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Swings and roundabouts: a social and environmental history of the children's playground in Britain, 1840 to 1980

Jonathan Paul Winder
Children's playgrounds are a ubiquitous feature of British towns and cities. And yet the politics and values that have informed their creation, purpose and form have rarely been historicised by scholars, professionals or the wider public. To address this, Swings and Roundabouts answers two broad questions. Firstly, why do children's playgrounds exist and, secondly, why do they look the way they do? Focusing on dedicated public spaces for play, the study examines the individuals and...

ZFY:A putative transcription factor with a poorly conserved N-terminus and a highly conserved C-terminus

Emmanuel Tafara Hlahleni
ZFY is a male specific Y chromosome transcriptional factor with two splice variants: a long form that is ubiquitously expressed in most mammalian species, and a short form that is testis specific. Mouse models indicate that the physiological functions of full length ZFY include promoting meiotic sex chromosome silencing at the onset of pachytene, apoptotic elimination of aberrant cells during pachytene, and spermatid development following meiotic divisions. The testis specific short isoform has no known...

Gas-Liquid Two-Phase Flow Metering Using Coriolis Flowmeters

Jinyu Liu & KROHNE Ltd. University Of Kent
This thesis describes a novel methodology for the gas-liquid two-phase flow measurement using Coriolis flowmeters incorporating a semi-empirical physical model. A review of methodologies and techniques for the gas-liquid two-phase flow measurement is given, together with the advantages and limitations of using Coriolis flowmeters for such measurement. The proposed methodology can be implemented in the KROHNE OPTIMASS 6400 Coriolis flowmeters with an external input of GVF (Gas Volume Fraction). Detailed developments and evaluation of this...

Design of Low-Cost Smart Antennas for Wireless Communications

Chao Gu
Traditional smart antennas are complicated, bulky, power hungry and expensive, as they require a large number of radio frequency (RF)/microwave phase shifters, and trans-mit/receive (T/R) modules. For wide applications in civilian wireless communications, it is important to investigate novel designs of electronically beam-steerable smart antennas which feature compact size, low power, and low cost. This dissertation presents novel designs and implementation of low-cost smart anten-nas for wireless communications. Four different designs of low-cost smart antennas...

Subjectivity, Sociality and Poetic Procedure in Mid-Twentieth Century American Confessional and Avant-Garde Poetry

Katharine Peddie
This dissertation uses the confessional poet Robert Lowell as a focal point for discussing concerns around self and poetic procedure through which the division between the 'mainstream' confessional poetry and the avant-garde poetry of the American mid-twentieth century has been theorized. This is done by tracing the routes that Lowell and various poets in or associated with the avant-garde anthology The New American Poetry took out of the same modernist or pre-modernist precursors established as...

An investigation into the cultural sensitivity of the curriculum: Its impact on students' engagement in higher education

Dave S.P. Thomas
Imperatives to eliminate racial inequalities in UK higher education (HE) have led to calls for diversification of curricula. Qualitative evidence is growing about ethnic minority students' perceptions of their curricula and its impact on them. Yet, there are no specific quantitative instruments to facilitate larger-scale evaluation of curricular diversification and its impact on students. In this study, I examined the relationship between university students' perceptions of the cultural sensitivity of their curriculum and their engagement,...


L. Bonheme & M. Grzes
A reduced version of the symmetric solids dataset (https://www.tensorflow.org/datasets/catalog/symmetric_solids) initially proposed by [1] where duplicate images (i.e., images with equivalent rotations) and marked shapes are removed. The images are provided unlabelled and resized to 64x64. [1] Murphy, K. A., Esteves, C., Jampani, V., Ramalingam, S., & Makadia, A. (2021, July). Implicit-PDF: Non-Parametric Representation of Probability Distributions on the Rotation Manifold. In International Conference on Machine Learning (pp. 7882-7893). PMLR.

Winter Counts (David Heska Wanbli Weiden)

Mary Stoecklein
Transmotion, Vol 8 No 1 (2022): Indigeneity and the Anthropocene II

Cherishing the Impaired Land

Joanna Ziarkowska
In the article I propose to read the work of Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate poet Gwen Westerman from the perspective of environmental humanities and disability studies. Following the insights of Heather Davis and Zoe Todd, I would like to indigenize the field by emphasizing the importance of traditional Indigenous knowledge in the responses to the effects of the Anthropocene. In Westerman’s poetry, the Anthropocene and the accompanying destruction of the environment begin with settler colonialism, which...

Introduction: Indigeneity, Survival, and the Colonial Anthropocene

Martin Premoli
Transmotion, Vol 8 No 1 (2022): Indigeneity and the Anthropocene II

Beyond Us and Them: Technical Update: Demographics and Sample Characteristics Across 8 waves of surveys 2020-2021

Dominic Abrams, Fanny Lalot & Hilal Ozkececi

An evaluation of the clinical microsystems approach in general practice quality improvement (accepted)

Vanessa Abrahamson, Sabrena Jaswal & Patricia M. Wilson
Background: Changes to the general practice (GP) contract in England (April 2019) introduced a new quality improvement (QI) domain. The clinical microsystems programme is an approach to QI with limited evidence in primary care. Aim: To explore experiences of GP staff participating in a clinical microsystems programme. Design and setting: GPs within one clinical commissioning group (CCG) in South East England. Normalisation process theory informed qualitative approach. Method: Review of all CCG clinical microsystems projects...

