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Structural Elucidation of Amorphous Photocatalytic Polymers from Dynamic Nuclear Polarization Enhanced Solid State NMR

Nick J. Brownbill, Reiner Sebastian Sprick, Baltasar Bonillo, Shane Pawsey, Fabien Aussenac, Alistair J. Fielding, Andrew I. Cooper & Frederic Blanc

Data for: Bias-driven conductance increase with length in porphyrin tapes

Edmund Leary

Oligothiophenes NMRs for molecular electronics studies

Andrea Vezzoli, Richard Nichols & Simon Higgins

Linkage matrix of marine ecosystem services and ecosystem components, Version 1.0

Fiona Culhane, Chris Frid, Eva Royo Gelabert, Lydia White & Leonie Robinson

Computational prediction and experimental realization of p-type carriers in the wide band-gap oxide SrZn1−xLixO2

Christos Tzitzeklis, Jyoti Gupta, Matthew Dyer, Troy Manning, Michael Pitcher, Hongjun Niu, Stanislav Savvin, Jonathan Alaria, George Darling, John Claridge & Matthew Rosseinsky

Household socioeconomic position and infectious disease risk in rural Kenya

William WA De Glanville, Lian Thomas, EAJ Cook, BM Bronsvoort, NC Wamae, S Kariuki & Eric Fevre

Data dictionary for Hassell et al (2018) “changes in urban land use drive variation in the structure of wildlife-livestock-human interfaces”

James Hassell, Judy Bettridge, MJ Ward, A Ogendo, T Imboma, F Fava, TP Robinson, Michael Begon & Eric Fevre

A and B site doping of a phonon-glass perovskite oxide thermoelectric

Luke Daniels, Sanliang Ling, Stanislav Savvin, Michael Pitcher, Matthew Dyer, John Claridge, Ben Slater, Furio Cora, Jonathan Alaria & Matthew Rosseinsky

Lithium transport in Li4.4M0.4M’0.6S4 (M= Al3+, Ga3+ and M’= Ge4+, Sn4+): Combined crystallographic, conductivity, solid state NMR and computational studies

Bernhard Leube, Kenneth Inglis, Elliot Carrington, Paul Sharp, Felix Shin, Alex Neale, Troy Manning, Michael Pitcher, Laurence Hardwick, Matthew Dyer, Frederic Blanc, John Claridge & Matthew Rosseinsky

Data Dictionary for Hassell et al (2018) “Deterministic Processes Structure Bacterial Genetic Communities across an Urban Landscape”

James Hassell, MJ Ward, D Muloi, Judy Bettridge, TP Robinson, A Ogendo, T Imboma, J Kiiru, Samuel Kariuki, Michael Begon, EK Kang'ethe, MEJ Woolhouse & Eric Fevre

Data for thiophene-based single-molecule electromechanical switches

Andrea Vezzoli, Nicol� Ferri, Simon Higgins & Richard Nichols

Quantum Interference effects in single-molecule junctions

Andrea Vezzoli, Richard Nichols, S Higgins & S Naghibi

Memory for meal satisfaction and later snack intake

Victoria Whitelock & Eric Robinson

No effect of focused attention whilst eating on later snack food intake: two laboratory experiments.

Victoria Whitelock & Eric Robinson

Data from \"A scalable synthesis approach to antimony selenide solar cells\"

Laurie Phillips, Peter Yates, Huw Shiel, Oliver Hutter, Silvia Mariotti, Ken Durose & Jon Major

Uptake and partitioning of metals by microphytobenthic diatoms: metadata for the ARCoES project

Amani Becker & David Copplestone

Experimental evidence for sustained carbon sequestration in fire-managed peat moorlands

Rob Marrs & Richard Chiverrell

R code and NIRS data files for \"NIRS quantification of lake sediment composition by multiple regression using end-member spectra\"

Fiona Russell, John Boyle & Richard Chiverrell

Elastic turbulence in serpentine channels: heat transfer and pressure drop data

Rob Poole & David Dennis

Fluorene and Fluorenone raw STM data

Edmund Leary

Mathematical Modelling of Embryonic Tissue Development. By Abdulaziz Rasheed Abdullah. May 2018

Bakhti Vasiev & Abdulaziz Abdullah

Seismic Context Measurements for Induced Seismicity

Ben Edwards, Antoine Delvoye & Louisa Brotherson

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