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'Is a woman a thinking unit at all, or a fraction always wanting its integer?' Representations of female education in four English and French Bildungsromane

Katherine Elizabeth Madden Voyce
This thesis considers George Sand’s Valentine (1832), Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre (1847), Gustave Flaubert’s Madame Bovary (1856) and Thomas Hardy’s Jude the Obscure (1895) as female Bildungsromane to analyse representations of nineteenth-century female education in England and France. The research presents a justification for an inclusive approach to the Bildungsroman genre, the parameters of which remain widely contested and often exclude the consideration of the female protagonist. Fundamentally, this work asserts education as being a...

Cultures of the Chase: Authority, Community and Ritual in the Landscape of British Blood Sports, 1800-1914

Jonathan Burton
Previous studies of British bloodsports have tended to focus solely on elite participants, examining how themes of class and ethnicity have affected the ways in which they visualised and conducted their chosen sports. This thesis takes a slightly different approach, choosing to chart the use of rituals within the cultures of a widely divergent set of blood sports communities across a period of one-hundred and fourteen years. During that time, both the social and the...

Characterization of a TAXI-TRAP Substrate-Binding Protein from Vibrio cholerae

Nicholas Daniel Massouh
TAXI-TRAP transporters represent a class of secondary substrate-binding protein (SBP)- dependent systems that are utilized by certain bacteria for the high affinity uptake and transport of substrates across the membrane. A limited number of studies have provided evidence of the substrate range of some TAXI-TRAP SBPs, but a full biochemical characterization of one of these essential components of a TAXI-TRAP system is still absent from literature. In this study, we characterize a SBP, VC0430, from...

Linking Mindreading and Metacognition: The Case of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Katie Carpenter
The aim of this thesis is to establish if the ability to attribute mental states to ourselves (metacognition) and others (mindreading) rely on the same underlying processes. To address this question, the thesis presents multiple studies using novel methods to examine the relationship between these two abilities. It also extends the findings beyond a purely relational nature and examines the question of whether there is a dissociation between mindreading and metacognition among autistic people, a...

Representations of the Character of the Jew in the Nineteenth-Century French, German and English Novel, and the Jewish Response

Catherine Bartlett
This thesis examines the relations between literature and the Bible through the myth of three characters, who construct the collective of 'the Jew' as a dangerous and fascinating Other in the nineteenth-century European mind. It examines the evolution of the representations of these characters, and their convergences and divergences in French, English and German nineteenth-century novels. The mythocritique method, taking into account the collective unconscious, reveals that the chosen characters re-enact three major myths, which...

The Multisensory Film Experience: A Cognitive Model of Experiential Film Aesthetics

Luis Rocha Antunes
This thesis introduces the concept of the multisensory film experience through a cognitive model of experiential film aesthetics in which we argue in favour of the idea that spectators can have perceptual experiences of film in the realm of thermoception, nociception and the vestibular sense-all of which are senses outside of the classic senses of sight and hearing examined in the context of film studies. We examine each of these senses in relation to the...

The Making of the Moral Person: Homelessness in Canterbury, Kent

Ruth Auger
ABSTRACT This thesis examines homelessness in Canterbury during a period of continuing and changing government austerity measures. The key research question asks: what does it mean to be homeless and how does homelessness shape the moral person? I answer this question by engaging with the current debates on the anthropology of morals and ethics. Using Fassin's (2015) moral economies as an overarching framework, this thesis explores how and why ideas of morality come into being....

Ideas that Matter: Strategies of Intertextuality in A. S. Byatt's Fiction

Barbara Franchi
What is the role of intertextuality and ekphrasis in A. S. Byatt's novels and short stories? How does Byatt deploy intertextuality to address the relationship between art as experience and representation? And how do intertextuality and ekphrasis enhance creativity and destructive forces across characters, texts and discourses? This thesis examines how the numerous intertextual and ekphrastic references in Byatt's fiction challenge and complicate the crucial relationship between ideas and matter, and between mental processes and...

Talking Indian: Identity and Language Revitalization in the Chickasaw Renaissance (Jenny L. Davis)

Victoria Sear
Transmotion, Vol 6 No 2 (2020): Winter 2020

Seed (Janice Gould)

Crisosto Apache
A review for the poetry book by Janice Gould, Seed.

Osage Women and Empire: Gender and Power (Tai S. Edwards)

Rhy Brignell
Transmotion, Vol 6 No 2 (2020): Winter 2020

Contemporary Native Fiction: Toward a Narrative Poetics of Survivance (James J. Donahue)

Deborah L. Madsen
Transmotion, Vol 6 No 2 (2020): Winter 2020

Moccasin Square Gardens (Richard Van Camp)

Scott Andrews
A review of the new short story collection from Richard Van Camp.

