16 Works

Oxygen permeation and stability of Mo-substituted BSCF membranes

Hripsime Gasparyan, John Claridge & Matthew Rosseinsky


Rob Marrs

Self limiting atomic layer deposition of conformal nano-structured silver films

Richard Potter, Zahra Golrokhi, Sophia Chalker & Chris Sutcliffe

Visible light photocatalysis by metal-to-metal charge transfer for degradation of methyl orange

C.P. Ireland, R.G. Palgrave, S.C. Bennett, A.W.J Smith, J.H. Clark, Jim Darwent, John Claridge, S Poulson & Matthew Rosseinsky

(Sub)surface Promoted Disproportionation and Absolute Band Alignment in High-Power LiMn2O4 Cathodes

Ivan Scivetti & Gilberto Teobaldi

The effect of Mg location on Co-Mg-Ru/γ-Al2O3 Fischer-Tropsch catalysts

James R Gallagher, Paul Boldrin, John Claridge & Matthew Rosseinsky

Catalytic response and stability of Ni/Alumina prepared from layered double hydroxides for the hydrogenation of 5-hydroxymethyl furfural in water

Noemie Perret, Alex Grigoropoulos, Marco Zanella, Troy Manning, John Claridge & Matthew Rosseinsky

The Influence of Socio-economic, Behavioural and Environmental Factors on Taenia spp. Transmission in Western Kenya: Evidence from a Cross-sectional Survey in Humans and Pigs (People, Animals and their Zoonoses - PAZ - project)

Eric Fevre, NA Wardrop, LF Thomas, PM Atkinson, WA De Glanville, EAJ Cook, CN Wamae, S Gabriel, P Dorny & LJS Harrison

Conductance data for oligoynes

David Costa Milan

Multiple Pulse Laser Ignition for IJPT Journal

Hua Cheng

Vibrotactile presentation of musical notes

Carl Hopkins, Saul Mate-Cid, Robert Fulford, Gary Seiffert & Jane Ginsborg

Conductance data for viologens

Richard Nichols, Samantha Catarelli & Henrry Osorio Calvopina

Singlet Oxygen Generation by Laser Irradiation of Gold Nanoparticles

Martin Volk, Mathias Brust, Samantha Chadwick, Peneolope Livesey & Dina Salah

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