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2D and 3D phenotyping murine models of Amelogenesis imperfecta

Thomas Liam Coxon

Dietary and genetic influence on regulation of intestinal sodium/glucose cotransporter 1 (SGLT1)

Daniel James Batchelor

Near real time automatic interpretation of ground penetrating radar data for utility detection

Umar Shahbaz Khan

Role of provenance on clay minerals and their distribution in modern estuaries

Ehsan Daneshvar

Physiological and behavioural measures of stress in domestic horses

Tamsin Jane Young

Physiological and pathological intracellular calcium release in human and murine pancreatic acinar cells

John Anthony Murphy

Rhodium-catalysed [(m+2+2)] carbocyclisation reactions

Helen Jeanette Laidlaw

Molecular pharmacology of the electron transport chain of mycobacterium tuberculosis

Teresa Sofia Rito

Development of a chick model to identify LSAMP gene expression enhancers

Michael Lyons

An investigation into the migration of fenestrated aortic stent-grafts

Andrew England

Investigation of syringe-based Direct Write (DW) for antenna manufacture

Rd Khairilhijra Khirotdin

The development of Compton imaging techniques for the GammaKEV project using the AGATA A006 detector

Michael John Slee

Structural and functional investigation of Na+, K+-ATPase regulators : FXYD proteins and cardiac glycosides

Christopher Andrew Paul Whittaker

Biomolecules on micro/nano-structures

Serban Dobroiu

Life-history correlates of Myobacterium bovis infection in individual Eurasion badgers (Meles meles)

Alexandra Jane Tomlinson

Dynnikov coordinates and pseudo-Anosov braids

Saadet Öykü Yurttas

Clinico-pathological and molecular prognostic factors in resected pancreatic cancer

Richard Anthony Smith

Characterisation of an asymmetric AGATA detector

Carl David Unsworth

Investigation of the role of inflammation in drug-induced hepatotoxicity

Craig Andrew Benson

Speciation of trace metals and metalloids in natural waters using the vibrating gold microwire electrode

Kristopher Bryant Gibbon-Walsh

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