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Analysis of drug-protein adducts and their role in drug hypersensitivity.

AA Tailor
Idiosyncratic drug reactions are extremely severe and are not attributed to the normal pharmacology of a drug. Elucidating their toxicological mechanisms have been challenging. In recent years, idiosyncratic drug-induced liver injury (iDILI) has been linked with the immune system proposing that tissue damage may be mediated by the cytotoxicity of T-cells. Furthermore, several associations have been found with iDILI and gene polymorphisms which code for human leukocyte antigen (HLA). The hapten model of drug hypersensitivity...

Implementing computational techniques to investigate immune-mediated adverse drug reactions

G Ghattaoraya
The highly polymorphic human leukocyte antigens are an important player in the immune response against pathogens. However, the variability can also cause problems to patients, clinicians and drug manufacturers due to the phenomenon of immunologically based adverse drug reactions (ADRs) where the interaction between the drug and antigen presenting proteins can interfere with the body’s ability to recognise host cells leading the immune system to mount a response against the host. The underlying mechanisms by...

Structural and functional brain plasticity for acquisition of drumming expertise.

Manal Alosaimi

Efficient Manufacture of Emulsion Intermediates in Cavity-design Mixers

Ryan Burger
Emulsions are ubiquitous across the process industries and are often utilised in applications where controlled delivery of a key ingredient (e.g. an oil or water soluble compound) is an important consideration. Their functional properties e.g. the rate of absorption or coverage of a surface is generally determined by the size and size distribution of dispersed domains or microstructure. Control over the formulation, process route and type of equipment all influence the resulting microstructure. The focus...

Other people’s children: representations of paid-childcare in Britain, 1867-1908

James Hinks
This thesis critically examines how informal child-care, performed for money, was subject to sustained scrutiny between 1867-1908. This period saw women who took children into their home in exchange for payment being subject to judicial sanction,press comment and legislative intervention. The passage of the 1908 Children Act marked the point at which all women who took in children for money were subjected to legislation for the first time. Existing scholarship on this topic has largely...

Molecular ecological characterization of a honey bee ectoparasitic mite, Tropilaelaps mercedesae.

Xiaofeng Dong
Tropilaelaps mercedesae (small mite) is one of two major honey bee ectoparasitic mite species responsible for the colony losses of Apis mellifera in Asia. Although T. mercedesae mites are still restricted in Asia (except Japan), they may diffuse all over the world due to the ever-increasing global trade of live honey bees (ex. Varroa destructor). Understanding the ecological characteristics of T. mercedesae at molecular level could potentially result in improving the management and control programs....

Indicators of urban health in the youth population of Kuwait City and Jahra, Kuwait

FM Al-Zarban

Quasi-Realism: A Defence

Rachel Handley

Parallel diffractive multi-beam ultrafast laser micro-processing

Z Kuang
During the last decade, ultrashort pulse lasers have been employed for high precision surface micro-structuring of materials such as metals, semiconductors and dielectrics with little thermal damage. Due to the ultra high intensity of focussed femtosecond pulses (I > 1012W/cm2), nonlinear absorption can be induced at the focus leading to highly localised material ablation or modification. This is now opening up applications ranging from integrated optics, through multi-photon induced refractive index engineering to precision surface...

Do patients’ perceptions of the quality of their relationships with clinicians mediate relationships between attachment style and distress in ocular melanoma patients?

EJ Forde
Relationships between attachment style, distress and clinical relationships in oncology settings: A systematic narrative literature review Abstract Cancer diagnosis, treatment and prognosis is challenging to patients. Coping with stress is in part an interpersonal process, and patients’ capacities to form relationships with clinicians can influence their well-being. This systematic narrative review aims to understand how patient attachment style might predict dissatisfaction with clinical relationships and distress in cancer patients, and factors that mediate or moderate...

Agricultural Straw Fibre Reinforced Concrete for Potential Industrial Ground-Floor Slab Application

B Nepal
The primary objective of this research was to advance, through experimental research, knowledge on the use of agricultural straw fibre reinforcement in concrete. The focus is on the manufacture of straw composites, development of concrete matrix and investigation of concrete samples by various tests and standards to assess suitability for using in ground-floor slab application. Synthetic fibres such as steel and polypropylene used in construction industry are not only expensive, but carbon emissions produced during...

