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Understanding severe coronavirus disease in humans from the analysis of clinical samples with RNA sequencing

Rebekah Penrice-Randal
Coronaviruses in humans have been of concern since the emergence of SARS-CoV, MERS-CoV and SARS-CoV-2 over the past two decades. Coronavirus disease in humans can range from asymptomatic to mild or severe where symptomatic disease is associated with fever, cough, and respiratory symptoms. Next generation sequencing and phylogeny studies can provide insight into viral evolution due to the nucleotide polymorphisms which arise due to the inherent error rates. Nanopore sequencing can facilitate these studies rapidly...

Impact of Mixed Layer Vegetation on Open Channel Flows

Hamidreza Rahimi

Exploring the Sources of Japanese University Students’ EFL Speaking Self-Efficacy: A Mixed Methods Study

Dawn Kobayashi
Self-efficacy is situated within Bandura's social cognitive theory of human agency over behaviour (1997). Defined as "peoples' beliefs in their capabilities to succeed in a specific task" (Bandura, 2006), it is formed through the interpretation of four sources: mastery experiences, social modelling, social persuasion, and physiological states. Self-efficacy has been shown to be a predictor of academic success in subject domains such as mathematics and science in predominantly Western settings. The sources of self-efficacy remain...

The effects of antimicrobial therapy on faecal Escherichia coli and Mucosal Staphylococci in dogs

Vanessa Schmidt
Canine infections with antimicrobial resistant (AMR), particularly multi-drug resistant (MDR) bacteria are increasing, severely limiting therapeutic options, and representing an animal health issue. In addition, with potential transfer of AMR bacteria between dogs, their environment, humans and other animals, there may also be a public health risk. Commensal isolates can be a source of clinical infections and studies reporting the prevalence of AMR and risk factors for such isolates are important. Furthermore, one of the...

Monolithic Integration of GaN DC-DC Converters: Technology and Characterization

Miao Cui


Xiaoyang Chen

Morphodynamics of Fence-dune Systems

Qingqian Ning

The Impacts of Margin-trading and Short-selling on Liquidity: Evidence from the Chinese Stock Market

Shengjie Zhou

Perylene Diimide-Based Nanoparticles for Tracking Cells and their Encapsulating Hydrogels

Claudia Fryer

Role of microRNAs and effects of substrate, age and stretch in experimental models for IPF.

Michele Scotto di Mase
Pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) is a debilitating progressive disease mostly affecting the elderly, and due to dysregulated wound healing repair. It is characterised by increased matrix production and altered ECM composition, leading to increased tissue rigidity, and eventually, death. In mammalian lungs, mechanical stretch is generated by the diaphragm and chest muscles and transferred first to lung septa and then at cellular level. In lung fibrosis the increase in ECM causes mechanical stretch impairment due to...

Novel Semiconductor Materials for Mid-Infrared Optoelectronic Application

Zhongming Cao
Thin film gallium antimony bismuth (GaSbBi) grown on GaSb substrate via molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) have been explored in this thesis by characterising the films electrical, physical and optical properties. From these wafers Schottky diodes, and metal-semiconductor-metal photodetectors (MSM-PDs) have been investigated. Another promising material for infrared photodetectors is InAs, in this work the use of high-k based dielectrics has been investigated to improve the passivation of InAs avalanche photodiodes (APDs). Initially, the influence of...


Caroline Mogan

Exploring Strategies To Improve The Success of Strategic Change Implementation at a Telco Company

Tarun Inamdar

Mitochondrial dysfunction in primary open angle glaucoma

Neeru Vallabh

Leptospirosis in UK vet visiting dogs, wild rodents and the pathogenomics of Leptospira species

Christopher Ball
Canine infection from pathogenic Leptospira serovars remains an issue within the UK, despite the availability of a canine vaccine. Canine leptospirosis cases are non-reportable and data regarding current levels for both suspected and confirmed cases is limited. A questionnaire based survey was undertaken to determine the number of canine leptospirosis cases within UK practices over a 12 month period. Average canine vaccination coverage across responding practices was determined as 60%, with 1669 vaccines administered per...

Profiling the kinome in oncogenic RAS mutant cells

Leah Wilson

Characterising Load-Induced Changes in 3D Cultured Mesenchymal Stem Cells Through Collagen Isoform Composition and Arrangement

Adam Janvier
Tissue engineering has been highlighted as a potential regenerative medicine therapy for the regeneration of musculoskeletal tissues, many of which have poor healing capacity. Currently there is no ‘gold standard’ approach to tissue engineering with many researchers investigating the effects of different stimuli on different cells in different culture environments. One of these stimuli is mechanical stimulation, a variety of which naturally occur in the body. Mechanical stimulation is often used in tissue engineering to...

Low thermal conductivity in a modular inorganic material with bonding anisotropy and mismatch

Quinn Gibson, Tianqi Zhao, Luke Daniels, Helen Walker, Ramzy Daou, Sylvie Hebert, Marco Zanella, Matthew Dyer, John Claridge, Ben Slater, Michael Gaultois, Furio Cora, Jonathan Alaria & Matthew Rosseinsky

Data included in the paper mp-2021-00427e.R2 titled 'Drug-polymer interactions in acetaminophen / hydroxypropylmethylcellulose acetyl succinate amorphous solid dispersions revealed by multidimensional multinuclear solid-state NMR spectroscopy'

Andrea Pugliese, Michael Toresco, Daniel McNamara, Dinu Iuga, Anuji Abraham, Michael Tobyn, Lucy E Howarden & Frederic Blanc

Drosophila albomicans

Nicola White & Tom AR Price

Increasing student engagement with a community college music curriculum

Christine Park, Christine Park & Christine Park
Abstract This case study is an examination of a cohort of 15 music majors at Los Angeles City College (LACC), a two-year, open-enrollment, public community college. The majority of students enter the music program having had limited exposure to classical music. Given these students low cultural capital, they start on the periphery of the theory and performance communities of music practice (CoMPs). As they gradually engage with the CoMPs and become legitimate peripheral participants through...


Yichen Ma


Budi Harsanto
Sustainability-oriented innovation (SOI) has recently been generating considerable attention among researchers and practitioners. However, despite the growing attention, to date, research on SOI from the capability perspective is still under-explored. To follow up on this opportunity, this study aims to investigate the capabilities required to develop SOI at the firm-level in the Indonesian manufacturing industry. The key research questions proposed are related to, how do firms approach SOI, what barriers they face, and what specific...

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