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Affine differential geometry and singularity theory

Declan Denis Daniel Davis

Wetting and CO Oxidation on Transition Metal and Bimetallic Surfaces

MS Taylor
The oxidation of carbon monoxide has been investigated in two different systems, Au alloyed with Pd(111) at room temperature and Cu(110) at 90 to 170 K. All experiments were conducted under UHV conditions using mass spectrometry and temperature-programmed desorption to follow the reaction. For the Au/Pd(111) system the intention was to improve the catalytic activity of the pure Pd(111) crystal by alloying with Au, as bimetallic alloys often display enhanced catalytic activities compared to that...

Functional Microporous Carbons for Energy and Environmental Applications

JM Lee
Porous materials are useful in various energy and environmental applications such as electrodes for supercapacitive energy storage, gas storage media, and sieves for the removal of toxic chemicals. Carbonaceous materials derived from biomass have been widely used, but the properties obtained are variable as a result of the variation in the composition of the biomass often used to form them. The use of functionalised polymers as carbonisation precursors allows greater control of the structure and...

Development Of Image Analysis Methods Applied To Collagen Imaged With Different Techniques

MA Leibl
This thesis is concerned with the development of analysis strategies for microscopic images of collagen, with the specific aim to minimise as far as possible the need for user input, thereby reducing potential bias. Images of collagen were chosen for analysis, as collagen is an easily available and biologically important molecule, whose organisation in tissues is of great interest due to its pivotal role in biomechanics, and its implication in many disease states. Quantifying its...

The impacts of biotic and abiotic factors on resource subsidy processes - leaf litter breakdown in freshwaters

H Xiang
Freshwaters are closely linked with adjacent terrestrial ecosystems through reciprocal resource subsidies, which are fluxes of nutrients, organisms, and materials between ecosystems. Terrestrial ecosystems provide many resource subsidies to freshwaters including leaf litter, one of the most prevalent terrestrial-derived subsidies. Inputs of leaf litter fuel detritivores food web, as food resources and refuges, and affect nutrients cycling in freshwaters. The decomposition of leaf litter is subjected to many biotic and abiotic factors, which makes it...

Learning and Leveraging Structured Knowledge from User-Generated Social Media Data

Hang Dong
Knowledge has long been a crucial element in Artificial Intelligence (AI), which can be traced back to knowledge-based systems, or expert systems, in the 1960s. Knowledge provides contexts to facilitate machine understanding and improves the explainability and performance of many semantic-based applications. The acquisition of knowledge is, however, a complex step, normally requiring much effort and time from domain experts. In machine learning as one key domain of AI, the learning and leveraging of structured...

Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic Modelling of anti-Wolbachia Agents

David Waterhouse
Lymphatic filariasis (LF) and onchocerciasis are priority neglect tropical disease that together infect more than 84 million people worldwide, with an at-risk population of 1.5 billion people, meaning the need for mass drug administration programmes over sustained period of time is a must. Current and historical chemotherapeutic approaches to LF and onchocerciasis control have relied heavily upon drugs with only microfilaricidal activity. Failure to develop a macrofilaricide capable of being deployed within the mass drug...

The Modification of Nucleosides to Probe Decarboxylation and Denitration Processes

KR Williams

Electronic Characterisation of Earth-Abundant Sulphides for Solar Photovoltaics

TJ Whittles
This thesis explores the electronic characterisation of materials for use as absorber layers within photovoltaic solar cells: an attractive solution to the energy crisis. Primarily, XPS was used to characterise CuSbS₂, Cu₃BiS₃, SnS, and Cu₂ZnSnS₄. All of these materials can be classified as earth-abundant: an important factor when considering materials that are both readily available and environmentally friendly. To varying degrees, all of these materials are established as potential absorber layers, with reports of successful,...

Lexical Priming and Metaphor: Application of the theory of Lexical Priming to metaphoric language.

KJ Patterson
Metaphoricity is often regarded as a distinctive linguistic phenomenon, in opposition to literal, or non-figurative language. Recent research from a corpus-linguistic perspective has begun to show, however, that such a dichotomist stance to metaphor does not bear scrutiny. Current categorization of metaphoric language is unable to address the fuzzy, ambiguous nature of metaphoricity with any definitive set of linguistic characteristics (Deignan, 2005; Partington, 2006; Philip, 2011). Moreover, a metaphor’s ability to violate or bend the...

