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Sensitive Analysis of Protein Adsorption to Colloidal Gold by Differential Centrifugal Sedimentation

Martin Volk, Mathias Brust, David L. Cooper & Adam Davidson

Storm data collected from four nuclear power station sites for ARCoES project

Gerd Masselink & Pedro Almeida

Accelerated discovery of two new structure types in a complex inorganic phase field

Chris Collins, Matthew Dyer, Michael Pitcher, George Whitehead, Marco Zanella, Pranab Mandal, John Claridge, George Darling & Matthew Rosseinsky

The sero-epidemiology of Rift Valley Fever in people in the Lake Victoria Basin of western Kenya

EAJ Cook, EN Grossi-Soyster, WA De Glanville, LF Thomas, S Kariuki, BMdeC Bronsvoort, CN Wamae, AD LaBeaud & Eric Fevre

Validation of chondrocyte and tenocyte gene expression by qPCR

Alan Mueller, Simon Tew, Olga Vasieva, Peter Clegg & Elizabeth Laird

Sawangsri et al., Microelectronic Engineering, volume 178, pages 178-181 (2017)

Ivona Z. Mitrovic

PhD fieldwok interviews: Wylfa Newydd on Anglsey

Fabok Marton

Molten Salt reactor study

Bruno Merk


Yaochun Shen

Side Group-Mediated Mechanical Conductance Switching in Molecular Junctions

Andrea Vezzoli, Simon Higgins & Richard Nichols

Data for \"Bi4O4Cu1.7Se2.7Cl0.3: Intergrowth of BiOCuSe and Bi2O2Se Stabilized by the Addition of a Third Anion\"

Quinn Gibson, Matthew Dyer, Jonathan Alaria, Holly Edwards, Vin Dhanak, Troy Manning & Matthew Rosseinsky

Poor performance of the rapid test for human brucellosis in health facilities in Kenya

WA De Glanville, R Conde-Álvarez, I Moriyón, J Njeru, R Díaz, EAJ Cook, M Morin, BMdeC Bronsvoort, LF Thomas, S Kariuki & Eric Fevre

The role of nitrogen doping in ALD Ta2O5 and its influence on multilevel cell switching in RRAM

Paul Chalker, Richard Potter, Stephen Hall, Ian Brunell, Naser Sedghi, Karl Dawson, James Gibbon & Vin Dhanak

Data for: Single-molecule photocurrent at a metal-molecule-semiconductor junction

Andrea Vezzoli, Richard Nichols & Simon Higgins

Data for \"A quantitative evaluation of physical and digital approaches to centre of mass estimation\"

Sophie Macaulay, John R. Hutchinson & Karl T. Bates

Raw data for Lee et al. Journal of Physical Chemistry Part C 2017

Jonathan Lee, Alexander Cowan & Frank Jaeckel

Extraction of the sub-band gap density of states of Nb doped ZnO thin film transistors using C - V measurements

Andrew Shaw, Jidong Jin, Ivona Mitrovic, Steve Hall, Jacqueline Wrench & Paul Chalker

Detecting mechanochemical atropisomerization within an STM breakjunction

Edmund Leary

data files related to the paper published at Biomedical Optics Express, 8 (2017) 5579-5593

Yaochun Shen & Samuel Lawman

Room temperature magnetically ordered polar corundum GaFeO3 displaying magnetoelectric coupling

Hongjun Niu, Michael J. Pitcher, Alex J. Corkett, Sanliang Ling, Pranab Mandal, Marco Zanella, Karl Dawson, Plamen Stamenov, Dmitry Batuk, Artem M. Abakumov, Craig L. Bull, Ronald I. Smith, Claire A. Murray, Sarah J. Day, Ben Slater, Cora Furio, John B. Claridge & Matthew J. Rosseinsky

Formal verification of autonomous vehicle platooning

Maryam Kamali, Louise Dennis & Michael Fisher

Experimental data for \"AgBiI4 as a Lead-Free Solar Absorber with Potential Application in Photovoltaics\"

Harry Sansom, George Whitehead, Matthew Dyer, Marco Zanella, Troy Manning, Michael Pitcher, Thomas Whittles, Vin Dhanak, Jonathan Alaria, John Claridge & Matthew Rosseinsky

ARCoES Valuing continuous electricity supply subproject

Mary Dean & Karyn Morrissey

An integrated study of human and animal infectious disease in the Lake Victoria Crescent small-holder crop-livestock production system, Kenya

Eric Fevre, WA De Glanville, LF Thomas, EAJ Cook, S Kariuki & CN Wamae

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