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Fission yeast Polarity Recruitment Dataset

Daniel P. Mulvihill & Matthew Johnson
Fluorescence image datasets of 10 polarity determinant proteins within fission yeast in wild type and 11 deletion strains

Tolerating tigers - encounter risk and tolerance data for tigers in Sumatra

Matthew J Struebig & Freya A V St. John

Unit Costs of Health and Social Care 2017

Lesley Curtis & Amanda Burns

Unit Costs of Health and Social Care 2018

Lesley A. Curtis & Amanda Burns

It's a girl!: supporting material for thesis \"'To what extent is \"sex\" a constrained production, a forcible effect, one which sets the limits to what will qualify as a body?' (Butler, 1993: pg. 23) an embodied inquiry into feminine performance in 2016 with a focus on the female body as resistance\"

Kate Reader
3 videos of performance Judith Butler argued that gender performance and gendered ways of being were strategies of survival, which became so normalised, through everyday habits and habitual performances, that men and women became 'entranced by their own fictions whereby the construction compels one's belief in its necessity and naturalness' (1988: pg. 522). Butler further supposed that, in order to discern the conditions of oppression that certain gendered performances receive, we must examine the daily...

Public perception of organised crime in Southern Italy [supporting data].

Giovanni Travaglino

Data used in Gardner et al. Forest defaunation

Charlie J Gardner, Jake Bicknell, Matthew J Struebig, William Baldwin-Cantello & Zoe G Davies

Mapping and Understanding Exclusion: Institutional, coercive and community-based services and practices across Europe

Agnes Turnpenny, Gabor Petri, Ailbhe Finn, Julie Beadle-Brown & Maria Nyman

Wheeler et al_Associative learning of alarm signals

Brandon Wheeler
Many vertebrate taxa respond to heterospecific alarm calls with appropriate anti¬predator behaviours, although it is unclear how apparent recognition is achieved. Such responses are widely thought to be based on learned associations between the occurrence of the call and the presence of a predator. Conclusive evidence that this behaviour is indeed underpinned by learning, however, is scarce. This study tested whether wild black capuchin monkeys (Sapajus nigritus) learn to associate novel sounds with the presence...

A study of copyright specialists in UK educational and cultural institutions: Who are they and what do they do?

Philippa Hatch, Chris Morrison & Jane Secker
Reports on a survey of copyright specialists in UK educational and cultural institutions carried out in March 2017. It presents further evidence to build on earlier studies (Morrison and Secker, 2015; Todorova et al, 2017) which suggested that UK libraries and cultural institutions are more likely to have a copyright specialist in place and to offer formal training and support for both staff and students than institutions in other countries. Even when a copyright specialist...

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