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Implementing computational techniques to investigate immune-mediated adverse drug reactions

G Ghattaoraya
The highly polymorphic human leukocyte antigens are an important player in the immune response against pathogens. However, the variability can also cause problems to patients, clinicians and drug manufacturers due to the phenomenon of immunologically based adverse drug reactions (ADRs) where the interaction between the drug and antigen presenting proteins can interfere with the body’s ability to recognise host cells leading the immune system to mount a response against the host. The underlying mechanisms by...

Independent Sets in Line of Sight Networks

PS Sangha
In this thesis we study the maximum independent set problem in both 2 and higher dimensional line of sight networks. The maximum independent set problem seeks to find a largest set of pairwise disjoint vertices and we will study both the decision version and the optimisation version of the problem in this thesis. The line of sight network model was introduced to provide a model of geometric graph that incorporates both range and line of...

Factors that influence capital structure decisions between owners of family businesses and their administrators in medium sized organizations

B Tejuoso
Family businesses are known to have problems with capital structure decision making, and this is evident within the Nigerian family business context. While other areas in the family business field have been well studied, the factors that influence capital structure decisions have been grossly understudied; particularly from the perspective of family business owners and the administrators that manage their businesses. This dissertation addresses this understudied section in the family business literature while simultaneously addressing a...

Speed Sensorless Induction Motor Drive Control for Electric Vehicles

SJ Rind
Fast diminishing fossil fuel resources, deterioration in air quality and concerns for environmental protection, continuously promote the interest in the research and development of Alternative Energy Vehicles (AEVs). Traction motor drive is an integral part and common electric propulsion system in all kinds of AEVs. It plays an utmost significant role in the development of electrified transport industry. Application of Induction Motor (IM) drive is not only limited to the domestic and industrial applications but...

Bucolic Politics: The Administration of Sir Robert Walpole and the Rise of the Country Interest

P Sargeant
Through an examination of a variety letters and printed works, this thesis argues that the political influence of the Country interest during the administration of Robert Walpole has been systematically underestimated in the historiography. New and previously neglected archival sources have been uncovered to form a better understanding of how the Country interest operated during the period. The emergence of the Country helps to address wider historical issues, such as why a ‘rage of party’...

Dynamic and static cues for binocular vision – a systematic comparison

L Tidbury
Background Patients who are diagnosed as stereo blind, during clinical assessment have reported a compelling, volumetric perception of depth during stereoscopic viewing at the cinema. This effect cannot entirely be explained by the monocular cues present in the cinematic presentation. This lead to the theory that depth from binocular cues may be more apparent when motion is included in the scene. As an object approaches in space is detected through the use of two binocular...

Recruitment to clinical trials in adult and child settings: qualitative case study in cystic fibrosis

Emma R Sowden

Identification and characterisation of the post-translational modifications that regulate the Hypoxia Inducible Factors, HIF-1α and HIF-2α.

Leonard Daly
Eukaryotic organisms, including human, require molecular oxygen (O2) to survive. During periods of low O2 availability (hypoxia), a family of protein transcription factors become stabilised (Hypoxia Inducible Factors, HIF) and allow the adaption to hypoxia by regulating gene expression. Hypoxic adaption is required for cellular survival and is considered a hallmark of cancer. HIF is a heterodimeric protein consisting of a stable beta subunit (HIF1β) and an O2 labile alpha subunits (HIF-1α or HIF-2α). The...

Influence of Fluid-Structure Interaction on Human Eye Biomechanics Under Air Puff Non-Contact Tonometry

O Maklad
Biomechanical properties of biological tissues are important health indicators and multiple clinical decisions and surgical planning can be made based on their dynamic response to loading. But until now, some of the mechanical and dynamic responses are not fully understood due to the non-linearity and viscoelastic behaviour of biological tissues. The relevant biological tissues of interest in the current study are the cornea and sclera of the human ocular globe. Cornea contributes with two-thirds of...

Death in post-palatial Greece: Reinterpreting burial practices and social organisation after the collapse of the Mycenaean palaces

P Bulmer
The principle aim of this thesis is to develop a better understanding of social organisation in Greece after the collapse of the palace system c.1190 BCE. This is achieved through a multi-level analysis of burial practices, focussing specifically on the post-palatial cemetery at Perati, burial practices before and after the collapse in the Argolid, and the custom of burial with weapons, from the Shaft Grave period to the post-palatial period in Greece. The main theoretical...

The deformation of the Earth due to surface loading by storm surges and atmospheric pressure

Federica Fratepietro

Published works

Eric Reginald Redfearn

Local Authority Finance: Gross Current Expenditure - Planning and development services (FIN_07_28)

Alexandros Alexiou & Benjamin Barr

Securing the Future of Liverpool City Region's Live and Dance Music Sector

Mathew Flynn & Practice and Place Heseltine Institute for Public Policy

Poly-ε-Lysine or Mel4 Antimicrobial Surface Modification on a Novel Peptide Hydrogel Bandage Contact Lens - Advanced Materials Interfaces

Rebecca Doherty, Kyle Doherty & Rachel Williams

Na2Fe2OS2, An Earth Abundant Oxysulphide Cathode Material for Na-ion Batteries

Arnaud Perez Jacinthe Gamon &, Leanne Jones, Marco Zanella, Luke M. Daniels, Rhun E. Morris, Tim D. Veal, Laurence J. Hardwick, Chiu C. Tang, Matthew S. Dyer, John B. Claridge & Matthew J. Rosseinsky

Small Area Vulnerability Index (SAVI)

Daras Konstantinos & Benjamin Barr

Responding to COVID-19 in the Liverpool City Region: Introducing the Heseltine Institute’s COVID-19 Policy Briefs

Practice and Place Heseltine Institute for Public Policy

Responding to COVID-19 in the Liverpool City Region: Towards a New Civic Agenda for Universities?

James Coe & Practice and Place Heseltine Institute for Public Policy

Racial Inequalities and COVID-19: Building Back Better For All

Leona Vaughn, Angela Obasi & Practice and Place Heseltine Institute for Public Policy

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