Independent Sets in Line of Sight Networks

PS Sangha
In this thesis we study the maximum independent set problem in both 2 and higher dimensional line of sight networks. The maximum independent set problem seeks to find a largest set of pairwise disjoint vertices and we will study both the decision version and the optimisation version of the problem in this thesis. The line of sight network model was introduced to provide a model of geometric graph that incorporates both range and line of...

Individual variation in sociality and social foraging strategies in the Australasian gannet (Morus serrator)

Teri Jones
Animals in groups experience both costs and benefits from social associations. For instance, sociality may increase competition and the risk of disease exposure, while conversely providing benefits of increased predator protection, foraging efficiency and access to sources of social information. Colonial species live in a particularly complex social environment, presenting significant opportunity for intraspecific social interactions. Indeed access to social information, particularly in terms of social foraging, has frequently been proposed as an important factor...

Factors that influence capital structure decisions between owners of family businesses and their administrators in medium sized organizations

B Tejuoso
Family businesses are known to have problems with capital structure decision making, and this is evident within the Nigerian family business context. While other areas in the family business field have been well studied, the factors that influence capital structure decisions have been grossly understudied; particularly from the perspective of family business owners and the administrators that manage their businesses. This dissertation addresses this understudied section in the family business literature while simultaneously addressing a...

Television Food Advertising to Children: Exposure, Power and Potential Consequences

R Whalen

Speed Sensorless Induction Motor Drive Control for Electric Vehicles

SJ Rind
Fast diminishing fossil fuel resources, deterioration in air quality and concerns for environmental protection, continuously promote the interest in the research and development of Alternative Energy Vehicles (AEVs). Traction motor drive is an integral part and common electric propulsion system in all kinds of AEVs. It plays an utmost significant role in the development of electrified transport industry. Application of Induction Motor (IM) drive is not only limited to the domestic and industrial applications but...

Large Eddy Simulation of Coastal Structures-Induced Large Scale Coherent Eddy and Sediment Transport

Gugum Gumbira
The existence of structures, such as groynes, breakwaters and dykes as the coastal protection system can produce continuous disturbance in the vertical shear flow. As a consequence, large-predominantly 2D coherent structures are introduced to the main flow. The structures, that can grow due to energy transfer from shear stress and dissipate due to bottom friction, have lateral dimension larger than water depth. One of the primary objectives in this study is to take into account...

Regulating stem cell behaviour using bioengineered culture substrates

CJ Hill

Bucolic Politics: The Administration of Sir Robert Walpole and the Rise of the Country Interest

P Sargeant
Through an examination of a variety letters and printed works, this thesis argues that the political influence of the Country interest during the administration of Robert Walpole has been systematically underestimated in the historiography. New and previously neglected archival sources have been uncovered to form a better understanding of how the Country interest operated during the period. The emergence of the Country helps to address wider historical issues, such as why a ‘rage of party’...

An exploration of factors that may influence the subjective well-being of students

JG Le Couteur


Gulnaz Aksenova
Ecosystem strategies have increased in importance as a powerful means by which competing interdependent organisations cooperate to create innovation that no single firm can match. As such, nowadays, scholars, practitioners and policy makers actively search for mechanisms to enable ecosystem emergence and orchestration. Prior research has generally examined strategies of established long-lived successful ecosystems in which ecosystem orchestrators take different approaches (closed-system and open-system) to ecosystem orchestration. Less is known about failed ecosystems and the...

Fire and Herbivory in the Serengeti-Mara

JR Probert

Dynamic and static cues for binocular vision – a systematic comparison

L Tidbury
Background Patients who are diagnosed as stereo blind, during clinical assessment have reported a compelling, volumetric perception of depth during stereoscopic viewing at the cinema. This effect cannot entirely be explained by the monocular cues present in the cinematic presentation. This lead to the theory that depth from binocular cues may be more apparent when motion is included in the scene. As an object approaches in space is detected through the use of two binocular...

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