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Single Molecule Conductance Studies of Organometallic Complexes Bearing 3-Thienyl Contacting Groups

David Costa Milan & Richard Nichols


Rob Marrs

Oxygen permeation and stability of Mo-substituted BSCF membranes

Hripsime Gasparyan, John Claridge & Matthew Rosseinsky

Modelled British river water temperatures (1982-2011)

Art Jonkers & Kieran Sharkey

Conduction mechanisms in Al-Ta2O5-Al2O3-Al rectifiers (IEEE PRIME 2015)

Ivona Z. Mitrovic

Self limiting atomic layer deposition of conformal nano-structured silver films

Richard Potter, Zahra Golrokhi, Sophia Chalker & Chris Sutcliffe

Self-assembled dynamic perovskite composite cathodes for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells

Felix Shin, Matthew Rosseinsky, John Claridge, Wen Xu, Marco Zanella, Stanislav Savvin & Karl Dawson

Tortuosity values

Yuyuan Zhao

La3Li3W2O12: Ionic diffusion in a Perovskite with Lithium on both A- and B-Sites

Matthew Dyer, Michael Pitcher, Alma Santibanez Mendieta, Christophe Didier, Kenneth Inglis, Marco Zanella, Luke Daniels, Felix Shin, Alex Corkett, Aydar Rakhmatullin, Ming Li, John Claridge, Frederic Blanc & Matthew Rosseinsky

Nano-structured rhodium doped SrTiO3 – visible light activated photocatalyst for water decontamination

Borbala Kiss, Troy Manning, David Hesp, Christophe Didier, Arthur Taylor, David Pickup, Alan Chadwick, Heather Allison, Vin Dhanak, John Claridge, Jim Darwent & Matthew Rosseinsky

Accelerated discovery of two new structure types in a complex inorganic phase field

Chris Collins, Matthew Dyer, Michael Pitcher, George Whitehead, Marco Zanella, Pranab Mandal, John Claridge, George Darling & Matthew Rosseinsky

Sawangsri et al., Microelectronic Engineering, volume 178, pages 178-181 (2017)

Ivona Z. Mitrovic

PhD fieldwok interviews: Wylfa Newydd on Anglsey

Fabok Marton

Validation of chondrocyte and tenocyte gene expression by qPCR

Alan Mueller, Simon Tew, Olga Vasieva, Peter Clegg & Elizabeth Laird


Yaochun Shen

Data for \"Bi4O4Cu1.7Se2.7Cl0.3: Intergrowth of BiOCuSe and Bi2O2Se Stabilized by the Addition of a Third Anion\"

Quinn Gibson, Matthew Dyer, Jonathan Alaria, Holly Edwards, Vin Dhanak, Troy Manning & Matthew Rosseinsky

Storm data collected from four nuclear power station sites for ARCoES project

Gerd Masselink & Pedro Almeida

The sero-epidemiology of Rift Valley Fever in people in the Lake Victoria Basin of western Kenya

EAJ Cook, EN Grossi-Soyster, WA De Glanville, LF Thomas, S Kariuki, BMdeC Bronsvoort, CN Wamae, AD LaBeaud & Eric Fevre

Molten Salt reactor study

Bruno Merk

Sensitive Analysis of Protein Adsorption to Colloidal Gold by Differential Centrifugal Sedimentation

Martin Volk, Mathias Brust, David L. Cooper & Adam Davidson

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