for researchers. Evidence shows that good quality support for applicants prior to submission can facilitate efficient and expeditious review by improving the quality of applications. UK universities are urged to provide adequate resources to support provision of regulatory support and...

GB14 Analysis Tool Code Book

Claire L. Parkin & Sharron Mackenzie
This supplementarty file is the Gender Bias 14 Code Book, which supports the GB14 Analysis Tool.


Miguel Darling
Kent Student Law Review, Vol 3 (2017)

Cultural Defence: An Odyssey for English Courts

Irena Madella
When individuals commit culturally motivated acts that clash with the law, they may ask the courts to consider imperatives that influenced their criminal behaviour; namely, invoke a ‘cultural defence’ so as to lessen their responsibility. The increasing amount of literature dealing with the issue and the defence’s recognition in other jurisdictions raises the question of its incorporation in the English courts. This piece seeks to contribute to that by illustrating the difficulties of such a...


Editorial Board
This Editorial introduces the first issue of the Kent Student Law Review

Indigenous Food Sovereignty in the United States: Restoring Cultural Knowledge, Protecting Environments, and Regaining Health (Devon A. Mihesuah and Elizabeth Hoover, eds)

Katie Wolf
This book review examines Devon A. Mihesuah's and Elizabeth Hoover's Indigenous Food Sovereignty in the United States: Restoring Cultural Knowledge, Protecting Environments, and Regaining Health. Mihesuah's and Hoover's book highlights movements in the US that combat the health decline colonial food practices have brought upon Indigenous communities. Similarly, the authors recognize the harmful ways that the food industry, as a part of the neoliberal economic system, is wasteful and harming the environment--both at a local...

Supporting Files NNEG project

Radu Tunaru & Enoch Nii Boi Quaye
These files were used to produce our results for the ERM project on NNEG valuation. Please note that the cash-flow analysis has been revamped.

End of Trump's Rule Will Not End the Assault on Reproductive Rights in Africa

Saoyo Tabitha Griffith
This comment highlights the damaging and long-lasting effects of the Trump administration's policies on reproductive rights in Africa.

Public perception of organised crime in Southern Italy [supporting data].

Giovanni Travaglino

Data extracted for realist review of alternative measures for dealing with simple possession of drugs

Alex Stevens
The file associated with this âread meâ document is an Excel spreadsheet containing data extracted for a realist review of alternatives to criminalisation for dealing with simple possession of illicit drugs. It contains information from nine countries in three categories (contexts, mechanisms and outcomes) from documents found through a systematic literature search that was carried out for the review.

Concerning T-degrees of d-r.e. sets and e-reducibility of Sigma2 sets

P.R. Watson

The Minimal Continuous Semantics of the Lambda-Calculus

Peter H. Welch

Can Car Engine Idling Be Reduced Using Persuasive Messages? Canterbury Air and Noise Experiment 2018-19

William Dominic Joshua Abrams, Tim Hopthrow, Imada Hirotaka, Hilal Ozkececi, Fanny Lalot & Anne Templeton

Research report for supporting practice research works (P1623, 2.2)

Katie Edwards, Helen Cooper, Josie Caplehorne, Rosalyn Bass & Clair Waller
Documents best practice in supporting practice research works at other HE institutions including; policy, definitions, vocabulary options, metadata, workflows, repository advice and features, digitisation offers, case studies and advocacy. Report collated through visits to Goldsmiths and University of Creative Arts, conference calls to University of Westminster and Glasgow School of Arts and desk research of other UK and Australian HE Institutions.

Moving Mountains: Overcoming the Individual Preference Effect: Supporting Data

DH Nicholson
SPSS data files supporting the 3 studies included in the Moving Mountains paper

Physical model of near-Earth asteroid (1917) Cuyo from ground-based optical and thermal-IR observations

A. Rożek, S.C. Lowry, B. Rozitis, S.F. Green, C. Snodgrass, P.R. Weissman, A. Fitzsimmons, M.D. Hicks, K.J. Lawrence, S.R. Duddy, S.D. Wolters, G. Roberts-Borsani, R. Behrend & F. Manzini
Context. The near-Earth asteroid (1917) Cuyo was subject to radar and lightcurve observations during a close approach in 1989, and observed up until 2008. It was selected as one of our ESO Large Programme targets, aimed at observational detections of the YORP effect through longterm lightcurve monitoring and physical modelling of near-Earth asteroids. Aims. We aimed to constrain physical properties of Cuyo: shape, spin-state, and spectroscopic & thermophysical properties of the surface. Methods. We acquired...

