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Yichen Ma

Rectennas for Wireless Energy Harvesting and Power Transfer

Sumin David Joseph
With the rapid advancement of the wireless technologies and demands of low-power electronic circuits for smart home, smart cities and IoT applications, various research trends have tended to investigate the feasibility of powering these circuits by harvesting RF energy from ambient electromagnetic space or by using dedicated RF sources. Recently, RF ambient energy harvesting and WPT technologies have gained much interest as a clean and renewable power source. However, the optimal design of a rectifying-antenna...

Reflections on contemporary medical professionalism; an exploration of medical practice as refracted in doctors’ narratives

Sharon Spooner
Background During a period of continuing changes in society and increasing availability of medical information, publication of patients’ views on experiences of health and illness have gained greater prominence. By contrast, studies of medical perspectives have tended to concentrate on reported discontent and implications for workforce planning while leaving broader insights and concerns under-investigated. Since the applied skills of highly trained and publicly funded clinicians are vital for safe and effective delivery of the nation’s...

The role of endogenous retrotransposable elements in Parkinson’s disease.

Ben Middlehurst

Comparison of growth in neutered Domestic Shorthair kittens with growth in sexually-intact cats - SUPPORTING DATA

Alex German, Carina Salt, Richard Butterwick, &
To create the current file, the raw study data have been exported as a ".csv" file. Datasets have been fully anonymised by removing any client and animal details that might enable the client to be identified.

Influencer marketing of foods: Exposure, power and impact on children

Anna Coates


Beth Wilkinson
Malignant melanoma is a highly aggressive and metastatic form of skin cancer with more than 2500 skin cancer related deaths in 2014 in the UK alone. This type of melanoma has a high prevalence of BRAF mutations (90% BRAFV600E) which causes an overactive MAPK signalling cascade leading to excessive proliferation, survival and enhanced angiogenic potential. Vemurafenib and dabrafenib are BRAFV600E specific kinase inhibitors which selectively bind the ATP-binding site supressing ERK activity and inhibits its...

Delivering Effective Local Public Services: The Case of Local Area Agreements

A Nurse

‘the sanguine boundary limit’: Finnegans Wake, Ulster and the road to partition

Donal Manning

Developing a Low Carbon Future Through EdTech Tools

Abigail Williams

A Comparative Study of the Origins and Development of Municipal Housing in Liverpool and Newcastle, c.1835-1914

Bertie Dockerill
A longitudinal study anchored in deep archival research, this comparative work focuses upon the origins and development of municipal social housing in two of England’s most significant provincial urban centres, Newcastle and Liverpool, between c.1835 and 1914. This period tends to be overlooked within existent studies upon the history of British council housing, and where it is addressed, the spatial focus is usually overtly London-centric. With reference to both of these issues, therefore, this work...

Improving the Performance of Halide Perovskite Thin Film through Pb(II) Coordination Chemistry

Tianhao Yan

Factors that increase or decrease first-year university students’ levels of academic self-efficacy and negative emotional states in Chile

Silvina Zapata
First-year university students experience a transition from school to college, involving new academic demands (Cole, 2017). Some researchers have focused on the relevance of cognitive ability (Wai & Rindermann, 2017). Others have argued that it does not guarantee academic achievement (Nabizadeh et al., 2019). Students also require other resources, such as their beliefs in their capacity to perform a task (Bandura, 1977). Emotions and negative emotional states influence students’ cognitive development and performance (Pekrun et...

The association between the vaginal microbiota and recurrent early spontaneous preterm birth

Laura Goodfellow
Preterm birth is the leading cause of death of children under 5 worldwide. Despite over 30 years investment in basic science and clinical research the rate has remained relatively static. This has been attributed to the multifactorial nature of preterm birth. Infection and/or inflammation are estimated to contributing to approximately a third of preterm births, however the exact organism(s) frequently remain elusive and are often attributed to bacteria that are not cultured using standard laboratory...


Martha Suez-Sales
Higher education offers a gateway to students’ professional and personal development. As a teacher-practitioner, I must ensure that graduating students are adequately prepared to face unexpected challenges of today’s complex environment. It is my duty to meet the needs of these young professionals by developing a curriculum that is relevant to practitioners. To accomplish this task, the study is divided into two stages. In the first stage, an assessment of the differences in ethical sensitivity...

Unraveling the epitranscriptomes with bioinformatics approaches

Kunqi Chen

Enjoyment in VR games: Factors, Challenges, and Simulator Sickness Mitigation Techniques

Diego Vilela Monteiro
Although Virtual Reality (VR) has been developed for a while, the last decade has seen a surge in its popularity with the advent of commercial VR Head-Mounted Displays (HMDs), making the technology more accessible. One field that significantly benefits from VR is the entertainment industry, for example, games. Games can be challenging to design as they involve several components that are found in other types of applications as well, such as presentation, navigation, interaction with...

Motion-based Interaction for Head-Mounted Displays

Wenge Xu
Recent advances in affordable sensing technologies have enabled motion-based interaction (MbI) for head-mounted displays (HMDs). Unlike traditional input devices like the mouse and keyboard, which often offer comparatively limited interaction possibilities (e.g., single-touch interaction), MbI does not have these constraints and is more natural because they reflect more closely people do things in real life. However, several issues exist in MbI for HMDs due to the technical limitations of the sensing and tracking devices, higher...

Deep Representation Learning in Computer Vision and Its Applications

Fangyu Wu

The impact of continuous glucose monitoring on the management of people with cystic fibrosis-related diabetes

Aileen Toner
Background Cystic fibrosis-related diabetes (CFRD) is the most common comorbidity found in people with cystic fibrosis (pwCF). CFRD is associated with increased adverse outcomes and burden of treatment in pwCF as well as reduced quality of life. People with CFRD (pwCFRD) must measure their blood glucose levels several times per day to monitor their diabetes and so that treatment can be tailored to individuals. Continuous glucose monitoring systems (CGMS) are a relatively new technology that...

Dynamics of Learners’ Emergent Motivational Disposition: The Case of EAP Learners at a Transnational English-Medium University

Austin Pack
This thesis aims to better understand the processes affecting the motivational dynamics of English for Academic Purposes (EAP) learners’ at a transnational education (TNE) university that uses English as its medium of instruction (EMI). It joins the ongoing discussion of how to leverage Complex Dynamic Systems Theory (CDST) to understand second language (L2) motivation and takes a special interest in understanding what demotivates students to study EAP. It employed a mixed methodology and two-stage research...

Supplementary material - Dissertation: Particles dynamics at the nanoscale

Francesco Giorgi

Development of core outcome sets for clinical research and practice in amblyopia, strabismus, and ocular motility disorders

Samiya Al Jabri
The effect of randomised controlled trials (RCTs) is diminished by inconsistent outcome reporting, precluding the efficient synthesis of data into systematic reviews and meta-analyses. Amblyopia, strabismus, and ocular motility disorder patients constitute a significant proportion of those seen in ophthalmology generally and in paediatric ophthalmology specifically, making efficient synthesis of research data a greater necessity. Core Outcome Sets (COS), defined as agreed standardised sets of outcomes that should be measured and reported, as a minimum,...

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