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Efficient Manufacture of Emulsion Intermediates in Cavity-design Mixers

Ryan Burger
Emulsions are ubiquitous across the process industries and are often utilised in applications where controlled delivery of a key ingredient (e.g. an oil or water soluble compound) is an important consideration. Their functional properties e.g. the rate of absorption or coverage of a surface is generally determined by the size and size distribution of dispersed domains or microstructure. Control over the formulation, process route and type of equipment all influence the resulting microstructure. The focus...

Other people’s children: representations of paid-childcare in Britain, 1867-1908

James Hinks
This thesis critically examines how informal child-care, performed for money, was subject to sustained scrutiny between 1867-1908. This period saw women who took children into their home in exchange for payment being subject to judicial sanction,press comment and legislative intervention. The passage of the 1908 Children Act marked the point at which all women who took in children for money were subjected to legislation for the first time. Existing scholarship on this topic has largely...

Molecular ecological characterization of a honey bee ectoparasitic mite, Tropilaelaps mercedesae.

Xiaofeng Dong
Tropilaelaps mercedesae (small mite) is one of two major honey bee ectoparasitic mite species responsible for the colony losses of Apis mellifera in Asia. Although T. mercedesae mites are still restricted in Asia (except Japan), they may diffuse all over the world due to the ever-increasing global trade of live honey bees (ex. Varroa destructor). Understanding the ecological characteristics of T. mercedesae at molecular level could potentially result in improving the management and control programs....

Revisiting Mindset Theory: Insights from EFL Students in Japanese Higher Education

Michael Berg
Despite the marked impact they have been shown to have in the classroom, growth/fixed mindsets are an under-researched area of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) studies (Lou & Noels, 2016; Mercer & Ryan, 2009). How these mindsets interface with students’ EFL proficien-cy, as well as linguistic and social environments (demographic information such as where students grew up; to what extent English was used and study was encouraged; how much exposure students had to native...

Individual and household Life course explanation to entrepreneurial exit

Muntasir Alam
Entrepreneurial exit, a critical stage in the entrepreneurial process, happens when the venture creators disengage from ownership control and decision-making authority of the firm they helped to create. Until now, academic research delineating the role of individual and household level resources in explaining exit (or otherwise) are relatively sparse. Of the limited research that provided a resource-based explanation to exit, hardly any research has investigated the influence of a multitude of different resources on the...

Drosophila biarmipes

Nicola White & Tom AR Price

Drosophila erecta

Nicola White & Tom AR Price

Drosophila ananassae

Nicola White & Tom AR Price

Drosophila eohydei

Nicola White & Tom AR Price

Hydrography, ecology and water quality management of the South Docks, Liverpool

Janette Ruth Allen

Lameness in Beef Cattle: Establishing a knowledge base

Jay Tunstall

Trans-editing of Saudi-related News by the British Press: Positioning and Agency

Eithar Alsallum
Translation is usually perceived as an ‘invisible’ part of journalists’ daily routine at the foreign desks of newspapers. Despite the key socio-political role played by translation in international news production, the contributors behind this complex process have received scant attention from scholars in Translation Studies. The present research explores the role played by institutional and individual agents in positioning Saudi news in the British press through multiple processes of ‘trans-editing’, a term coined in 1989...

Action Research on Barriers and Success Factors in Leading Virtualisation in a Small Enterprise

Immanuel Dah
The research context is a small private TV station with about fifteen employees in a developing country. The organisation is undergoing virtualisation in that on both the strategic level and on the operational level, communication and working processes increasingly rely on the possibilities the internet offers. The research objective is to arrive at a systematic understanding of the factors that influence virtual teamwork and determine how virtual leaders can act on these factors. The action...


Vasilios Chatzigiannis
For this action research study, the researcher studied a small business services firm in the United States of America, as they embarked on a strategic change to develop their structure, processes, and internal communication strategy. The author aimed to develop proposals for the company's business owners to evaluate more pluralistic methods for developing and communicating business change using internal marketing and their employees’ participation. This academic inquiry evaluated, within the context of the presented literature,...

Learning from the Past: Exploiting Archives for Historical Water Management Research

Helen Houghton-Foster
This thesis examines the challenges for environmental research in UK archives and presents possible solutions for archivists to implement. It is the result of a collaboration between the University of Liverpool (jointly between the departments of Geography and History) and the Staffordshire Record Office. The result is a multi-disciplinary thesis that unites multiple different fields of research and methods of analysis in order to create solutions and guidance which can support researchers using archives for...


Aloma Jayasundera
This DBA research investigates why Organisation A (Org. A), a specialised consultancy service provider of business processes and strategic Information Technology (IT), had experienced revenue losses from June 2014 onwards and continuously during 2015 and 2016. In 2008, Org. A commenced its operations in Bahrain when oil prices were fluctuating between US$110–140. During this time, it secured two large government projects which ensured work for five to seven years. While the outlook for Org. A...

Invariants of Lagrangian Maps between 3-manifolds

Gregory James Roberts

Supplemental oxygen in Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital Malawi: a prospective cohort study of patients admitted to medical wards.

Marie Stolbrink, Helen Thomson, Maness Mlaviwa, Jamie Rylance, Hannah Jones & Modesta Reuben

Wave propagation in stented blood vessels

Sara Frecentese

The Wellbeing Inequality Assessment Toolkit 2021

Andrew Pennington, Jane South, Anne-Marie Bagnall, Meena Bharadwa & rhiannon Corcoran

The anomalous magnetic moment of the muon and the QED coupling at the Z boson mass

Ruofan Liao
In this thesis, we present our updated determinations for the leading order and higher order hadronic vacuum polarisation contributions to the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon (a_{\mu}^{had,LOVP}, a_{\mu}^{had,HOVP}), and for the hadronic contributions to the running of the QED coupling at the Z-boson mass (\Delta\alpha_{had}^{(5)}(M_Z^2)). At present the Standard Model (SM) predictions of the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon a_{\mu}^{SM} is lower than the experimental measurement a_{\mu}^{exp}$ by about 3 standard deviations. The...

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