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The Irish Party System : A Criticism of Sartori's Contradictory Approach

David Alan Gatley
The idea for writing this dissertation came to me after reading Giovanni Sartori's book, "Parties and Party Systems". In reading this book it soon became obvious to me that Sartori's ideas about Eire (The Irish Republic) are, to say the least, contradictory. The purpose then of this dissertation was to attempt to test how well Sartori's model of party systems could be applied to the Irish case. That is, to answer the question: does the...

Management Consultancy Through an Academic and Practitioner Perspective

Paul A. Phillips, K. V. Subramanian & Victor Newman
Knowledge remains the key driver of success in the digital age. Management consultancy firms that can handle knowledge management effectively will reap economic and societal benefits. Management Consultancy Through an Academic and Practitioner Perspective, provides a fresh perspective on how management consultancy firms need to stay relevant to compete effectively. This book seeks to bridge the gap between the practitioner and academic camps and bring a sense of reality to the management consultancy landscape, which...

Research report for supporting practice research works (P1623, 2.2)

Katie Edwards, Helen Cooper, Josie Caplehorne, Rosalyn Bass & Clair Waller
Documents best practice in supporting practice research works at other HE institutions including; policy, definitions, vocabulary options, metadata, workflows, repository advice and features, digitisation offers, case studies and advocacy. Report collated through visits to Goldsmiths and University of Creative Arts, conference calls to University of Westminster and Glasgow School of Arts and desk research of other UK and Australian HE Institutions.

Concerning T-degrees of d-r.e. sets and e-reducibility of Sigma2 sets

P.R. Watson

Physical model of near-Earth asteroid (1917) Cuyo from ground-based optical and thermal-IR observations

A. Rożek, S.C. Lowry, B. Rozitis, S.F. Green, C. Snodgrass, P.R. Weissman, A. Fitzsimmons, M.D. Hicks, K.J. Lawrence, S.R. Duddy, S.D. Wolters, G. Roberts-Borsani, R. Behrend & F. Manzini
Context. The near-Earth asteroid (1917) Cuyo was subject to radar and lightcurve observations during a close approach in 1989, and observed up until 2008. It was selected as one of our ESO Large Programme targets, aimed at observational detections of the YORP effect through longterm lightcurve monitoring and physical modelling of near-Earth asteroids. Aims. We aimed to constrain physical properties of Cuyo: shape, spin-state, and spectroscopic & thermophysical properties of the surface. Methods. We acquired...

Unit Costs of Health and Social Care 2019

Lesley A. Curtis & Amanda Burns

The Minimal Continuous Semantics of the Lambda-Calculus

Peter H. Welch

Can Car Engine Idling Be Reduced Using Persuasive Messages? Canterbury Air and Noise Experiment 2018-19

William Dominic Joshua Abrams, Tim Hopthrow, Imada Hirotaka, Hilal Ozkececi, Fanny Lalot & Anne Templeton

Foreword: Consorting with Characters

Murray Smith

Evaluation of the Kent & Medway One Care Pilot

Jenny R. Billings, Gregory White & Rasa Mikelyte

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