Automating C++ Execution Exploration to Solve the Out-of-thin-air Problem

Simon Cooksey
Modern computers are marvels of engineering. Customisable reasoning engines which can be programmed to complete complex mathematical tasks at incredible speed. Decades of engineering has taken computers from room sized machines to near invisible devices in all aspects of life. With this engineering has come more complex and ornate design, a substantial leap forward being multiprocessing. Modern processors can execute threads of program logic in parallel, coordinating shared resources like memory and device access. Parallel...

Systemic risk, competition, and governance in alternative financial systems

Aamina Khurram
This thesis comprises of three research studies based on assessing the systemic stability of the alternative financial systems in countries where both conventional financial institutions (CFIs) and Islamic financial institutions (IFIs) operate alongside. The first study compares the systemic risk levels of CFIs and IFIs. In particular, it analyses the cross-systemic linkages between the two distinct financial models and identifies the most resilient financial sector. The second study analyses the level of competition between the...

Gender Matters: Feminisation of Labour Market Outsiders across Europe and the Role of Family Policy

Hyojin Seo
This thesis aims to examine how the dualized labour market is gendered, and how family policies as institutional contexts shape such gendered patterns. Labour market inequality is one of the major issues in post-industrial societies. Dualization theory explains how institutions have shaped such dividing structure in the labour market, focusing on the inequalities between standard and non-standard employment. Nevertheless, this binary understanding of labour market is centred around male-dominated sectors, which may falsely universalise male...

Comparative Advertising Effectiveness: A cross-cultural study

Kalliopi Konsolaki
The lucrative world of comparative advertising has been attractive to marketers, who seek economic types of persuasive communication. Nevertheless, research in the actual effectiveness of comparative advertising has been inconclusive, contradicting, and insufficient. The increasing importance of comparative advertising in the current competitive global environment requires immediate findings about how comparative advertising can work effectively. This study is the first study to develop an integrated conceptual model of the factors, which influence comparative advertising effectiveness....

Jacques de Vitry’s Historia Orientalis: Reform, Crusading, and the Holy Land after the Fourth Lateran Council

Jan Vandeburie
Jacques de Vitry (†1240), a noted preacher in Brabant and Languedoc, served as canon regular of Saint-Nicholas d’Oignies (1211-16), bishop of Acre (1216-29) and auxiliary bishop of Liège (1226-29), and ultimately as cardinal-bishop of Tusculum (1229-1240). Whilst his letters, sermons, and the Historia Occidentalis have been extensively studied, the Historia Orientalis, Jacques’s encyclopedic work on the Holy Land, has so far escaped any such interest. Considered as yet another crusading history or pilgrimage guide drawing...

Seeking entitlement: a performance ethnography exploring the paradoxes of trauma and testimonial in refugee performance

Smita Misra
This dissertation responds to some significant publications on refugee theatre and performance that have been released in the last fifteen years. Consolidating some of the major concerns and debates, the problems confronted have been conceptualized as paradoxes: (1) the paradox of trauma and neo-colonial benevolence in applied theatre and (2) the paradox of testimonial authenticity in the portrayal of refugees in staged performances. The research is an ethnographic case study of three young asylum seekers...

Linking Mindreading and Metacognition: The Case of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Katie Carpenter
The aim of this thesis is to establish if the ability to attribute mental states to ourselves (metacognition) and others (mindreading) rely on the same underlying processes. To address this question, the thesis presents multiple studies using novel methods to examine the relationship between these two abilities. It also extends the findings beyond a purely relational nature and examines the question of whether there is a dissociation between mindreading and metacognition among autistic people, a...

Characterization of a TAXI-TRAP Substrate-Binding Protein from Vibrio cholerae

Nicholas Daniel Massouh
TAXI-TRAP transporters represent a class of secondary substrate-binding protein (SBP)- dependent systems that are utilized by certain bacteria for the high affinity uptake and transport of substrates across the membrane. A limited number of studies have provided evidence of the substrate range of some TAXI-TRAP SBPs, but a full biochemical characterization of one of these essential components of a TAXI-TRAP system is still absent from literature. In this study, we characterize a SBP, VC0430, from...

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