Georgios Kyriakakis - Additional Material for PhD: Terpsichore: A Software Music Interface for People with Mental Disabilities on the Autism Spectrum

Georgios Kyriakakis
Includes Datasets in Microsoft Excel, IBM SPSS and NVivo.

All in it, but not necessarily together: Divergent experiences of keyworker and volunteer responders to the Covid-19 pandemic

Dominic Abrams, Fanny Lalot, Jo Broadwood, Isobel Platts-Dunn &
Thousands of people across the UK are working to deal with the direct impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. But their experiences are very different, depending on whether they are front-line key workers or community volunteers. This report presents findings from a survey of people from six local authorities in England and from a sample of community organisations and volunteers to examine social cohesion in the UK. The project, “Beyond Us and Them”, is led by...

The social cohesion investment: Local areas that invested in social cohesion programmes are faring better in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic

Dominic Abrams, Fanny Lalot, Jo Broadwood, Kaya Davies Hayon, Isobel Platts-Dunn &
Research has consistently observed that social cohesion (the strength of relationship between the individual and the state, and between individuals and their fellow citizens) rises in the aftermath of natural disasters or mass tragedies. However, this sense of “coming together” is often short-lived and comes back to pre-disaster level within a matter of weeks. But what happened in the UK as the Covid-19 pandemic progressed? The first stages of the Covid-19 pandemic saw an extraordinary...

The Lady's Magazine Index

Jennie Batchelor, Koenraad Claes & Jenny DiPlacidi
A fully annotated index to the just over 15000 text items in the Lady’s Magazine; or, Entertaining Companion for the Fair Sex from its first series (1770 to 1818).

Data used in Langhammer et al

Jake Bicknell
Data used in Langhammer et al, which is a meta-analysis

Decision responsiveness and the legitimacy of public agencies data set

Ben Seyd
The data were collected in relation to the following goals: The research was designed to identify some of the key factors driving assessments of the legitimacy of decision-making agencies. The research was based on a set of (vignette-based) experiments that allowed the researchers to identify the effects on legitimacy of various aspects of decision-making responsiveness. Participants (N=438) were drawn from Prolific Academic, and completed an online survey fielded on Qualtrics. Assignment to treatment groups was...

Slurry Flow Measurement Using Coriolis Flowmeters

Jingqiong Zhang
This thesis describes a novel methodology for slurry flow measurement using Coriolis flowmeters incorporating error compensation and structural condition monitoring techniques. This work investigates the influence of entrained solid particles on Coriolis flow metering along with the potential wear problem of Coriolis flowmeters handling such abrasive medium. A review of slurry flow measurement techniques is given, together with the associated technical issues in slurry flow metering using Coriolis flowmeters. The negative impact of the presence...

The Awntyrs Off Arthur: A Study of the Production, Circulation and Reception of Manuscripts in Fifteenth-Century England

Rebecca Pope
This thesis, through a detailed study of 'The Awntyrs off Arthure at the Terne Wathelyne' and its four surviving manuscripts (London, Lambeth Palace Library, MS 491a; Lincoln, Cathedral Library, MS 91; Princeton, University Library, MS Taylor 9; and Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Douce 324), builds on existing research into Middle English romance manuscripts, identifies a diverse audience of reader/listeners and makes the argument that the booklet may be the typical material and literary form of...

Using Optoelectronic Plethysmography to Objectively Characterise and Manage Breathing Patterns in Athletes With and Without Respiratory Disorders

Carol M.E. Smyth
Optoelectronic plethysmography (OEP) is a non-invasive 3D motion capture-based system that tracks chest wall movement. The purpose of this thesis was to characterise the breathing patterns of athletes with and without respiratory disorders, namely exercise-induced bronchoconstriction and dysfunctional breathing, at rest and during exercise. OEP breath volumes agreed well with breath-by-breath gas analysis in support of previous findings. Normative ranges for OEP-derived breathing pattern parameters for a non-pathological population at rest and during exercise were...

The Racial Matching of Gamete Donors in UK Fertility Clinics

Antony Starza-Allen
Race is a deeply contested concept; however, race and related characteristics, including ethnicity and skin tone, are frequently provided with gamete donor information, implicating race in donor selection at UK fertility clinics. While existing literature shows that fertility professionals might sometimes seek a racial match between the donor and the patient(s), the role that race plays, if any, in donor selection has been relatively underexplored. By adopting a constructivist model of race and applying empirical...

From Galtonian Eugenics to Biosocial Science: The Intellectual Origins and Policy Implications of Quantifying Heredity in Interwar and Post-War Britain

David Peace
In the UK, the period after the Second World War is generally associated with the reformist ideas which influenced the emergence of the welfare state, the NHS, and a political economy of national planning. Few, however, would connect the transition from the interwar to the post-war period in the UK with the continuing influence of eugenic ideas which had a lasting impact on British research on health and welfare policies following the end of 1945....

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