Investigation of a role for the endosomal deubiquitylase USP8 in cancer cell survival pathways

AE Howarth

Study of the Electronic Structure of InSb by Electron Spectroscopy

AN Al Sawi

Leptospire dynamics in its reservoir host in a Brazilian slum setting

A Minter

BI 6727 and gemcitabine combination therapy in pancreatic cancer

OP Jones
Introduction: Though adjuvant chemotherapy improves survival following surgery, pancreatic cancer carries a poor prognosis. Alternatives are required to the current drug regimens consisting of S-phase dependent drugs such as gemcitabine. PLK1 is a passenger protein involved in G2/M phases which presents a novel target to inhibit in combination with current therapies, which may help overcome inate and acquired resistance. Aim: To evaluate the potential role of a novel PLK1 inhibitor, BI 6727 in pancreatic cancer...


AJ Thomas
BACKGROUND: Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) is usually a systemic disease and so requires chemotherapy even when surgical resection is possible. Current agents such as gemcitabine are only effective in a minority of patients and chemoresistance is an important issue faced in pancreatic cancer. There is an urgent need for more effective therapies; Novel agents may offer an avenue for this. The CDK family of protein kinases are pivotal in cell cycle regulation that is often...

Investigating the Mechanism of Aurora B Transport by the Kinesin Motor MKlp2

RD Baron

Independent Sets in Line of Sight Networks

PS Sangha
In this thesis we study the maximum independent set problem in both 2 and higher dimensional line of sight networks. The maximum independent set problem seeks to find a largest set of pairwise disjoint vertices and we will study both the decision version and the optimisation version of the problem in this thesis. The line of sight network model was introduced to provide a model of geometric graph that incorporates both range and line of...

Career progression decisions: a life history study of female academics in a Russell Group University

Carol Costello
Despite the UK’s equality legislation meaning that women are entitled to the same chance as men to apply for top jobs, recent data shows that in academia, women do not apply or progress to the top of their career path in the same numbers as men. This qualitative study, based in the University of Liverpool, looked at the data from life history interviews with 19 women working in two subject area groupings – Science, Technology,...

Characterisation of Wnt/β-catenin signaling in rhabdomyosarcoma

SR Annavarapu, S Cialfi, C Dominici, GK Kokai, S Uccini, S Ceccarelli, HP McDowell & TR Helliwell
Rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS) is the most common soft tissue sarcoma in children and accounts for about 5% of all malignant paediatric tumours. β-Catenin, a multifunctional nuclear transcription factor in the canonical Wnt signaling pathway, is active in myogenesis and embryonal somite patterning. Dysregulation of Wnt signaling facilitates tumour invasion and metastasis. This study characterizes Wnt/β-catenin signaling and functional activity in paediatric embryonal and alveolar RMS. Immunohistochemical assessment of paraffin-embedded tissues from 44 RMS showed β-catenin expression...

The Role of Decapping Factors During Nonsense-Mediated Decay (NMD) in Aspergillus nidulans

I Bharudin
RNA degradation is ubiquitous and it is clear that it must be carefully controlled to accurately recognise and target appropriate transcripts. There are several pathways for mRNA degradation and decapping is one of the critical steps in determining transcript stability. The focus of this study was the identification and characterisation of factors involved in decapping and their involvement in nonsense-mediated mRNA decay (NMD) in Aspergillus nidulans. Our studies have shown that disruption of two decapping...

The development of new molecular tools to investigate epidermal Ca2+ homeostasis

WJ Talbot
The calcium ion (Ca2+) is a ubiquitous second messenger with well-established roles across many tissue systems. In the epidermis, Ca2+ has long been identified as a primary regulator of proliferation, differentiation, and barrier homeostasis. A gradient in Ca2+ has been observed with the general view that both intracellular and extracellular Ca2+ concentrations are lowest in the basal layer and peaking in the upper granular layer. Work in vitro has identified that modifications of extracellular Ca2+...

Applied Photogrammetry in Orthopaedic Implant Manufacture

SEK Evans

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