A Computational study of clades and drug adaptation to remdesivir in SARS-CoV-2

Naoki Ueda
The first patient of Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) was detected in December 2019. This infectious disease is caused by a virus named severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) and infecting people globally. Many researchers have been investigating to elucidate the characteristics of this virus from many aspects since the beginning of the outbreak. However, there is still limited information about this virus. In this thesis, we focused on the differences between clades and drug...

Metaphors of London fog, smoke and mist in Victorian and Edwardian Art and Literature

Christine Linda Corton
Julian Wolfreys has argued that after 1850 writers employed stock images of the city without allowing them to transform their texts. This thesis argues, on the contrary, that metaphorical uses of London fog were complex and subtle during the Victorian and Edwardian periods, at least until 1914. Fog represented, in particular, formlessness and the dissolution of boundaries. Examining the idea of fog in literature, verse, newspaper accounts and journal articles, as well as in the...

Investigating the regulation of APOBEC3A and APOBEC3B expression in keratinocytes

Nicola Smith
APOBEC3A (A3A) and APOBEC3B (A3B) can disrupt viral and retrotransposon replication through deamination, while off-target activity represents a major source of mutations in epithelial cancers. A3A additionally has an emerging role as an RNA editor within immune cells. To explore their function and regulation in normal epithelia, we used near-normal human keratinocyte cells (NIKS) in which CRISPR-Cas9 editing had been used to delete endogenous A3A, or to epitope-tag A3A or A3B. Having observed that A3A...

Botanical Journeys and China's Colonial Frontiers: 1840-1940

Jeff Mather
Over recent years, a body of scholarship has emerged on the topic of European and American travel writing in China. This thesis contributes to this growing field by examining four writers who travelled in China and worked as plant collectors and botanists. Largely forgotten today, these writers were influential and successful in their own day. Despite differences in geographical location and historical period, there are a number of common links that make a comparison of...

The Economic Consequences of Reciprocal Translocations (RTs) in Global Pig Breeding and the Benefits of Using a Novel \"Multiprobe\" Approach as a Standard Screening Methodology

Nicole M. Lewis
Pig protein remains the most popular worldwide, representing >30% of all consumed meat; a figure that is expected to rise from 106 to 127 metric kilotons per year in the next 10 years. As the market and demand for pig meat continues to grow across the world, so does the importance of its sustainability and its economic accessibility. With this in mind, great focus and attention is turning to reducing food and protein chain waste...

In search of 'The people of La Manche': A comparative study of funerary practices in the Transmanche region during the late Neolithic and Early Bronze Age (250BC-1500BC)

John Hammond
This research project sets out to discover whether archaeological evidence dating between 2500 BC - 1500 BC from supposed funerary contexts in Kent, flanders and north-eastern Transmanche France is sufficient to make valid comparisons between social and cultural structures on either side of the short-sea Channel region. Evidence from the beginning of the period primarily comes in the form of the widespread Beaker phenomenon. Chapter 5 shows that this class of data is abundant in...

Strung pieces: on the aesthetics of television fiction series

Sergio Dias Branco
As layered and long works, television fiction series have aesthetic properties that are built over time, bit by bit. This thesis develops a group of concepts that enable the study of these properties, It argues that a series is made of strung pieces, a system of related elements. The text begins by considering this sequential form within the fields of film and television. This opening chapter defines the object and methodology of research, arguing for...

The voice of science: Ideology, Sherlock Holmes, and the Strand Magazine

Jonathan L. Cranfield
This thesis uses The Strand Magazine and Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories to examine the different ways in which science and ideology interacted in popular culture between 1891 and 1930. It is interested in the relationship between high and low cultures and the different experiences of the fin-de-siecle and modernity that they betray. It attempts to reconstruct an epistemology of scientific knowledge from 'the artefacts of low culture' and challenges prevailing critical attitudes in...

Representations and Experiences of Place: The Islands of Sheppey in the late medieval and early modern period

Melanie Grace Caiazza
Places were important physical and cultural spaces in the late medieval and early modem period. This thesis examines the diversity, complexity and evolution of making meaning in relation to specific places, land and dwellings, within a small island community in northeast Kent known as the Islands of Sheppey, Harty and Elmley. The method used was thematic; with each chapter presenting a case for the understanding of places as physically and culturally complex spaces. Chapter I...

An Economic Analysis of the UK Pet Dog Market and Animal Welfare: The case of the UK pet dog overpopulation problem

Christina Siettou
Pets are an important part of our society as they have become ‘part of the family’. However, one of the most important problems regarding the pet dog population is the great number of strays and their management. The annual stray survey conducted on behalf of Dogs Trust, one of the leading dog welfare organizations in the UK, has revealed that each year there are more than 100,000 stray dogs in the UK. To date, their...

GCHQ Gendered narratives Project Case 2 (of 2)

Harmonie Toros & Caio Ribiero
These datasets were prepared as part of a research project lead by Dr Harmonie Toros, titled “Gendered Narrative Analysis of Violent Extremism in the United Kingdom”, funded by GCHQ’s Research Fellowship in National Resilience scheme. The project uses two case studies – the controversy surrounding the return to the UK of Shamima Begum from Iraq/Syria and the attack on two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand – to investigate the gendered narratives regarding violent extremism in...

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