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Masculinity and Access to Basic Education in Nigeria

Chidi Ezegwu
Nigeria currently has some of the worst and persistent poor access to education, social inequality and the highest number of out-of-school children in the world. In the literature, some of the identified reasons for these include poverty, early marriage, religious and cultural values (Humphreys and Crawfurd, 2014; Save the Children, 2016; UNESCO, 2019). While there has been a multiplicity of interventions to address these and promote access to basic education in the past two decades,...

Deleuze and Organisations

Harkaitz Ibaiondo
Why is it that some organisations resist much-needed change, even when change is self-evident? Why do organisations and organisational actors keep on following the same processes, rules, and strategies, even when existing organisational procedures and routines no longer seem to work? How can we account for organisational transformation, or the lack thereof? ‘We’ here does not refer to academics or researchers. It refers to organisational researchers and practitioners. In other words, how can I, as...

Organizing e-Waste

Alison Stowell
The dataset was created from material gathered from six organisations (4 private sector, 1 charity, 1 social enterprise) working in the e-waste management. The data includes, email correspondence, access letters, ethical approval, websites, internal and external documentation, interviews, interview transcripts, photographs, field diaries and financial records. Data cannot be shared for reasons explained below.

EAD2017 - Ethical Workshop data

Vanessa Thomas, Angelika Strohmayer, Matthew Marshall, Nataly Birbeck & Manu Hohnekamp-Bruggemann
The pictures contained within this file have followed the structure and flow of our workshop. Due to privacy concerns and ethical considerations, we are unable to offer complete transcripts of the event, nor include photos of the participants’ faces.

Human papillomavirus type 20 in Lancaster, winter 2014-2015

Derek Gatherer
Data relating to deep sequencing of novel strain of human papillomavirus type 20, designated HPV-20/Lancaster/2015.

Nanoscale imaging and characterisation of Amyloid-β

Claire Tinker-Mill
In this work several novel Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM) methods have been applied to the study of the amyloid peptide implicated in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Amyloid-β (Aβ) undergoes a hierarchy of aggregation following a structural transition making it an ideal subject of studying with SPM. The application of SPM based techniques to biological samples has become increasingly common place. However, these techniques are not always immediately suitable for imaging delicate samples of...

Human papillomavirus type 23 in Lancaster, winter 2014-2015

Derek Gatherer
Data relating to deep sequencing of novel strain of human papillomavirus type 23, designated HPV-23/Lancaster/2015.

Observation of quantum turbulence in superfluid 3He-B using reflection and transmission of ballistic thermal excitations

Anthony Michael Guénault, Richard Peter Haley, George Richard Pickett, Viktor Tsepelin & Martin Jackson
The data set corresponds to the figures (excluding schematics and images) in the associated publication. Data for each of the figures are clearly labelled, and fulfil EPSRC requirements. Full details of how the data was generated are given in the associated publication. This is the revised version of the dataset. The older version is available at https://dx.doi.org/10.17635/lancaster/researchdata/124.

Network DEA analysis of secondary schools

Geraint Johnes
Data associated with keynote paper to be delivered at the Association of EDucation Economics (AEDE) Conference, Universidad Catolica San Antonio de Murcia, Murcia, Spain, 29-30 June 2017. Data are in a stata file. Variables used in the network DEA appear in columns fsm through alevel. The file also includes the network DEA efficiency scores (Score with the node1 or node2 indicator in column Node providing information about the node of the network to which the...

Probability of partially decoding network-coded messages [data]

Ioannis Chatzigeorgiou
Data for the generation of the figures presented in the paper "Probability of partially decoding network-coded messages", which has been accepted for publication in IEEE Communications Letters.

NRCan Riometer data, 7-15 March 2012

Neil Rogers
Supporting Information for the journal paper: Rogers et al. "Improving the twilight model for polar cap absorption nowcasts", Space Weather, 2016. This supporting information provides measurements from the Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) riometers, which were used in Section 3.5 of the paper. The original NRCan riometer data (at 1-second intervals) is available on request from Donald.Danskin@Canada.ca. The time series in dataset S1 are the medians of the absorption values (dB) in 5-minute periods for each...

The cost of caring

Ellysia-Grace Thompson
A growing body of literature has attempted to understand the personal costs associated with professionally caring for others. This thesis aimed to balance both qualitative and quantitative methods to better understand compassion fatigue within mental health and drug and alcohol professions. A qualitative meta-synthesis was conducted in order to understand the lived experience of compassion fatigue, vicarious/secondary trauma, and burnout. Reviewing eleven papers demonstrated that feeling undervalued and lacking resources contributed to experiencing compassion fatigue,...

Adaptive designs for complex dose finding studies

Pavel Mozgunov
The goal of an early phase clinical trial is to find the regimen (dose, combination, schedule, etc.) satisfying particular toxicity or (and) efficacy characteristics. Designs for trials studying doses of a single cytotoxic drug are based on the fundamental assumption "the more the better", that is, the toxicity and efficacy increase with the dose. This monotonicity assumption can be violated for novel therapies and for more advanced trials studying drug combinations or schedules. It also...

An exploration of the potential for analytic autonetnography as an emerging eResearch methodology, to examine my networked learning teaching praxis

Lyz Howard
Presented using performative writing in the form of an autonetnographic monograph, this research explores how analytic autonetnography (aANG), as an emerging eResearch methodology, might contribute to the field of networked learning (NL). As an experienced face-to-face teacher, yet neophyte online teacher, an examination of the literature to determine the key roles, attributes and characteristics of the online teacher highlighted a developmental chasm between doing online teaching and being an online teacher. With the intention to...

The perception and fears of sharing personal digital data in digital public space

Joel Porter
This thesis provides a critical and practice based investigation of personal fears of sharing personal digital data. In it, I explore the fears and growing tensions between the requirements to share personal information while maintaining the need to control and protect personal privacy. The emphasis of this study was to develop research through a series of multi-disciplinary, practice-based projects alongside external industry partners. I begin by exploring the rise in surveillance methods, from the Panopticon...

Agent-based modelling of social risk amplification during product crises

Yun Liu
Public response to risk is socially shaped in a way that often over- or under-estimates expert risk assessments. One of the main theoretical tools to examine public risk perception is the social amplification of risk framework (SARF). This framework proposes a mechanism through which risk responses arise from interactions among various social actors, but past empirical work has been mainly concerned with correlations between structural variables rather than the mechanism of amplification and the process...

Data for \"Nonlinear mode competition and symmetry-protected power oscillations in topological lasers\"

Henning Schomerus & Simon Malzard
Data for "Nonlinear mode competition and symmetry-protected power oscillations in topological lasers" by Malzard and Schomerus For Fig 1 we provide the raw spectral plot produced directly in Mathematica For all other figures see the subheadings in .dat files for association of the data.

Developing and utilising a realist-constructivist analytical framework towards understanding the European Union’s Common Security and Defence Policy

Lee D Turpin
This thesis develops and utilises a realist-constructivist framework for the purposes of analysing the development of the European Union’s Common Security and Defence Policy. This thesis challenges ‘paradigmatic thinking’ within the discipline of International Relations to demonstrate that constructivist elements are not only commensurable to realist analysis of international relations, but can bring added value to our understanding of how states’ interpret and respond to the threats and incentives of the international system. Inspired by...

Banach algebras on groups and semigroups

Jared White
This thesis concerns the theory of Banach algebras, particularly those coming from abstract harmonic analysis. The focus for much of the thesis is the theory of the ideals of these algebras. In the final chapter we use semigroup algebras to solve an open probelm in the theory of C*-algebras. Throughout the thesis we are interested in the interplay between abstract algebra and analysis. Chapters 2, 4, and 5 are closely based upon the articles [88],...

Quantum control of the electronic and thermal properties of Fullerenes and Exohedral Fullerenes

Nasser Almutlaq
In recent years, driven by the need to downsize to the molecular level, advances in technology has made the manufacture of nanoscale devices possible. In this thesis I will investigate the theoretical electronic and thermal properties of a carbon based class of nanoscale materials by examining the possibility of using fullerenes and decachlorofullerenes as building blocks towards viable molecular scale devices. In particular I have looked at ways to enhance the electronic communication between fullerenes...

OFDMA Optimisation

Adam Letchford
Data for OFDMA systems. The number of users is either 4 or 6, and the "demand ratio" is in {0.75,0.80,0.85,0.90,0.95}. For each combination, there are ten random instances. The noise values are in Watts and the user demands are in Megabits per second.

The stability and degradation of PECVD fluoropolymer nanofilms

David Cheneler & James Bowen

The role of affective theory of mind in the association between trauma and psychotic-Like experiences

Matia Monastra
While it has been established that childhood trauma is associated with experiencing psychosis, the dynamics of this relationship are far from being understood. Social cognition is thought to be an important factor for understanding this association as it has been found that social difficulties predict functional outcome in psychosis better than non-social cognitive difficulties. This thesis set out to explore these variables, specifically the role that affective theory of mind has on the association between...

Asthma, caregiving and mental health

Javier Malda Castillo
This thesis includes a systematic literature review, a research outcome paper and a critical appraisal. The systematic literature review summarises 20 outcome papers that explore the use of Mentalisation-Based Treatment (MBT) in participants with different mental health presentations. The results suggest that MBT has strong evidence in the treatment of people with a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and that MBT has the potential of improving clinical outcomes in people with diagnoses of eating...

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